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TradeCloud: Blockchain Solution for Commodity Industry

TradeCloud is an international blockchain project, the members of which have developed a platform for commodity trading in partnership with Inacta AG, the Switzerland-based company that provides the information management and blockchain services, and R3, another Swiss company that specializes in creating open-source permissionless blockchain solutions known as Corda. The project itself is also registered in Switzerland and operates in full concordance with the local blockchain regulations.

TradeCloud has already presented a prototype of the commodity trading platform, and now the project is seeking additional investments through the offering of the ERC-20 security tokens TC, the primary trading vehicle.

Platform features

The primary purpose of TradeCloud is to bridge the gap between the producers, consumers, and traders that deal with various commodities, such as oil, agricultural products, and metals, through the efficient exploitation of blockchain and the TC security token. The project aspires to develop the blockchain-enable ecosystem called the Commodities Web to deal with four major segments of the commodity trading industry: the financial operations, logistics, risk mitigation, and contract execution. All these operations are to be powered by the TC token, the holders of which will obtain access to the premium services and trading functional.

Moreover, TradeCloud features smart contracts that serve not only as commercial and insurance contracts, but also allow for the provision of digital documentary and freight & storage services.   

The TradeCloud team members

  • Simon Collins. The founder and CEO. An immensely experienced commodity trader and manager, who has been in this business for 25 years. Collins is also associated with the following projects: Trafigura and Gerald Metals.
  • Matthew Botell. The co-founder and COO. Another seasoned commodity trader who worked with Collins at Trafigura as the COO of the Metals & Minerals Division.
  • Justin Wilson. The CTO. An IT guru who has spent the previous two decades designing software and incorporating digital strategies for Goldman Sachs, Price Waterhouse, and the European Commission.

Social media presence

The audience of TradeCloud on such social media platforms as Twitter and Telegram is very scanty for a seemingly well-elaborated project. The Twitter account shows only 54 followers while the circle of members on Telegram is limited to 265 users. Surprisingly, TradeCloud has the most significant presence on LinkedIn with 351 followers. The reason behind this negligence is unclear, but it is most likely that the project is targeting a narrow pool of well-endowed private investors or big institutional ones.

The STO details

TradeCloud has already completed an efficient private sale of TC, so now they are looking to consolidate this success by carrying out a successful sale of 50 million security tokens. The token sale is already underway, with the end date set on September 30. The project wants to raise at least $5 million, with $42 million being the maximum objective. The minimum investment threshold is quite high - $10,000. TradeClous accepts BTC, ETH, USD, CHF, and EUR. All investors must get whitelisted and pass KYC. Citizens of the United States and China can’t participate in the token sale. 

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019

Judging from the info available on the TradeCloud website, these people plan to spend 40% of raised funds on marketing and only 25% on software development. They have even allocated 6% for some debt repayment, which is weird. Anyway, it is not a habit of mine to invest in crypto exchanges that don't put the functionality and the security of the respective platforms first. It became apparent that TradeCloud cares first and foremost about marketing, which isn't what I am looking for when it comes to the exchange.

DeShawn   September 7, 2019  

I like the fact that TradeCloud developed their platform on the Corda blockchain, which is tailor-made for businesses. This signifies the fact that their team understands the needs of this market and opts for the most appropriate technical solution, and does not automatically go with the Ethereum blockchain, which now seems to be the only go-to place for all “blockchain developers.” Truth be told, I don’t possess any deep insights into the commodities market, but I can totally relate to the general problems regarding communication, price discovery, etc. So, TradeCloud looks like a legit project, which should interest all those involved in commodity trading.

Kay   August 5, 2019  

I like the fact the TradeCloud offers the platform which has been operational since 2017. The list of commodities available for trading is quite extensive for a fledgling platform and includes refined metals, recycled products, energy and agricultural products. I also admire how TradeCloud streamlined the document flow, communication, and the process of monitoring replies. But there is also a cause for concern which lies in the shortness of their team. Four people couldn’t have come up with so complicated a platform as TradeCloud. They need to reveal the identities of other team members to gain more credibility.

Paula   July 16, 2019  

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