Tachain (Tachain) Review

Tachain Combines Ads, Taxi and Exchange

Tachain LTD is the transportation and information technology company from Manchester, England, which developed a unique crypto project that combines the mobile app-based transportation service, the platform for ultra-targeted advertisement, and the cryptocurrency exchange.

The idea was initiated in 2017 by the international team of software engineers and digital entrepreneurs. The entire ecosystem had been designed on the basis of the Ethereum platform with the ERC-20 compliant native token TCHN at its heart.

Urbanization creates opportunities

The developers claim that the inspiration to their project came from the exponentially increasing urban population around the world. It is true that the population in large metropolitan areas, especially in China and India, is growing at a staggering rate with the likes of Delhi and Beijing registering a 3% gain over the course of 2018 alone. This situation presents a lot of problems, specifically in the areas of logistics and transportation, as well as plenty of opportunities upon which Tachain plans to capitalize. 

The three pillars of Tachain

The mentioned Tachain ecosystem is based on the so-called three pillars: the decentralized application for traveling and transportation - Transportal; the innovative advertisement platform - AdNet, and the cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the no-fee basis - TMARQ.

Transportal will be initially launched as a fully-featured decentralized taxi booking application, which is reminiscent in some way of Uber or Lyft. It shares the same concept with the mentioned two, with the only differences being that Transportal will be fully integrated into the blockchain and have the unique rating system.

Within the framework of this system, both drivers and passengers will be granted an opportunity to rate each other and leave feedback that will be subsequently stored on blockchain thus made visible to all users of Transportal. Evidently, the app users will pay for the taxi services with the TCHN tokens.

AdNet is probably the most interesting element of the entire system as it will operate for the benefit of both users - the viewers of advertising content - as well as the agencies that must purchase a certain amount of slots on AdNet using TCHN. 

Users will be able to earn tokens simply by watching the advertisement videos while traveling in the taxi or public transport. The ad content is meant to be highly targeted thus increasing the possibility for users to derive some useful information and earn a small profit along the way. Moreover, the users will be afforded an opportunity to participate in different marketing campaigns, games, and lotteries to receive even more tokens.

From the advertisers’ standpoint, AdNet will provide a sufficient set of targeting instruments which promise to increase conversion and decrease the overall ad placement cost. Also, this platform will grant an equal chance to the agencies of all sizes to reach their audiences thanks to well-elaborated pricing policies.

Finally, TMAQ which has the only distinguishing characteristic - the possibility of purchasing TCHN with fiat and then using this token to buy other cryptocurrencies, thus allowing to carry out an indirect exchange between traditional currencies and crypto.

ICO details

The commencement date of the Tachain ICO is yet to be announced but the preliminary demand suggests that it will be fairly popular. 2.3 billion tokens were allocated for sale with 1 TCHN priced at $0.01. The project offers both airdrop and bounty programs. There is no information yet as to any restrictions with regard to participating in the ICO.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

  • Cloud technology. Enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared resources
  • Blockchain. Wherever a manual trust is required, this technology can play a major role
  • Machine learning. Algorithms can learn from data without relying on programming
  • Big data. Large data sets that may be analysed to reveal patterns and trends
  • Smart contracts. Digitally facilitate, verify or enforce the performance of a contract
  • Biometrics. Used as a form of identification and access control
  • Predictive analytics. Analyze current data to make predictions about futur
  • AI Targeting. Intelligent decision making when targeting users with ads
IndustryArtificial intelligence
  • Demetrius Vallas (Ezaus). CEO | CMO
  • Stan Atamancuks. CAO
  • Eric Van Loon. COO
  • Thayne Swindell. CRO
  • Marcel Hess. Marketing Manager
  • Claude Chi. Ambassador South Korea and Asia.
  • Marcus Grabmüller. Social Media Specialist
  • Cyril Ibude. Community Manager
  • Khaya Maloney. Advisor
  • Chen SiYuan. Advisor, Marketing Specialist
  • Kyomin Kim. Advisor, Marketing Director TAT
  • Brian Condenanza. Advisor ICO Bench Expert & Cryptopreneur
  • Giovanni Casagrande. Advisor, Blockchain & ICO Expert
  • Arpit Sharma. Advisor, Director of Technology at Xera
  • Shameer Thaha. Advisor, Director IXFocus
  • Petr Myachin. Advisor
  • Q1 2017. Final idea
  • Q2 2017. Formation of the team
  • Q1 2018. Creation of MVP & concept proofing
  • Q3 2018. Launch of the crowdsale
  • July 2018. iOS APP release
  • August 2018. Android APP release
  • Q4 2018. End of the token sale. AdNet launch
  • Q2 2019. Launch of TMARQ
  • Q4 2019. Advertising in public transports
  • Q1 2020. Augumented reality advertising
  • Q4 2020. Tachain Flame release
StartJuly 23, 2018
EndJune 30, 2019
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$25 000 000
Minimum investment0.01 USD
Tokens for sale1365000000
AcceptingETH, BTC

I think that Tachain’s idea is awesome. Just think about it, instead of having an awkward conversation with a cab driver, you could make some crypto. Yeah, it won’t be much, but I am the kind of person who believes that every penny counts. The TCHN tokens will be fungible, which is great. Hopefully, they will get listed on some crypto exchange soon. Besides, the Tachain team promises that the ads will be highly targeted, so perhaps they will help me find out about some interesting products.

Anna   June 18, 2019  

Being a Londoner, I do use taxis quite a lot but, come on, watching ads while riding in one sound a bit ridiculous to me. Unless they would pay decent money in these TCHN tokens to do so, but I suspect that it would be peanuts. The other two feats are okay, the transportation and the exchange, but Tachain had to come up with a better approach that just making people offering users to watch advertising content unless they wanted to target the TV Shop addicts specifically.

Gemma   June 12, 2019  

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