So many Telecommunications companies that offer SMS delivery services aggregate billions of A2P SMS messages monthly. These companies would want to offer these delivery services at a low cost to their subscribers. On average, these aggregators spend an average of one cent to deliver an SMS to a subscriber. And they are also willing to pay those interested in offering them a dependable SMS delivery.

Currently, GSM SIM gateways take delivery of most SIM-based messages. These gateways are hardware pieces containing a lot of SIM slots for sending messages. But it’s very difficult to use GSM SIM gateways in countries where there is no physical presence of SMS Aggregators

The main goal of SMSCHAIN is to solve that problem and provide a dependable interconnected infrastructure. It would be a link between companies looking to send A2P messages and Miners who would want to gain rewards by exchanging their SMS delivery capacity.

With SMCHAIN’s platform, users can gain financial rewards by exchanging their unused SMS messages. The system provides a technical blockchain infrastructure and an android application between semi-automatic trade and delivery of SMS messages between SMS aggregators and units.

Buying and installing SMSCHAIN token would allow anyone to earn money when they sell their unused SMS messages. They can also choose the number and type of message content they want to receive daily.


SMSCHAIN offers users the opportunity to earn financial rewards by exchanging their unused SMS. It is a network that acts as a binding link between telecommunications to make A2P SMS delivery easier and more profitable for all involved.

SMSCHAIN platform is designed based on blockchain technology, so it is very reliable and scalable. The blockchain system makes use of a token that gives users entry into the system and a means of participating. Sending groups distribute the tokens when the send SMS while the miners gain tokens by conveying the SMS to earn users.

SMSCHAIN system is made of 4 levels, which outlines the procedures and framework for the network operations. These four levels include Testing Infrastructure Protocol, AntiSpam/Antifraud Billing Protocol, Message Flow Protocol, and SMS Market Protocol.


SMSCHAIN was registered in Russia and offers A2P SMS intermediary delivery services via blockchain technology. Anyone with unused SMS messages or unlimited SMS bundle can join the SMS chain and earn money when they install the SMSCHAIN APP.

The tokens are not investments, shares, or securities. They are utility-based tokens that help in the facilitation of A2P SMS delivery messages between members of the network. The utility has a functional utility nature and doesn’t provide any passive income.

The Token Pre-sell started on October 31, 2017, and ended on November 30, 2017.

It uses the ETH platform, represented the token name with SMSTO, and sold 100,000,000 SMTOs.

On the token sale, 25% of the token will be retained by the SCHAIN team for developmental purposes. The remaining 75% will be issued for public sale. Funds from the token will be allocated as follows: 10% for administration, 55% for development, 15% for marketing, 10% for distribution, and 10% for others.

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StartNovember 20, 2017
EndDecember 19, 2017

The project was well planned out by a strong team who want to provide a linking service with blockchain technology. From the onset, the team has made it clear that their token is a utility and not a security. Moreover, the team has been open with information and transparency, and that’s what will make this project to become successful.

Shantanio   November 21, 2017  

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