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The growth of Internet access and increased globalization in today’s world has made Intellectual property protection very significant. It’s important to have laws that offer protection over IP rights both in the real world and in the online community. It will help to facilitate advancements, progression, and innovation in various industries in the world. Interestingly, blockchain technology can help to facilitate this process. PlanChain is introducing this platform to concerned users who have copyrights to protect.

It’s an asset management platform for all assets relating to intellectual property (IP). The company’s goal is to help users guide their IP and monetize it via the platform. PlanChain is powered by the VechainThor blockchain and PlanChain utility token.

It’s the first of its kind where there is a fusion of blockchain technology and Intellectual property management solution. With the high security of the decentralized platform, the company intends to help users protect their intellectual rights and still make money from the IP.

About PlanChain

Planchain is using blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology to manage, monetize, and offer protection for IP addresses worldwide. The platform is divided into four sections: SnapBlock, IP Asset Marketplace, IP vault, and Proof of authorship engine. It makes use of blockchain and DLT technology in managing, protecting, and monetizing IP assets of its users in an inventive way. The platform provides asset management solutions to users in areas of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

The Snapblock synchronizes all other applications and keeps them in one place where the user can easily access them. Here, the user can get the certificate for proof of their ownership and authorship.

With the IP marketplace, the user can have the opportunity to generate income with its IP assets anywhere in the world. The section also provides IP asset pooling, IP asset auctions, and portfolios. The IP vault is used to securely store the information and files provided by the user concerning their Intellectual property. The vault storage comes with two different sections; the linked storage and the private storage. The secured storage gives the user the right to offer restricted access to the documents in the vault. On the other hand, the private vault provides secured access only to the user.

The Proof of Authorship engine produces records on the blockchain platform and gives users blockchain certificates of their IP address. The process is simple and requires users to upload files about their IP assets.

PlanChain ICO Review

PlanChain offered its presale PLAN token on the 17th of September, 2019. It is offering a total of 1.5 billion tokens, with 525 million offered in the first phase (presale). The token is offered at $0.02 per PLAN token. It accepts the SHA, ETH, BTC, and VET crypto coins. The company was established in Singapore with restricted areas in countries like China, South Korea, the USA, Syria, Sudan, Lybia, Iraq, and Iran.

PlanChain also offers a 25%-40% bonus/discount to node round participants and a 40%-65% bonus to presale round participants. It plans to integrate PlanChain in the LTL platform in the third quarter of 2010.

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StartNovember 1, 2019
EndJanuary 31, 2020

The project intends to offer protection to users for their intellectual rights. It offers something lacking in the online community, which is encouraging. Although it has kicked off its ICO presale offerings, the response has not been great because of poor awareness in public. Concerning this, the team members should do more awareness through various channels such as its websites and other social media links. The project promises to be an interesting and successful one if there is more sensitization.

DobbiezSock   September 9, 2020  

I got really excited about PlanChain at first because I recognize the acuteness of the problem related to IP protection better than anyone else. While perusing through their website, I grew fond of the offered solutions, such as the THORM IP marketplace, the IP Vault, and the Snap Block mobile application. Everything seemed great until I began searching for the info about the team behind PlanChain. There is no team info on the website and the profiles that I managed to find on the third-party website don't mention PlanChain at all. That is definitely a cause for huge concern!

OllieGarh   January 28, 2020  

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