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Orionix: Exchange Platform for Gamers 

Orionix is an international blockchain/gaming project domiciled in the United Kingdom. It is registered in London under the name Orionix Ltd. The project plans to introduce a blockchain platform for the gaming industry that will enable the P2P exchange of virtual items. To ensure its financial sustainability, Orionix has organized a sale of ORX tokens.

The concept of Orionix

To paraphrase a famous ad slogan, Orionix has been created by gamers for gamers. In essence, it is a blockchain platform that provides means for players from different genres of online games to trade and exchange games and in-game virtual items without having to pay any fees. The operational cost is covered by ORX, the token compliant with the ERC-20 standard. The range of saleable goods may include used video games, viable accounts on gaming platforms like Steam, as well as different artifacts and skins.

This initiative should help expand the gaming market and the corresponding infrastructure, along with creating a new type of digital assets to facilitate the development of the virtual economy and providing gamers in an opportunity to earn crypto by trading items which otherwise would have remained worthless.   

The Orionix team

Frederico Giovanni. The founder and CEO. Apart from being an avid gamer, Giovanni holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Technology. Before founding Orionix, he worked as a business analyst at Armando Testa and Bamako, both Italian companies located in Milan.
Park Hao. The CTO. Hao is a seasoned software engineer with a degree in computer science from Beijing Institute of Technology. Starting from 2012, he worked as a software engineer at Conviva, HSBC, and A10 Networks. Hao joined Orionix is February 2019.
Foo Yu Bing. The leading blockchain expert. A programming wizard who specializes in C++, C#, and Java. Apart from being a part of the Orionix team, Bing also works as a rendering programmer at Ubisoft.  

ICO details

The sale of ORX tokens is currently underway. It began on August 1 and will last until November 1, or until the hardcap of 142,800 ETH is reached. The minimum funding goal established by Orionix is 1,020 ETH. The project has allocated 420 million tokens for sale (which constitutes 70% of the total supply of ORX) at a price of $0.1 (or 0.00034 ETH) per unit. There is also a base rate for purchases through Ethereum, established at 2941 ORX for 1 ETH. The minimum investment threshold is 0.1 ETH or the corresponding amount of BTC. The Orionix whitepaper clearly states that in case the minimum funding goal is not reached, all early investors will be reimbursed in full.

The ICO also features an extended bonus program divided into six levels: starting from a 40% token bonus and finishing at a 5% level, depending on the so-called contribution tranche. It means that those who buy ORX from the first batch of 52,5 million tokens will be entitled to the 40% token bonus; the next 52,5 million tokens will come with a 35% bonus, and so on. The last 31,5 million ORX will be sold without any bonuses. Orionix also features an airdrop program which grants a participant a small portion of tokens upon completion of specific social media tasks. Orionix hasn’t introduced any KYC or whitelisting requirements, nor had they restricted anyone from participating in the token sale. 

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartAugust 1, 2019
EndNovember 1, 2019

As a veteran gamer, I can only say that Orionix would make my dream come true. I always hated it when people said that gaming is a useless activity that can't be even closely compared to a real hobby, let alone a job. Now, professional gamers are making thousands of dollars by doing what they love, if they are successful in big tournaments, of course. With Orionix, I will be able to make some extra bucks even while preparing for a tournament, which is truly awesome. I could also sell my old games for pennies on the dollar, but it still would be some form of a cash-back.

ZZ-Top   October 17, 2019  

I have seen several projects that had a concept similar to the one offered by Orionix. They all had some strong points and flaws, but it is clear that the gaming industry is ready to welcome blockchain and cryptocurrencies with open hands, so there might be a place for everyone at this early stage. Orionix definitely has a very appealing idea, though it would have been to their benefit if they had provided at least a beta version of their platform before starting the token sale.

Boss Playa   October 2, 2019  

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