NutriLife - ICO Review

NutriLife: Nutritionist Services Provided via Blockchain

We all know the saying, “We are what we eat”, which is becoming even more relevant in the world of today. The global food and nutrition culture is terribly imbalanced: there are millions of people who are literally starving while almost 2 billion suffer from a chronic deficiency of micronutrients; at the same time, the overwhelming majority of the rest of world’s population is either obese or severely overweight.

The problem of quality nutrition and food supplements constitute not only in the fact that people can’t afford good edibles, sometimes they simply don’t know where to get whole foods, how to pick it properly, and how to compose an efficient dietary regime. That is why they need the help of competent and qualified nutritionists and therapists to help rebalance the diets and also provide screening and assessment services. These are the problems that NutriLife, the Estonian blockchain-enabled healthcare project, is trying to resolve.  

The NutriLife at a glance

NutriLife is an ecosystem built on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, centered around the mobile application of the same name. The network has several types of users: the nutrition experts, who offer consultation with regard to proper dieting; the doctors who carry out the screening for nutritional risks, deliver diagnoses, and organize the so-called dietary interventions; finally, there are common users who want to improve their lifestyles and health with the specialists’ help.

The project launches its proprietary utility token named NLC that is compliant with ERC-20, paired with the NutriLife digital wallet. The scope of application of NLC ranges from payments to specialists for their services, to peer-to-peer transaction, obtainment of rewards, conversion to fiat, and trading against other cryptocurrencies.   

The NutriLife team

  • Son Nguyen. The founder and CEO. An experienced businessman who devoted many years of his life to the hospitality industry. Also worked as the operational manager at different international food companies.
  • Ken Kan. The co-founder who worked as the Head of Operations at Vita Green Health Products and owned the company called Focus Coffee. 

Social media presence

Despite proclaiming the goal of getting the highest “hype score” and maintaining interaction with the community on major social media platforms, Nutrilife has apparently failed in this regard. The project does have accounts on all important websites, but their publishing activity is sub-par while the reach is close to being pathetic. Only 19 followers on Facebook with slightly more on Twitter - 184, and on Telegram - 708. It signifies the fact that NutriLife is not overly interested in spreading its message across the crypto community and recruiting new followers.

ICO details

On May 22, NutriLife launched the ICO that provided for the 30% bonus, the details of which are to be revealed after KYC. For this purpose, the project allocated 300 million NLC which should secure the hardcap of 50,000 ETH; the softcap is 5,000 ETH. The minimum investment threshold is 0.5 whilst there is also the maximum investment limitation of 500 ETH. NutriLife accepts only Ethereum. The public sale is due to end on August 17. Right now, the project is halfway to reaching the softcap. There is no information about restricted areas.

Author: Ali Raza for

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StartMay 22, 2019
EndAugust 17, 2019

The solution described by NutriLife appears attractive when you read about it. But then you just have to turn on the logic and think about the following. What would be the level of knowledge of those nutritionists and dieting specialists about the needs of a Spanish user, with regard to our national cuisine, and so on. I doubt that they as far as hiring European specialists due to their high salary demands. I also doubt they will be legally allowed to write me a prescription with which I could go to a pharmacy.

Tom   August 9, 2019  

People who criticize NutriLife can’t seem to imagine how difficult it is to fight the nutrition-related problems on your own. I suffer from obesity, and I can tell you with all certainty that it requires as much professional help as one can get. Don’t hate on such startups because they are simply trying to help people. NutriLife has a good product that might help someone, so I am in full support of it.

Lester   July 22, 2019  

NutriLife is a project that is neither great or bad, it is just mediocre. In my opinion, the attempts to incorporate blockchain and token economics in the healthcare industry are premature. The medical servants can’t seem to wrap their heads around the benefits of storing personal data on blockchain, let alone carry out some operations through its means. As I see it, NutriLife will be lucky to hit the softcap.

Stacy   July 14, 2019  

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