Noia Network (Noia Network) Review

The internet is something that we all use every day, without even thinking about it. It grew to become a part of our lives and an always-available tool. Indeed, for a lot of people, it is difficult to imagine living without it. Those who still remember what it was like appreciate it even more.

But, it is important to remember that the internet did not just appear as it is today. It evolved throughout several decades, and while its evolution came most strongly in recent years, the true changes lie underneath the surface. The very structure of the internet remains its most important part, and it is still living and evolving.

Many believe that this structure can somehow be strengthened further with new technologies, such as blockchain. There are even some projects that are working on it, on bringing true decentralization back online. One such project is NOIA Network, which calls itself the 'First programmable internet backbone-as-a-service.'

About NOIA Network

In order to understand what NOIA Network wants to achieve, we must first understand what CDN is. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, and most websites use it these days. You may have heard about some of them, including Amazon Cloudfront, Cloudflare MaxCDN, and alike. Each of these services allows websites to be available quickly all around the world, even if there are no servers on which the website is hosted nearby.

Now, NOIA aims to become a similar thing, only a fully decentralized version of it. It uses Segment Routing, IPv6, and DLT to create a world-wide SDN (Software Defined Network) on the public internet

The project's goal is programmable internet that would allow individual infrastructure providers, data centers, as well as ISPs to connect to DLT and sell infrastructure as internet transit. Meanwhile, segment routing allows programming of the data that is sent via the internet to use previously defined routes. This would resolve issues such as internet scalability, BGP security, or internet reliability. Of course, NOIA will first need a token, which is why it plans to hold a token sale at some point in the future.

NOIA Network ICO details

For the time being, it is unknown when NOIA Network plans to hold its token sale. The sale was announced quite a while ago — it has been more than a year since the ICO was published by ICO-tracking websites. However, the ICO has yet to see the life of the day.

Even so, there are a few bits of information that are known. For example, we know that the token's ticker will be NOIA and that this is a utility token, developed on Ethereum's network. The project already offers a working MVP, and while the token's price is unknown, we do know that investors will be able to obtain it in exchange for Ethereum (ETH) coins.

Finally, it is known that the project was registered in Gibraltar and that it will have several restricted areas, including, China, Japan, and the United States. The rest of the world is free to join the token sale as soon as they go through KYC and Whitelist procedures.

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Noia Network
StartJuly 2, 2019
EndOctober 2, 2019
45 days left

Noia is a very well designed system from a technical standpoint, and the fact that it already has an operating network with more than 6 thousand nodes surely shows that the startup is fully prepared to back its words with products and solutions. That’s always been a plus for me as for an investor that usually devotes hefty sums of money to startups that I find promising and, most importantly, reliable. Should they really find out a way to eradicate problems such as downtime, low-performing routing protocols, etc., Noia would become a goose that lays the golden eggs.

Dale   August 2, 2019  

There is also a lack of information that investors require, including business planning, competitive analysis, financials, and alike. Additional information regarding the ICO and the token should be added as well. Other than that, the project has a strong team, a great vision, and a working product — all it needs to change the world.

Polly   July 30, 2019  

The project has quite a vision, and it is one of those that could bring forth a greater good. There are a few issues with it, although these are not red flags, only things that should be addressed. For example, the project's white paper, and even its description, are still too technical for those who are not tech-savvy.

Jack   July 30, 2019  

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