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Mycro is a German blockchain project which was founded by Andre Bruckmann, a serial entrepreneur who had a string of successful business relationships with the likes of Vodafone, EON, and SKY. Andre and his team, a group of German software developers, blockchain investors, and entrepreneurs, decided to focus on the particular niche of the job market, the micro-jobs: gardening, cleaning, delivery, tutoring, small repairs etc.

The central idea that Mycro tries to convey in the marketing campaign is that the product will enable users to decide how much their time is worth thus create the so-called “time and money equalizer.” A bit too sophisticated formulation of a mechanism that matches jobbers with work providers through the use of self-learning algorithms utilized by numerous dating platforms.

However, Mycro certainly has its advantages, among which are low service fees and the absence of intermediaries. According to the official whitepaper, the Mycro fees will not exceed 2%, which is peanuts compared to what major job platforms charge their users. Such small fees will be achieved by eliminating all intermediaries and creating the state-of-the-art fully decentralized mobile application.

The Mycro team also claims that the platform will facilitate the development of improved verification and rating mechanism thanks to the immutability of records inherent to blockchain. Although the user’s identity would be verified not by the Mycro community but by an external partner. Once the user’s identity is confirmed, the corresponding data would be permanently linked to the crypto wallet allocated on the Mycro platform.

As for the rating mechanism, it will be executed on the basis of the Ethereum smart contract and contain feedback from both the hirer and the task performer. The rating will be decentrally and immutably linked to the user’s Mycro wallet. The funds, allocated for a certain job, will be kept in escrow, also designed as a smart contract, and released to the performer's wallet only after successful task completion. The payments will be carried out by means of both crypto and fiat currencies though Mycro will have its native utility token MYO. It could be used to apply/ pay for jobs and reward users for developing the Mycro community and keeping a good track record.


  • Home services. Gardening, cleaning, tidying up, decluttering, small repairs, window cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking.
  • Delivery services. Doing the shopping, driving services, transport services, delivery services.
  • Virtual services. Internet researches, travel planning, assistence services, clerical work, online survey.
  • Skilled services. Tutoring, photography, model jobs, piano lessons, setting up the computer, mounting the TV, DJing, waitressing, setting up an internet connection.

Founded: 2019, Germany

Social networks

Conversion Block

  • Token MYO
  • Type Utility
  • Price 1 MYO = 0.25 EUR 
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Soft cap 3,500,000 EUR
  • Hard cap 14,000,000 EUR
  • Country Germany
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC

More on ICO

Technical details

  • Token MYO
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 0.2833 USD
  • Tokens for sale 40,000,000
  • Accepting ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 40%
  • Soft cap 3,500,000 EUR
  • Hard cap 14,000,000 EUR


  • 07/2017 Start – Mycro conception.
  • 02/2018 Team & company – Establishment Mycro.Jobs GmbH and development of core teams, development white paper, legal review of token design.
  • 05/2018 MVP – Start development MVP, launch whitelisting website.
  • 06/2018 ICO website online,Crowdsale smart contracts are ready.
  • Q3/2018 Private sale for strategic partners with a long-term value for the project.
  • Q4/2018 Pre sale for „early investors“. Main sale – ICO, procurement of capital for the development of the Mycro network and implementation of the road map
  • Q1/2019 MYO exchange listing –We will work on listing MYO on suitable top exchanges.
  • Q1/2019 Soft launch MVP – Local market (Germany).
  • Q3/2019 National launch –The app is to be launched in German cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and in German-speaking cities in Switzerland and Austria.
  • Q1/2020 European launch – The app is to be launched in France, Spain, Sweden, Italy – preferably in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm and Rom.
  • Q4/2020 Global launch – The app is to be launched in Asia and the USA.
  • Q2/2021 Start decentralisation – Step-by-step introduction of decentral management mechanisms.
  • Q2/2022 Full decentralisation – Decentralised computer and storage capacities are used in order to operate an independent ecosystem (IPFS, Golem, Sonm).


  • André Bruckmann CEO & founder
  • Thomas Bolleyer Head of communications, community- and socialmedia-manager
  • Christian Hampe CMO & co-founder
  • Michael Siedenbiedel Head of software development, blockchain, smart contracts
  • Tobias Fröhlich Senior software developer, blockchain, smart contracts, iOS/Android
  • Nicolas Dillmann Core-advisor, co-founder Lab25, digital strategist
  • Mario Martini Core-advisor, co-founder Lab25, business designer
  • George Spasov Founder & CDO, Limechain, blockchain architect
  • Nick Todorov Founder & CEO, Limechain, blockchain consultant
  • Tilman Middendorf UX/UI-designer
  • Tobias Pitzschke Software developer iOS/Android
  • Jascha Stege UX/UI-designer
  • Dominik Fladung Software developer web/app
  • Christian Kordes Software developer web/app
  • Jill Jana Ludwig Social media manager

Start: 3 March, 2019

End: 17 March, 2019

Mycro is intended to connect people who have money but don't have enough time with those ones who have a lot of time but in need of money, this makes this project a great idea.

Pavl   25 February, 2019  
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