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MineMuse: Affordable Cloud Mining

MineMuse is an American cryptocurrency mining project, domiciled in the State of Colorado. According to the official certificate, provided on the website, the startup operates under the auspices of MineMuse LLC, a company that is officially registered in the same state. As of now, MineMuse is carrying out a pre-sale of utility tokens named MNM. 

The concept and mining facilities

The primary goal of MineMuse is to create a universally accessible means of cryptocurrency mining. They plan to achieve that objective by introducing the proprietary mining hardware that should serve as an analog to the conventional ASICs.

Moreover, MineMuse will create the fully-equipped facilities in such regions as Russia, Belarus, and Venezuela, for the provision of cloud mining services. These three countries are known for having an abundance of natural resources, which translates to a surplus of affordable electricity.

MineMuse will use the energy produced by wind and solar stations, wind turbines, as well as the electricity derived from biomass and fossil fuels. The choice of these regions was also dictated by their inherently colder climate, which helps to counteract the heat, produced by the running equipment, and to reduce the overall cost of mining.

Until the MineMuse team presents its own model of mining equipment, which will presumably consist of numerous GPUs, the mining will be carried out on the cutting-edge ASICs that are strategically placed in secured data centers in the mentioned regions. Apart from the most popular minable coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), the participants will be offered an opportunity to mine MNM, the ERC-20 token that should become tradable after the ICO.     

The MineMuse team

Although MineMuse has a sufficiently big team, there are no bios of its members in the whitepaper and no links to their professional profiles, though there is  evidence that MineMuse is a legitimate company. So far, we only know the names of the MineMuse team members and their positions:

  • Brian Sheldon Hess, the chairman and director;
  • Alan Mood, the founder and CEO;
  • Donald M. Griffith, CFO;
  • Milada Malinova, CIO.  

ICO details

MineMuse is currently conducting a pre-sale of MNM tokens, which will run its course on October 25. Two days later, on October 27, the project will launch the fully-fledged ICO that is due to last for a month, until November 27.

9,43 million tokens were allocated for the pre-sale, each token being offered at a price of $0,3. The total supply of MNM tokens is 41 million. Another 18,45 million of that amount will be sold at the upcoming public sale at a slightly higher price of $0,5. There is no definitive information about any token bonuses, though MineMuse does feature a bounty program.

The program will last for four weeks and will include the Signature Campaign, which stipulates that users post the project-related content while wearing the MineMuse signature on their avatars. There are also YouTube, Facebook, and several other social media campaigns that offer participants a chance to get MNM for their contribution to the project promotion. MineMuse has also initiated a 5% referral program, which rewards users for sharing the corresponding code.

MineMuse accepts investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Perfect Money, and Payeer. Unfortunately, there is no concrete information about the minimum investment threshold or the planned softcap/hardcap. Although the info on the official website suggests that MineMuse has already reached 34% of the intended presale goal. The project didn’t publish any requirements concerning whitelisting or KYC, nor did they present a list of restricted areas.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartOctober 27, 2019
EndNovember 27, 2019

To tell you the truth, I have mixed feelings about MineMuse because, on the one hand, they have provided documents that verify that their company is legit. On the other hand, the total lack of information about team members is worrying. I need to be absolutely sure that the people behind MineMuse are reliable and have a good reputation. I will refrain from participating in the ICO until that’s being made clear.

Tiberio Grakh   October 24, 2019  

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