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Ledgerium - ICO Review

The world has had enough of centralized institutions, services, banks, and alike, and this is more than obvious if we take a look at the direction that the crypto industry is heading in. As new, unregulated technologies, crypto and blockchain are most susceptible to changes in design that would satisfy the needs of modern society.

What we were able to observe is that most of those changes in legitimate projects point out towards greater levels of decentralization. This is hardly a surprise after years and years of problems such as data theft, manipulation, and other issues that come from centralized services that are given too much power over anything.

Of course, decentralization started before cryptocurrency was even invented. It is the need that inspired Satoshi Nakamoto to launch Bitcoin, almost 11 years ago. He obviously did a good job with it, as Bitcoin is still one of the most decentralized projects around.

But, as always, there are projects that believe that they can go a step further, improve some aspect a bit more, and potentially become great while doing it. While pretty much every project is guilty of this — otherwise, what would be the point? — some are clearly better than others, and helping the right one grow might have significant consequences for the future of the crypto space, but also the entire world. Search for such a token is what led us to Ledgerium.

About Ledgerium

It is not surprising if you had never heard about Ledgerium — after all, the project has yet to hold its ICO. What is important now is to know that this is a project that plans to create a consortium-based network, which would allow the members of a consortium to decide on various matters, as well as other members, through a voting process.

The project was specifically designed to pursue greater decentralization and autonomous governance, but also with plans to stay as close to Ethereum development as it can. However, its network is set to use an alternate protocol.

Right now, the project's goal is to promote, advance, and perfect the new type of blockchain technology, one that is still in development, but one that has great potential. As mentioned, Ledgerium is closely tied to Ethereum, and it plans to build its own project off the success behind Ethereum itself. However, the project is also quite closely tied to Quorum, as it uses the same protocols.

Of course, to properly fuel its ecosystem, Ledgerium also requires its own cryptocurrency, which is why it has created it, and is about to start selling it in a matter of days.

Ledgerium ICO details

Ledgerium ICO is about to arrive, with its start being scheduled for November 11th, at 9 am UTC. The ICO will not last for long, ending less than three weeks later, on November 31st, at 6 pm UTC.

Obviously, the token sale will offer Ledgerium's native cryptocurrency, known as XLG. The coin's price is expected to be around $0.05 per unit, and according to available information, there will be around 40 million XLG available for sale.

Meanwhile, interested investors will be able to purchase the coin with a variety of currencies and cryptocurrencies, including USD, AUD, BTC, BNB, and ETH.

As expected, there are two restricted areas — China and the US, whose current crypto laws (or lack of any) means that their investors won't be allowed to join the ICO.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartNovember 4, 2019
EndNovember 20, 2019

The projects that I like the most are the ones that roll out the product even before they launch the token sale. I can see that Ledgerioum has the Toorak Testnet up and running, which instills more confidence in this startup. Fundamentally, Ledgerium isn't that much different from Ethereum that could be a problem in the long run, especially given that Ethereum 2.0 testnet is going to be launched in a matter of months.

Danni_Depp   January 30, 2021  

The project has an interesting idea, although far from being original. However, there is a certain lack of information that might make some investors think twice before participating. Furthermore, the project's website has a number of grammatical errors, which also raises some red flags.

peter_pie   January 27, 2021  

On the other hand, the website seems rather easy to navigate and the project already launched its testnet in early December 2018, with main net launch scheduled for March 31st, 2020, so it is quite possible that this is a legitimate project that does have true potential.

Mr. Skinny Legs   October 24, 2019  

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