Kauri (Kauri) Review

The cryptocurrency market is gradually finding its way into the real estate business. This is because there are several areas where the blockchain technology can help to improve the industry. Those looking to streamline their operational methods and stay ahead of the competition would need a more competitive strategy.

And the best strategies in the real estate business should help keep the organization more effective and efficient. With the introduction of blockchain technology into hotel and real estate business, companies can achieve this level of competitiveness. One of the major companies at the forefront of this strategy is the British Asset Inc.

The company is about floating its crypto-based project, called the Kauri token. The intention is to make it easier for traders and holders of the token to invest in the project. The company hopes to build a stronger network of crypto-based users to make cryptocurrency widely acceptable in the real estate industry.

About Kauri

Kauri is a crowd-investment and shared-investment startup, based on the cryptocurrency network. The ERC token was designed by its parent company, the British Asset, which is intended to be the basis for the project’s execution.

The main objective of the token is to create and develop a crypto-friendly environment within the ecosystem to help the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

The main intent of Kauri is to become the drive that backs investment with tangible results. Funds realized from the Kauri initial coin offering will be applied to the internal investment fund. It will be used to finance most of the projects by British Assets Inc.

From the second quarter of 2010, holders of the Kauri coin and investors can invest in the British Asset projects through the Kauri tokens. The company wants to give small investors an equal opportunity to participate and become part of the growth currently happening within the cryptocurrency space.

British Asset token handlers want to use their experience and technical know-how in the industry to develop one of the most desirable tokens in the cryptocurrency industry.  It wants to establish crypto-based investment platforms in the coming years.  The British Asset Inc hopes to set up the world's first crypto-hotel with the Kauri token as its base currency.

Kauri ICO Details

The Kauri project, which is registered in the Marshall Islands, is inspired by the crowdfunding model. It is a utility token established through Smart Contract via the Ethereum network. It will be the base token used for the finance of other British Asset projects.

The company issued out its first ICO on the 29 August 2019 and is scheduled to close on 11 December 2019. The token will base its currency on the Ethereum platform, and the token type will be ERC-20.

Kauri token has offered 50 million KAU to the public in its initial offering. But it’s not known whether there will be another date for a second offering. The company hopes the current coin offering will be enough to raise funds needed for the execution of its projects.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

StartAugust 28, 2019
EndDecember 11, 2019
Soft cap$2 000 000
Hard cap$20 000 000
Minimum investment50 USD
Tokens for sale17000000

The creators of the project have an interesting concept, as this will be the first of its kind in the real estate industry. The project could be one of the biggest in the year if the team members could fashion out a good marketing plan.

RaveHead   December 10, 2019  

Already, its ICO offering is moving well as investors are already buying the idea. But the success of a project does not only lie on the success of its ICO presale. If the company properly backs the token, there is hope that investors will also smile in the end. In the meantime, the team members are currently threading on the right path towards the success of the project.

Jordanichi   October 9, 2019  

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