Kambria (Kambria) Review

The crypto market is slowly but surely recovering from the devastating effects of 2018's crypto winter, with prices of many cryptocurrencies already seeing heights that were not witnessed in over 12 months. However, the recovery of the crypto space goes far beyond that, and new projects, featuring new tokens, are emerging all the time.

Naturally, that means that token sales are once again back, and while many of them are coming through IEOs and STOs — the ICO model has made a surprisingly strong comeback as well. Numerous tokens already held their token sales, while a lot of them are being offered right now. Of course, new sales are constantly being scheduled, and some of them sound quite promising.

Investors should definitely keep them in mind, and research them while there is still time for detailed study. These ICOs are bringing coins in pretty much any and all industries, and the one that caught our eye today is Kambria — a project that is specially designed to fuel the robotics economy.

About Kambria

Kambria is a decentralized open innovation platform that is developing a collaborative ecosystem which has a goal of accelerating the adoption and development of robotics technology. The company's goal is to deliver consumer robots at much greater speed, efficiency, and ease.

The project openly admits to being inspired from open source OSs such as Android and Linux, and its platform's core in an open robotics repository. The repository is comprised of high-level behavior library, as well as various modular hardware components. It is designed to maximize reusability, as well as collaboration among different development teams.

All interactions within the platform will be facilitated by the project's own token, known as KAT. The token will allow companies to issue bounty challenges and reward participants, be it them, individuals, or entire teams. Meanwhile, robot manufacturers will get tokens by simply producing robots or robotics parts. Even the community members will benefit from promoting projects, raising funds, and alike.

Kambria ICO details

When it comes to Kambria's ICO, its time and date have yet to be announced. However, there are some details regarding the project that are already known. The token's name, as mentioned, will be KAT, and it will be a utility token designed on Ethereum's network, which makes it an ERC-20 token.

It was registered in the USA, but unfortunately, the tokens will not be available for US-based investors. China will also be restricted from participation, but everyone else is allowed to participate and encouraged to do so, provided that they go through Whitelisting and KYC procedure. The token's price will be $0.02 per 1 KAT, and the token can be obtained in exchange for ETH coins. It is also known that the token sale will include 2.5 billion units.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

StartDecember 1, 2018
EndDecember 5, 2018

Kambria's approach to advancing technological collaboration is likely to take the tech advancement to an entirely new level. The project appears to have quite a strong community, as well as a highly-educated, transparent team. Not to mention a pretty great set of partners and backers. It is ambitious that much is true, but it also appears to be ready to deal with the difficulties that might arise along the way.

Alex   June 10, 2019  

Its idea and vision hold great potential to improve the future of robotics and drive our technological advancement further. The increased rate of development is certainly something to look forward to, which is only one of the reasons why this project deserves attention.

Olson   April 30, 2019  

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