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The crypto prices are seeing recovery once again, with Bitcoin (BTC) once more crossing the $8k mark. While a number of analysts attempted to warn the investors and traders of Bitcoin's impending drop, no such development has occurred as of yet. However, the surging prices are constantly attracting new traders to the industry, and many of them are completely inexperienced and often quite lost.

As a result, they require help, which is why a lot of new projects dedicated to providing a safe environment for new traders has emerged. These projects are trying to make their platforms as user-friendly as possible, and they tend to come with high quantities of educational material. As always, the best way to help new traders is to point out what they should or should not do, which is where experienced investors can set an example. This is where comes in.

About is a new platform that allows new investors a safe way to invest in the digital currency market, even though they have no investing or trading experience. To help bypass this, the platform offers the skills and knowledge of experienced traders.

The project's flagship service, known as the PAMM account, lets people invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting their resources to experienced traders. Additionally, the platform also provides investors with all the necessary tools that would allow them to quickly learn how to behave and what to do while trading and investing. ICO details

First and foremost, ICO is not really an ICO. Since the token sale is being performed on Coineal Launchpad, it is actually an IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering. This changes a few things, including the fact that only the exchange's customers can participate, but it also brings extra security to the token sale and ensures investors that the project is not a scam.

The project is currently in its preICO phase, which started on May 1st and will end on June 30th, within around 16 days. The real token sale will start immediately after that, on July 1st, and it will last until July 14th.

The token in question, known as GEC, is a utility token that was developed on Ethereum's platform, which makes it an ERC-20 token. Its preICO price is $0.25 per 1 GEC, although it is still unknown whether or not this price will remain the same during the ICO as well. The project offers a working MVP, a bonus, and a bounty, and it is based in Estonia, with no restricted regions.

Anyone can participate, provided that they go through KYC and Whitelisting, which is necessary to become the exchange's user anyway. GEC tokens can be obtained in exchange for BTC, ETH, as well as fiat currencies — USD, GBP, and EUR.

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  • Investor. As an investor, you can trade cryptocurrencies with the help of experienced traders using the PAMM system.
  • Trader. As a trader, you can use the PAMM trading system, invite investors and use bespoke tools provided to maximise your results. You can analyse the traders' history in any specific time and area of your interest. Imagine that you can give the trader your money so he can make a profit for you when he makes it for himself. That's how our trading PAMM platform works. You can choose a trader's account and join it, giving him the ability to invest your money together with his money.
Pre-Ico Start dateNovember 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 30, 2019
  • Rafał Kołakowski. Chairman of the supervisory board
  • Marcin Wituś. CEO
  • Łukasz Medrzak. Sales director
  • Marcin Sobczyk. Finance director
  • Tomasz Bialik. IT director
  • Wojciech Łubianka. Director of development
  • Jay Stankiewicz. Operations manager
  • Genesis & Market Research (August 2018): Market Analysis, Searching for subcontractors, Searching for the legal jurisdiction, Team building
  • The first contracts (September 2018): Selection of a law firm, - Contract with a marketing company, Whitepaper v 1.0, Creation of a GEC token
  • Finalization of works (October 2018): Choice of the company headquarters, Registration of Geco One OU, A contract for accounting services, Geco.One web-site version 1.0
  • Licenses for Geco One OU (December 2018): Virtual ccy wallet license, Virtual ccy exchange against fiat license, Workshops with the dev team, A formation of the PAMM system
  • PAMM platform strategy (January 2019): Q1 2019 User account, Q2 2019 Fund management, Q3 2019 My investment & balances, Q4 2019 Leverage, Q1 2020 Trading
  • Increasing the team (February 2019): A new member joins the team, Obtaining two board advisors, Web-site & Whitepaper update (v 2.0), Initiation of the ICO supporting platform
  • Project Update (March 2019): Web-site & Whitepaper v 2.0 launch, Featured on 100+ ICO benchmark sites, The commencement of the Private Sale, A contract for creating ICO platform
  • Planning and marketing (April 2019): First features of the PAMM platform, New promo video, GEC token ICO sale platform, Start of private sale events
  • Work on the campaign (May 2019): Next feature of PAMM platform, Marketing & event campaign, Talks with stock exchange partners
  • The end of Private Sale (August 2019): The end of Private Sale stage, Networking & Marketing campaign, Another PAMM platform function
  • Pre-ICO stage 1 (September 2019): Rounds 1 & 2 of pre-ICO, Events, Talks with partners, New features of the platform
  • Pre-ICO stage 2 (October 2019), Rounds 3 & 4 of pre-ICO, PAMM platform testing, Works on Margin Trading, First-year of Geco One OU
  • Public ICO (December 2019): Round 1 of Public ICO, Platform security testing, Events & Marketing
  • Public ICO - Stage 2 (January 2020): Round 2 of the Public ICO campaign, Testing of a PAMM platform beta-version
  • Public ICO - Stage 3 (February 2020): Round 3 of the ICO public campaign, Penetration testing of PAMM platform
  • PAMM trading (March 2020): End of the ICO campaign, The lunch of the PAMM platform
  • GEC Token (April 2020): Crypto exchange GEC listing, Unlocking the smart-contract
  • Infrastructure for GEC Token (May 2020): Building our exchange for the GEC, Expansion of the developer team, Additional functions on PAMM platform, Works on the next gen. PAMM platform

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Tokens for sale800000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, GBP, USD, EUR is setting the pathway for the development of crypto trading by offering the additional tools, PAMM in particular, to broaden the range of options for those who want to succeed in this craft. By purchasing tokens through IEO, people will have a chance to begin trading GEC against other currencies almost immediately, which will allow to showcase its potential right at the start.

Jaime   July 26, 2020  

PAMM is just a fancy term for spreading the trading risks across multiple investors, so it might be the safest way for a trader to speculate with crypto, but not so much for the investor, especially the rookie one. Another thing, I have read the whitepaper from A to Z and didn’t find a single word about the methods of dispute resolution offered by That is a red flag for me. Judging from their work scheme, will place itself in the seat of an intermediary between traders & investors and crypto exchanges, thus making this platform totally centralized. To summarize, the doubts concerning so far outweigh the prospects.

Henry   June 17, 2019  

The project has a lot of potential to bring a lot of new investors into the crypto space. For a long time, investing and trading were intimidating to newcomers, which is why many of them gave up if they ever even tried to join.

Karl   June 17, 2019  

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