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Industry: big data


Fluence an ICO focused on decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data. The ICO originates from Russia and was started in 2018. The idea of the project is securing data with blockchain technologies. It gives a range of benefits to data owners, allowing them storing, monetizing and sharing smart contracts based structured data. Data owners can manage their data in secure decentralized environment provided with infrastructure for aggregation, storage and processing data from various sources.  The advantage for miners is the opportunity of monetizing unused storage.

Fluence network can be used by developers for creating query layer over the blockchains, which will make data simply discoverable and searchable for various applications, as long as decentralized data in an important task for them. Fluence permissionless network gives the opportunity of storing and processing arbitrary data in real-time. Fluence is optimized for best performance in terms of storage and latency.

One of the network’s useful features connecting existing blockchains and other public data sources with each other. Fluence deploys traditional database solutions on a flexible decentralized infrastructure. Fluence uses blockchain for creating a decentralized data organization layer, which end goal is building a decentralized world wide web, which will allow to digitize areas, like healthcare, using a lot of data.



  • Fault tolerance and censorship resistance. Due to decentralized nature, Fluence guarantees maximum uptime and no possibility for data regulation. It automatically balances data replication to keep all data online at any moment.
  • Privacy. Data is split into chunks, encrypted and stored on different nodes that controlled by various hands. There is no way for node owner to spy data or steal it until data owner disclosure the private key to the public.
  • Low cost. Utilization of currently unused storage space brings oceans of capacities to market, decreasing price for storage down. Fluence gives an opportunity for hardware owners to monetize their power similar to Bitcoin.
  • Access management. Fluence provides flexible permissions management model based on proxy re-encryption technology. It allows meeting compliance with HIPAA, GDPR,  HITECH, PCI and other regulations.

Founded: 2018, Russia

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Conversion Block

  • Token FLU
  • Price 1 FLU = 0.62 USD
  • Bonus Available 
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Hard cap 22500000 USD
  • Country Russia

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Technical details​

  • Token FLU
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 0.6200 USD
  • BONUS Pre-ICO 100-300%
  • Hard cap 22500000 USD


  • July 28 Pre-ICO announcement
  • August 14 Pre-ICO start
  • September 4 Pre-ICO closing
  • Q4 2017 Main crowdsale


  • Evgeny Ponomarev CEO
  • Dmitry Kurinskiy CTO
  • Alexander Demidko Technical Advisor
  • Michael Egorov Advisor

User review

Fluence will allow to store, query, manage and monetize encrypted structured data, securing it with the power of blockchain technologies. Our goal is to become a go-to database for decentralized Internet applications.

IndustryBig data

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StartOctober 1, 2018
EndDecember 31, 2018

How is the project going? Which markets have trades? Is it possible to take a place for storage? If it is possible how much from about 1 terabyte per month?

Olson   January 10, 2019  

What is the purpose of the token in the network Fluence? Node clusters are rewarded by tokens in the network. Those. this turns out to be an analogue of collaborative (mutually beneficial) mining, when it is better to work economically more effectively for a single node so that the cluster gets more reward. So the network becomes more efficient.

Ja$0b   October 9, 2018  

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