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With the era of cryptocurrencies, a number of problems that have troubled large and small companies, as well as individuals, could easily be solved. Cryptocurrencies come as relatively new assets that are currently still growing in popularity and usage.

As you may know, cryptos are only a bit over a decade old at this point. Not only that, but they represent a major change in the modern world, as they do not only bring new technology but a completely new form of money. Because of this, their development — and especially their acceptance — progresses very slow.

There are thousands of online merchants that are already accepting them. However, they still represent only a small fraction of the world's economy, meaning that there is still a long way to go. A lot of cryptocurrencies were not even developed to be used as actual currencies, but rather to fuel various platforms, and have other types of uses.

Other cryptos, like Bitcoin, which were developed to be used in everyday life, also suffer from their own issues, such as scalability. However, new projects that promise to resolve such problems are emerging all the time, each with the potential to become the next cryptocurrency hit, provided that it actually delivers on its promises. One such project is ETERBIT.


ETERBIT comes as a new cryptocurrency project that is actually a combination of Ethereum and Bitcoin, promising to deliver both of the two worlds, and provide users with a crypto market and a trading platform. It aims to deliver software used for opening, closing, as well as managing market positions through a financial intermediary. At the same time, it can be used for making online payments, paying bills, and other similar purposes.

The project also claims that the platform ill be public, independent, and easily accessible to small, medium, or large firms, as well as individuals. It will provide its native cryptocurrency that can appeal to masses. Even more, the project claims that the token will be usable in a wide range of businesses, industries, and other areas.

Those who invest in the project will allegedly benefit through access to bonus offers, special discounts, and other ways. Meanwhile, those who decide to HODL the token will also benefit by making a profit when the coin's price rises. Finally, the project also invites crypto and blockchain enthusiasts to join and be present when the next big step in crypto/blockchain evolution is taken. However, before all of that, the project plans to distribute its token in a token sale that is about to start.


As mentioned, ETERBUT's ICO is just about to start, with the project currently being in its pre-sale stage, which started on September 1st, and which will end tomorrow, October 31st. After that, the ICO will start on November 1st, and end on December 31st, as the year itself ends.

The token's ticker is EBT, and this is a utility token created on Ethereum's platform. The project will only accept ETH coins in exchange for EBT, where each ETH coin will allow investors to purchase 500 EBT units.

The project will only have 500,000 tokens in total, which is an extremely small total supply. Meanwhile, 40% of it will be offered during the ICO. This is where the known information about the project ends, with no soft or hard caps being mentioned, nor any restricted areas being listed. The last thing that is known about the project is that it is registered in the Philippines.

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StartNovember 1, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2019

Could someone please explain to me, how did Eterbit manage to combine Bitcoin and Ethereum? In simple theses, please. Because I can't get the gist of their idea, really. Is it a tech solution? Or is it just another trading platform where inexperienced traders will get ripped off? In either case, Eterbit doesn't carry anything groundbreaking or even potentially profiting - just another hyper that wants to make quick money.

Crypto Shark   January 3, 2021  

The Etherbit wallpaper contains an abundance of sophisticated words that should have made these guys appear more technologically advanced. But in reality, all Etherbit wants to do is to become a crypto broker, an intermediary between the cryptocurrency market and crypto holders. Isn't that against the core philosophy of blockchain - doing away with intermediaries? Funny thing is that the domain appears to be for sale. What would that mean? The project has flopped?

BestNameEver   October 25, 2020  

As they say, Eterbit talks the talk, but can't walk the walk. All those promises of BTC/ETH combinations, payment networks, discounts, and so on are nothing but a big spoof, designed to lure gullible people into a trap. I guess you already understood that I am saying that Eterbit is as shady as a seller of "branded" purses from a car trunk in some rough neighborhood. Try to stay away from it!

Gaborek   October 11, 2020  

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