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Ever since it emerged, the blockchain technology held a tremendous amount of potential. In fact, many consider it to be the next big technological leap which will significantly improve nearly every industry out there. Of course, its original purpose was to serve as the technology behind cryptocurrency, so it already brought a major change to the financial industry by simply being invented.

However, in following years, it started receiving more and more attention from developers, until they realized that its potential allows it to go far beyond just supporting cryptocurrencies. For a long time, people have been finding new potential use cases for it, which is a trend that never really stopped. Even now, the blockchain is fighting to enter the mainstream and fulfill its purpose of advancing modern systems, industries, and even bring entirely new things.

It infiltrated every industry, from finances to healthcare, from gaming to supply chains, and more. Even industries where its practical use may not be obvious at first glance can be changed, including the sports industry, where numerous blockchain-based projects are emerging, with one of them being DYNO.

About DYNO

DYNO, short for DYNOSTICS, is a project that has created the first mobile, affordable, and smart system for analyzing metabolism and performance. It is an excellent way to determine the users' current state of fitness in only a few minutes. Furthermore, all it requires is the users' breathing gasses.

It is capable of taking measurements, which are then sent to the app, and interpreted by the project's algorithm in real-time. After that, it will display the results to the user directly, showing in which pulse ranges they can burn fat most effectively, increase their performance, and more.

Not only that, but the app can even give proper advice, such as how the user's body processes food, as well as which food they should eat, and how to train the best. Users will be able to set a specific goal, such as simply losing weight, or building up their physical fitness, as well as doing health-conscious training. According to the project, there will be no need for medically trained staff, and the user will be more than capable of doing it all by themselves. Of course, the platform will have its own native token, which is expected to hold its token sale at some point in the future.

DYNO ICO details

DYNO's ICO has been announced, but the date of the token sale is currently not known. However, it is known that the token, also called DYNO, will be a utility that was created on Ethereum's platform. Users will be able to buy it in exchange for Ethereum coins, with the minimum investment being 1 ETH.

The project's soft cap is at 10,000 ETH, and the hard cap at 35,000 ETH. Meanwhile, the token's price during preICO and ICO will be the same — 0.0000636 ETH per 1 DYNO.

The project was registered in Germany, and it already features an MVP, as well as a bonus. However, not anyone can participate, and the list of restricted areas includes Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and the US. Everyone else is welcome to join the token sale, but they will have to go through a KYC procedure first.

Author: Ali Raza for Crypto-Rating.com

  • We strive to improve the health of people worldwide. Our first step towards this goal was to build the best-in-class metabolism analytical device called DYNOSTICS, that provides feedback in seconds and does not require any medical assistance. Our device is already being used worldwide in over 26 countries by thousands of customers, including the likes of CleverFit and Red Bull.
  • With all the data collected from our device, we became increasingly aware that we needed a fair, safe, and secure way to store that data. That’s why we decided to to create the first blockchain-based fitness and metabolic data marketplace. We believe our users should have complete control and ownership over their data.
  • In the near future, we will extend our suite of analytical devices and open the DYNO ecosystem to all third-party tracking and fitness devices.
Pre-Ico Start dateJune 1, 2019
Pre-Ico End dateJune 30, 2019
  • Stefan Bartenschlager. CEO & Co-founder
  • Friedrich Hergenreider. CSO & Co-Founder
  • Peter Schweiger. CFO & Co-Founder
  • Manfred Günther. Head of Sport Science
  • Felix Grund. CMO
  • Philipp Steuer. CCO
  • Ivan Reif. CTO
  • Saurabh Singh. Lead Software Architect
  • Sebastian Feurle. Head of Design
  • Jurgen Mayer. Head of App Development
  • Yvonne Halder. Head of Project Management
  • James Childs. Blockchain and market advisor NZ/Australia
  • 2015. Development of DYNOSTICS® analytical device
  • December 2017. Start of Concept & Design putting DYNO Data into the Blockchain
  • Q2 2018. ICO
  • Q3 2018. Beta Release of DYNO Marketplac e and App Integration
  • Q4 2018. Setup of testnet for beta-partners like Insurance companies and Researchers
  • Q1 2019. Integration of additional tracking devices outside the DYNOSTICS® universe
  • Q2 2019. Go live of DYNO marketplace and App Integration

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StartJuly 1, 2019
EndSeptember 30, 2019
Soft cap$10 000
Hard cap$35 000
Minimum investment1 ETH
Tokens for sale550000000

DYNO is a wonderful project through and through: it has a viable physical product that found vast application in many countries of the world; the list of partners and sponsors are great, the presence of Red Bull there signifies that DYNO has a tremendous marketing potential; the team appear to be super competent and enthusiastic about their endeavor. But I don't think that applying blockchain for data security was absolutely necessary in that particular case. Come on, fitness and metabolic data don't fall into the category of sensitive information by any merit.

KingArthur   September 2, 2019  

Dyno has a very impressive profile, substantiated by the fact that they have already established partnership relations with such reputable names as Red Bull and the University of Leipzig. I also think that they have found a great, and unusual at the same time, application for blockchain and DYNO token. A few years ago, when I was an athlete, a sprinter to be precise, I tried a similar gadget and it really helped me to obtain an optimal form. Therefore, I will inquire about a minimum investment limit and if it’s acceptable, buy some tokens to support the project.

Lee   July 15, 2019  

The project has received excellent ratings so far, although many believe that its team requires more blockchain experience. The team is verified and large, but it only has three advisors, which might be something they should work on as well.

Cleve   July 5, 2019  

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