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DogData is an Estonian based kennel organization built by a team of talented individuals united by a passion for modern technological capability and Dogs. DogData Founded in 2017 with the aim of building a P2p platform responsible for Dog ownership & management, helping dogs long term and improving now Dog welfare practises worldwide.

DogData employs blockchain technology for the registry of immutable Dog life data including Corona virus vaccination immunisation blood test dates without which pet travel would not be possible to and from over 50 countries.

DogData tokenises the platforms potential pet Dog product market through exchange of Dog life data for Dog food purchase discount.

DogData Mission

DogData prides itself on promoting the responsible ownership of dogs and upholding the integrity of its Dog registry through Block chain technology. We advocate the ownership of Dogs as a family companion and we are focused on the advancement of our canine companions and to protect animal welfare. DogData and learning analysis will improve the next generations chances for Good health

DogData Core Values

  • Integrity in our registry and activities
  • Total commitment to the advancement of Dog shows, Dog products and Dog welfare through better genetic breeding result analysis
  • We protect the well-being and health of every Dog pure or mixed breed.
  • We are committed to the interests of Dog owners and we monetize their passions.
  • We uphold the highest standards for our operation and administration
  • We Carry out extensive research on Dogs and solutions are using deep data analysis
  • We promote the increased funding of research on virus mutation between Dogs and human
  • We commit to donating part of profits to Dog charities indefinitely

Pre-Ico Start dateApril 18, 2020
Pre-Ico End dateMarch 20, 2020
IndustryArtificial Intelligence
  • Richard Dene Hill. CEO/CMO
  • Thomas Melchior. CFO
  • Ksenia Obukhova. COO Listing
  • Mohana Sundaram. Blockchain CTO
  • Frank Desifone. Chief Crypto Investor Relations
  • Dennis Rogovski. CLO
  • Sheng FuLai. Biometric Technology Developer
  • Maria Gorskaya. Designer UI/UX
  • 2019 Q3. Token model development. Market research development. Team development. DogData.CH homepage design
  • 2019 Q4. DogData.CH website launch. Team development. Etherbone ETHBNT smart contract on Etherscan. Mobile app development. Digital DogID design
  • 2020 Q1. DogExpert blog development. Launch Smart Dog Sale Contract MVP. DogDate Mobile app MVP in AppStore and Play. Round 1 seed investment completed. Develop and Launch PedigreeChain Microchip and immunisation blockchain. EtherBone ETHBN smart contract on Etherscan. Create GTM plan
  • 2020 Q2. DNAHunter Dog Breed finder. (AI) MVP. User private profile and wallet development. DogDate app Event ticket sales launch. EtherBone IEO (ETHBN). P2p completed Smart Dog Sale contract welfare milestone token rewards. DogExpert ASK and ANSWER P2p tokenized knowledge exchange. Launch 4Dogs suggestive marketplace (AI)
  • 2020 Q3. Facebook DogPage builder. Rabies vaccination Blockchain retailer partnerships. Deep, users Dog Data analysis. DNAHunter Breeding Algorithm (AI). Puppy Police virtual pet watch. Dog sales using crypto through Marketplace
  • 2020 Q4 - 2021 Q1. BestinInShow Exhibiting Algorithm (AI). DogsOnTour Accommodation Marketplace. DogTaxi Travel Marketplace
  • 2020 Q2 - 2021 Q4. DogShow entry through social media and Mobile app. Insurance marketplace. Dog Breeding Industry Business management software. Dog Groomers Work cam. Online Virtual DogShows

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StartMay 25, 2020
EndOctober 31, 2020
2 days left
Minimum investment100 USD
Tokens for sale1000000000

DogData has created integrated solutions using the best technology to make dog owners live's easier, rewarding them for Dog care & welfare activities and saving them money in the process.

TwistedLogiX   July 29, 2020  

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