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DIVO: Blockchain Platform for Fashionistas  

DIVO is an emerging blockchain platform, designed to meet the needs of the fashion industry, especially the ones related to communication, promotion, and employment in this sphere. The project introduces DIVO, the ERC-20 utility token that will exercise the function of the universal accounting unit. The tokens will be sold through the IEO on ProBit; the issuer of tokens is the company DIVO Net Limited, registered in Seychelles; the company registration number is duly indicated on the official website.  

The DIVO ecosystem

DIVO was designed as a multifunctional platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that provides means for all actors in the fashion industry to communicate seamlessly with each other, establish business connections, take advantage of smart contracts, and use the proprietary tool stack to build a successful career in a given niche.

The primary objective of DIVO is to establish a P2P communication and a hiring model that is based on the principles of transparency and non-intrusiveness. The exploitation of big data analysis and the blockchain technology will afford the opportunity for fashion models, brands, and modeling agencies to take the working relationships to the next level.

The DIVO ecosystem is comprised of three crucial components: the mobile application, DIVO Web, which is a blockchain-enabled marketplace, and DIVO Net, a social network that provides fledgling models with a chance to boost their social capital.

Team members

The DIVO whitepaper, as well as the open online resources, contain very little information about the team members - this fact certainly doesn’t speak in favor of DIVO.

  • Marat Bikbov and Andrey Tulinov. The founding duo. We were unable to gather any concrete information about the founder, expect that both have over 20 years of experience in the fashion and banking industries, respectively.
  • Dmitry Lakshev. The CEO. Presumably, Iakshev was involved in several IT projects in South East Asia, with CrowdCash being the one that we know of.   
  • Anastasia Bogdanova. The COO. Bogdanova began her career path as a corporate lawyer for 8BitGroup and OSA Decentralized, before landing the position of a lawyer and then COO of DIVO. 

IEO details

The initial exchange offering of DIVO tokens will take place on the Probit Launchpad in two consecutive rounds. The first round starts on September 11 and is due to last until September 17. The second round will commence shortly after that, on September 24, and will take place for a week.

The project has allocated only 6.25 % of the total DIVO supply (6 billion tokens) for sale, having kept as much as 61.8% in reserve. $0.01 is the IEO price of 1 DIVO, with the minimum investment threshold being established at 500 DIVO or $5.

There is also a bonus program that provides for a 21% token bonus for investors who purchase DIVO with USDT, BTC, ETH, or XRP; there is also a 25% bonus applicable to those who purchase DIVO using PROB, the official cryptocurrency of ProBit exchange. All bonuses are going to be in a lock-up for a period of two months.

The project didn’t set any softcap while the hardcap is set at $3 million. The listed of restricted areas is quite extensive and includes the United States, China, North Korea, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, and Morocco.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartSeptember 11, 2019
EndSeptember 11, 2019

The idea behind the DIVO platform is clear and understandable: to create a blockchain platform for the fashion industry, thanks to which the participants would be able to find better jobs or suitable talents. This is certainly not a novice concept, basically, it’s merely a freelancer platform for models/agencies with a social network feature. So, the overall success of DIVO depends on how well they would be able to realize the platform’s functional capabilities and carry out the marketing campaign.

Rosar10   September 9, 2019  

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