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Ever since cryptocurrencies came out of the shadows and into the light of day, new tokens have been emerging at a rapid pace. The majority of altcoins we know and use today came out via ICO model-based token sales, with most of them emerging in 2017 and early 2018.

This was the most prosperous period that the cryptocurrency industry had ever known, and billions upon billions of dollars flew into the market. Naturally, as always when money is involved, scammers were quick to follow, and people started losing money. Major amounts were lost, and not only due to scams, but also because some legitimate projects were simply too weak.

Either their teams were not competent enough, or they had no clear plan and were in a hurry to raise as much money as possible while the 'crypto gold rush' lasted. After that, they did not know what to do and where to go from there, which did not bode well on the project, overall.

These are a few reasons why the ICO model nearly went extinct in 2018, with its fall quickened by the crypto winter and the SEC crackdown. However, ICOs do not need to fail. They are still around, only in a significantly milder amount, but the fact is that they are still one of the easiest ways for developers to launch their tokens, and get funding for their projects. All that the concept needs is a way to make sure that the investors will be protected as well, which is what a project called DeHedge aims to achieve.

About DeHedge

DeHedge is a blockchain-based, risk-hedging platform created to help crypto investors and let them stay safe while investing in different coins. The project covers all kinds of potential investment-related incidents, including project cancellations, fluctuations of the exchange rate, and even scams.

The entire concept revolves around smart contracts-based automatic payouts on DeHedge's platform. Smart contracts are designed to pay out investors automatically in case of hedged events taking place.

DeHedge is based on Ethereum's blockchain, which is a completely public blockchain and everyone can view it. You, as an investor, can forgo an auto-pay out and choose whether or not to make the claim. The hedging itself is fully backed by the project's reserves, and the investors can activate hedging coverage, which is reserved by smart contracts.

Simply put, collateral forms and covers the investors' losses, should they experience any and end up being dissatisfied with their investment. The investor also has the ability to keep an eye on the volume of any reserved compensation via the blockchain technology. All that the project needs now is its own cryptocurrency, that would fuel its platform.

DeHedge ICO details

As mentioned, DeHedge has yet to hold its ICO and offer its token to the public. So far, they did not reveal the time and date of the ICO, but there are still a few details that are already known at this time. For example, we know that their token's ticker will be DHT, and that this is an ERC-20 based utility, developed on Ethereum's platform.

The project will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for DHT, and 1 ETH coin will be enough to buy 36,000 DHT. That puts DHT price at around $0.0165 per token.

The project has already announced a bonus, a bounty, and its hard cap, which sits at 5,000 ETH. Meanwhile, the minimum investment will be 0.1 ETH. The project was registered in the UK, and it has no restricted areas. Anyone can participate, and the only requirement is for the investors to go through the KYC procedure.

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StartAugust 1, 2019
EndOctober 23, 2019
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That is super weird but the link that's supposed to take me to the DeHedge official website actually sends me to some Netflix-like movie-streaming website. Smells a bit like a scam, but I wouldn't want to rush to conclusions. Speaking of the platform concept, presented by DeHedge, it bears no novelty and no excitement as describes the service stack provided by every traditional hedge fund. DeHedge just took the idea and slapped blockchain and smart contracts on top of it.

wildrose   September 6, 2019  

DeHedge is a project that has an excellent vision, and it is likely to gather a tremendous amount of support as more people learn about it. Methods of dealing with ICO-related problems are rare and highly valuable, which is why many expect DeHedge to succeed without any issues.

farre1farre1   August 26, 2019  

The project also has a strong team, great advisors, but also quite a big token supply, which might not be that good, but it still remains to be seen. The project is definitely ambitious, but it also has a few downsides, such as the need to assess each ICO quickly and precisely, which will require massive amounts of efficiency. Another problem is that each drop in the market might trigger insurance events, and easily take down the company.

Nick   July 10, 2019  

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