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CryptoMarketAds - ICO Review

CryptoMarketAds Purges Crypto Marketing of Scammers

CryptoMarketAds (CMA) is a blockchain-enabled platform designed to serve the needs of all participants in the crypto marketing space. The project operates in the Latvian jurisdiction, though the official papers don’t contain any information about the obtainment of any official licenses. It was first established in 2017 by the group of specialists in online marketing and digital entrepreneurship, who work and reside in Latvia.   

CMA is currently offering their utility tokens CMA within the framework of the private sale that is planned to last until August 8, or till the sell-off of 200 million tokens which had been allocated to this event.  

The problems tackled by CryptoMarketAds     

Despite the fact that the demand for competent blockchain & cryptocurrency advertising has grown by as much as 400% over the period of the last year alone, the market is still battling major problems which translate into the hampered growth of the industry. The most acute of them is characterized by the abundance of scammers, or just severely incompetent people, within the ranks of marketing service providers. Not to mention the scammy ICO projects, the fraudulent practices of which gave more than enough reasons for major ad platform, such as Google Ads, to stiffen their policies towards crypto startups in general.

In a twisted logic, the crypto marketing agencies tend to charge exorbitant prices for the sub-par services which ultimately creates a vicious circle in the industry, which CryptoMarketAds aims to break.          

The ecosystem structure

CryptoMarketAds positions itself as a marketplace developed for the benefit of the following three types of users:

  • The publishers act as the creators of marketing content, such as banners, ad reels, email newsletters, and advertisement strategies in general.
  • The advertisers are the entrepreneurs who purchase this content for their marketing needs.
  • The exchanges are, obviously, the platforms where all the participants can buy/sell the CMA tokens. Judging from the fact that a part of the token sale was conducted by means of IDAX Launchpad, the project had already concluded a partnership agreement with this exchange.

Apparently, the CMA platform was built on the Ethereum blockchain, thought the developers claim that they are actively working on integrating a new blockchain to better heed the needs of marketers.

Principle of operation of CryptoMarketAds

Basically, this platform operates as any given platform that adopted the model of a managed content as service (MCaaS). An advertiser searches and chooses the appropriate content for their campaigns. After that, he places the order with a publisher and puts CMA in escrow. The platform has functional capabilities for providing advertisers with means for monitoring the progress of content creation or distribution. Once the publisher marks the order as completed and the advertiser confirms it, the escrowed CMA are released to the publisher's digital wallet or the exchange account from where he can convert these tokens to other cryptocurrencies or fiat.   

ICO details

CryptoMarketAds is currently having a private sale of tokens in the amount of 200 million CMA at a price of $0.005 per unit. Apparently, the event will take place until August 8, after which the next ICO stages might follow, though there is no particular information about the time frame at this point. The United States is the only country that got on the restricted list of CryptoMarketAds.

Author: Alex Paulson for Crypto-Rating.com

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StartJune 17, 2019
EndJune 19, 2019

Despite stating that CryptoMarketAds was established, among other things, for the purpose of improving the quality of marketing service in the crypto industry, they didn’t provide any specifics about, let’s name it, competence control of the newly registered publisher. Surely, the established one would have some ratings of approval, I presume, but I don’t get how CMA is going to detect the scammers, which I am sure will try to feed off the gullible users. Other than that, the project is viable and interesting.

Olle   July 1, 2019  

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