Creditcoin Initial Coin Offering

Creditcoin start date: 1 September, 2018

Creditcoin end date: 31 December, 2018   14 days left

Industry: finance


Creditcoin is a token of the Flatlay project, premium partnership netwotk, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main idea of Flatlay marketplace is uniting of commerce with technology with the usage of advanced technologies. Creditcoin token was created to remove borders from electronic commerce monetization, making it available to anyone. Flatlay marketplace will allow content creators and publishers to cooperate effectively and securely. Flatlay is to provide brands and publishers with a workflow management system to effectively integrate products, and user generated content particularly, into the network, with the possibility of hiring content creators. The end goal of the project is the maximizing sales of the above-mentioned products. The system provides users with the opportunity to promote products within posts and collections in order to receive a sales commission with additional payments from campaign promotions.

The Flatlay product is addressed to content creators, upcoming brands, craft makers, corporate retailers and publishers. Flatlay Interactive cards (FLIC) is a unique feature that allows consumers to directly increase the value of what is published by attaching collections of available for sale products with embedded watermarks and a unique link, contributing to affiliate sales revenue. As users and publishers distribute FLIC's in social networks, media and the Internet, visibility and interaction increase social value and the potential for monetization behind each FLIC.



  • User is issued a physical or virtual Flatlay debit card linked to their account wallet
  • Card contains $0 at all times
  • User swipes card or phone via mobile wallet to pay for purchase
  • Transaction is passed to our server in real-time
  • Server validates which fiat currency is being requested (USD, EUR etc.)
  • Flatlay validates user account has sufficient balance of ccoin to cover purchase
  • CCOIN is then sold for the exact amount incorporating conversion fee of requested fiat
  • Fiat is simultaneously moved onto the debit card in that exact amount
  • Transaction is approved
  • Card balance returns to $0

Founded: 2018, USA

Social networks

Conversion Block

  • Token CCOIN
  • Price 1 CCOIN = 0.0007 ETH
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC
  • Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
  • Soft cap 2000 ETH
  • Hard cap 20000000 USD
  • Country USA
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC

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Technical details

  • Token CCOIN
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 0.2067 USD
  • Bonus Days 1-2 20% Days 3-10 15% Days 11-18 10% Days 19-26 7,5% Days 27-31 5%
  • Tokens for sale 70,000,000
  • Min. investment 0.1 ETH
  • Accepting ETH, BTC
  • Distributed in ICO 70%
  • Soft cap 2000 ETH
  • Hard cap 20000000 USD


  • Q4 2015 Project Begins
  • Q3 2016 Flatlay Site launch
  • Q4 2016 Company Incorporated
  • Q1 2017 Beta Apps released
  • Q2 2017 Community of 10k Content Creators
  • Q3 2017 MVP Flatlay Connect
  • Q4 2017 ICO announced
  • Q1 2018 Flatlay Connect & Apps launch
  • Q2/Q3 2018 ICO launch of CCOIN network


  • Ali Sammour FLATLAY Inc. Founder, CEO
  • Morteza Nokhodian Founder, CTO
  • Yasir Hosain Founder, UX/UI Architect
  • Tony Chaw Full-stack developer
  • Sandra Rausch Marketing Community Relations
  • Nikhil Gohil Senior Mobile Developer
  • Theo Gauthier Smart Contract Architect
  • Jeff Jones Enterprise Blockchain Lead
  • Harsha vardhan Reddy Community Manager

User review

Flatlay is a decentralized global marketplace that aims to disrupt two industries: e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Flatlay will encourage creatives to create content for products listed on the platform, then earn CCOINs in exchange for selling those products. The system revolves around the use of CCOINs and the Flatlay Interactive Card, or FLIC, which is a unique feature for marking digital content.


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