Coinimp - ICO Review

CoinIMP is the new effective JavaScript miner that can be easily embedded in your website. Browser mining is an excellent alternative to ads. This way mintme mining users will pay you with their CPU power for accessing your content.

With CoinIMP, Monero and Coin are mined by using your visitors' CPU resources which otherwise would be wasted. Why not Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other? Because Monero's value is quite high and can be mined with similar efficiency by CPU and GPU that mining other cryptocurrencies with CPU makes no financial sense. MintMe Coin shares that CPU profitability feature and it's a new coin with a value on the cryptocurrency market that is expected to grow.

Your users will enjoy an ad-free experience when running the script in their browsers as they mine cryptocurrency for you. This is the most unique offer on the market - a completely free script for web miners! We do take a fee of 1%, but you can gain a rebate (and more!) through our Referral Program! So this is a powerful solution for JavaScript mining at effective 0% of your total hash rate!

Our JavaScript miner has more advantages than other JavaScript mining solutions. CoinIMP web miner isn't blocked by Anti-Viruses or AdBlockers and if it eventually gets blocked, we react and work hard to unblock it. We think responsible web browser mining will be part of the future ad market.


  • Full anonymity. Your wallet address never appears on the public blockchain and nobody knows how many coins you have. In a world where big corporations trade, your privacy is an important factor.
  • Transparent. Coin project wants to make web mining more secure and transparent for everyone. Thanks to its open transactions, it will never be a friendly place for botnet or hacker activities.
  • Tradable. Monero is traded on many exchanges. Change it easily for BTC or USD to afford mining costs.
  • New coin. Coin is a new coin and is traded only on few exchanges, we advise you to mine it and HODL it.
  • Limitless. Monero is virtually infinite. Miners can always get at least 0.3 XMR per block so there won't be a shortage of rewards.
  • Limited supply. Coin has a limited supply of coins. That means its value will increase over time.
  • Average speed transactions. Compared to Bitcoin's 10 min, Monero's 2 min transactions are quite fast and enough for the most typical usage.
  • Super fast transactions. Coin's ~10 sec block time is among the fastest. This creates an opportunity for additional uses, for example direct payments.
  • No smart contracts. While it has no smart contracts functionality, it doesn’t actually need one. Its purpose of a fully anonymous, private and safe cryptocurrency is more than enough.
  • Smart contracts and DApps. Coin is ready to be the base for other projects. It is ERC20 and ERC223 compliant and supports smart contracts, which is the future of cryptocurrencies.
  • Open source. Both projects are open source, it’s easy for any programmer to see what is going on inside the code.
  • CPU minable. Monero and Coin use different versions of CryptoNight, but they both share the same quality - GPU mining is not much more profitable than CPU mining on any of them. This makes JavaScript mining profitable.
  • ASIC resistance. Both projects announced they would fight any ASIC mining in their networks by continuously tweaking hashing algorithms to make ASIC production unprofitable.
  • Artur Makówka. CEO & Co-Founder
  • Pavel Sabadash. Project Manager
  • Jakub Czechowski. Full-Stack Developer & Project Manager
  • Ɓukasz Matczak. Technical Lead & Blockchain Architect
  • Ksenia Semenova. QA Team Lead
  • Victor Fedorenko. Full-stack Developer
  • Afaf Hassan. Full-stack Developer
  • Khaled Alam. Full-stack Developer
  • Adeniji Olusegun. Full-stack Developer
  • Jiang Jian. Full-stack Developer
  • Lai Taiyu. Full-stack Developer
  • Viktor Saenko. Senior Unix Engineer
  • Muhammad Gamal. QA Specialist
  • Cecilia Farias. QA Specialist
  • Alberto Zapata. QA Specialist
  • Q1 2018. API Development and Release: After assessing community needs, we developed and deployed CoinIMP API. Placing CoinIMP among the Top 5 Google Organic Search Results: Showing up on Google Search was an important milestone of our business growth, therefore we secured a position within the Top 5 Google Organic Search sites for browser-based mining related phrases.
  • Q2 2018. Webchain Development and Release: Beginning for egalitarian cryptocurrency. Project QA testing and deployment: Web security and stability are tested out by professionals and early-access users. IMP Concept Development & White Paper draft: Mapping out IMP and defining the way it would be delivered, followed by goals setting and business plan, being the outcome our first white paper draft. AV-friendly Solution: For that matter we have implemented an extra script, which is even more AV-friendly, and it’s free.
  • Q3 2018. Token Sale Web Application design: Setting of specifications and requirements for the first alpha version of the token pages. Token Release Plan: It was decided to split this plan into two stages, Presale and Token Sale. Token Distribution Plan: Definition of how IMP will be launched to the market, token sale strategy and benefits of token holders. Early Token Sale Development: Development of the MVP solution with the required modules. Content Hiding Tool: Show warning instead of content whenever miner is blocked. New Currency: Now you can mine Webchain coins with CoinIMP.
  • Q4 2018. Token Sale Official Launching: IMP public beta and token sale pages release. Collecting Statistics: Beginning for data collection about websites in CoinIMP nettwork. Referral Program Promotion: CoinIMP users will have an extra way of earning IMP coins, a referral program that will reward them with a 5% commission for each purchase made by their referrals. WordPress Plugin: You can freely install our high quality JS miner plugin on your beloved Wordpress website.
  • 2019. Ad Platform Development: After finishing Token Sale we will start developing our IMP advertising features for CoinIMP. Search for Potential Partnership: expanding our ad platform with new adverstiers and publishers will be one of our priorities. Hosting provider integration: Activation of CoinIMP JavaScript miner and IMP ads with one click in our hosting services. Mobile App Development: Users will be able to track the performance of their sites, be in the know about the accumulated revenue, spot the accumulated hashes from the JS miner, follow the progress of advertisements deployed in the network and pay for their services and access other features, from their mobile devices. Ad Platform Improvements: Adding advertising models other than CPM.

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StartJanuary 1, 2019
EndDecember 31, 2020
98 days left
Soft cap$200 000
Hard cap$3 000 000
Minimum investment1 USD
Tokens for sale320000000
AcceptingBTC, ETH, XMR

Project announced they would fight any ASIC mining in their networks by continuously tweaking hashing algorithms to make ASIC production unprofitable.

Binary_Organism   August 10, 2020  

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