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CCUniverse: Three-Tiered Infrastructure Project

CCUniverse is a Polish crypto project that has set itself a goal of entering not one but three areas where cryptocurrencies, and their utility token named UVU, can be applied at a large scale. The team wants to create a unique three-edged network that is comprised of crypto ATMs, electric car rental service, and real estate development.

Needless to say that the CCUniverse network is built on the foundation of blockchain, the Waves one, to be precise. At this particular juncture of their development, the project is conducting a fundraising activity through the sale of the mentioned UVU tokens, which should be listed on the Stellarport DEX exchange right after the conclusion of the IEO that is due to happen in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Ecosystem details

CCUniverse plans to establish a network of crypto ATMs across four European countries, namely Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. Each such machine is designed like a land-based exchange, meaning that an individual can not only sell but also buy cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, UVU, and the ones from partnering projects) with fiat.

The idea behind the electric car rental service is simple: CCUniverse will purchase several Teslas and Audis, which project members can subsequently hire by paying in UVU or other cryptos.

The real estate component provides for the construction of conventional houses, geodesic domes, and modular homes using funds from keen investors, allocated in the form of UVU or other cryptocurrencies, with the estimated ROI of 45%.

Team members

Przemyslaw Kaminski. The founder and CEO. There is not a lot of information about this important team member, apart from that he has some experience in blockchain development and stock trading. CCUniverse is his first serious project.

Damian Iwanowicz. The Project Development Manager. A crypto enthusiast who is also an aspiring real estate broker. Apart from being involved with CCUniverse, Iwanowicz works at Home Broker SA.

Roadmap implementation

As of now, the project’s roadmap stretches only to the second quarter of 2020. By that time, CCUniverse plans to establish at least three infrastructure objects in three European countries, and expand the team by bringing in more inventors. The closest goal is to develop and install the first ATM machine by the end of the fourth quarter of 2019.

Social media presence

CCUniverse has a decent army of followers across all major social media platforms: Facebook - 2535, Twitter - 1481, and Telegram - 2154 members. To the project’s credit, they are creating the content almost on a daily basis, this concerns mostly Twitter, keeping the audience up to date with the ongoing developments.

IEO details

Right now, CCUniverse is carrying out the first round of the IEO, which will run until August 14. The price of 1UVU in this round is $0.07, but it will gradually rise to $.12 per token in the fourth round. The 25% token purchase bonus applies in this round.

The minimum investment limit is only $1. The project is aiming for the softcap of $5 million with the hardcap being established at $15 million. CCUniverse accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, Waves, USD, EUR, ZEC, BCH, TRY, DASH, and MONERO. All investors must pass KYC. Citizens of the US, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and China are barred from participating in the token sale.

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StartJuly 16, 2019
EndAugust 30, 2019

The idea that CCUniverse tries to sell us is not at all comprehensive and holistic. Please explain to me, what does the network of ATMs has to do with car rental and construction of geodesic domes? Where is the logic in that? I really think that CCUniverse should have limited their business model to crypto ATMs and don’t go around wasting their time, energy and funds, for that matter, on something that has nothing to do with blockchain. And even when it comes to ATMs, there is an abundance of startups that offer far better solutions.

Christopher   August 2, 2019  

This project has rolled out the concept to the public and launched the token sale much too early. The core idea is not bad, at least the part that concerns ATMs, but the overall presentation is sub-par. The whitepaper severely lacks technical specifications, competitor analysis, and so on. The team appears to be understaffed - CCUniverse needs more reputable advisors and blockchain experts.

Jessie   July 23, 2019  

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