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When blockchain technology initially emerged, it only served as the underlying technology for digital currencies. However, after a few years, and especially after the launch of Ethereum - we finally started unraveling its true potential.

Since then, blockchain's use cases have emerged in vast numbers, and this technology was found to have the potential to revolutionize nearly every industry in the world. It has been a few years since this discovery as well, and the development and evolution of this technology seems to be progressing at a rapid pace.

However, a lot of its use cases still remain mostly theoretical, and only a few industries have started accepting it and evolving with it. There are several reasons for this, including regulatory uncertainty, as well as the fact that blockchain is still considered to be in its early stages. The gaming industry is accepting it quite nicely, but it is also believed that blockchain could be extremely well accepted in the supply chain industry.

In fact, industries involving international trading and transaction-making — such as the maritime industry — could be completely transformed by accepting blockchain. This particular industry would see significant improvements, and would likely resolve a number of problems, which is why projects like BlueQbit are dedicating their efforts to improving it.

About BlueQbit

BlueQbit is a project that believes that it could strongly improve the Maritime industry, and that the industry is in dire need of revamping. More than 80% of the world's trading is done by sea, and most of it involves cross-border transactions. However, the problem lies in the way that records are being handled, with massive amounts of bureaucracy and paperwork being necessary.

Due to issues like the lack of transparency, human error, as well as unethical behavior, this industry suffers a lot, and BlueQbit believes that this could be changed for the better through the use of blockchain technology.

Blockchain provides immutability, improved security, greater transparency, as well as tractability. It offers a distributed ledger, filled with information that is globally distributed and accessible to anyone. Many middle-men could be cut out of the picture, which would significantly speed up the process, while the data itself would become more accurate and significantly more trustworthy.

The project already has a plan on how to change this industry in a positive way, and the only thing it lacked was its native cryptocurrency, which would fuel the platform. This is why BlueQbit has launched its token sale, which is currently coming to an end.

BlueQbit ICO details

As mentioned, BlueQbit's ICO is coming to a close, with only a little more than three days of its ICO remaining. The project has had its preICO period from January 1st to January 31st of this year, only to start its ICO afterward. The token sale will end on August 31st.

The token sale is offering a token called 24Car — a utility token developed on Ethereum's network. Its price during the ICO sits at 0.0001 ETH per coin, and the project seems only to be accepting Ethereum in return for the coin.

The project had set up a soft cap of 5 million EUR, and a hard cap of 50 million, although it is currently unknown how much it managed to raise up to this point. We also know that the project was registered in Estonia, and that it has no restricted areas. The only requirement for participation is for interested investors to go through a KYC procedure.

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Projects that aim to revolutionize international transactions and goods transports are many in number, and BlueQbit is likely going to face strong competition. Their vision is not bad at all, but it might be difficult for the project to stand out. It has quite a diverse team which seems pretty strong, although there is a noticeable lack of advisors.

le0naRd0   August 29, 2019  

Their roadmap also leaves much to be desired, as it seemingly ends with December 2019. That is unlikely to inspire investors to support the project and develop real trust in it, so it might be interesting to see how much their ICO will actually manage to raise. With the token sale being almost at the end, the answer should soon become apparent, if the project chooses to make this information public.

evileagle   August 12, 2019  

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