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As you may know, the cryptocurrency market has brought a solution to a lot of issues around the world. Problems like inflation, financial manipulation, bank account control, and massive fees that have plagued people for as long as anyone can remember.

Of course, another thing worth keeping in mind is that the crypto market is still considered to be quite young. Remember that it only exists for a little over a decade, which is not that long under the best of circumstances. However, the crypto market definitely did not get to grow and develop under the best circumstances.

For half of its lifetime, it remained mostly unknown. Also, most of those who did know about it did not see potential in it so early on, so only a handful of projects were developed during this period. Then, when people started learning about it more when its underlying tech became the focus of attention, things became advancing a bit more rapidly.

However, that has been a situation for only a few turbulent years. These were the years when the prices were going up and down when the authorities did a lot to discourage anyone looking to join the industry, and even to this day, regulations are still missing. With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that the crypto market is underdeveloped and difficult to find your way around in. However, one project hopes to change that, and its name is BitCollar.

About BitCollar

BitCollar is a project that wishes to create a platform that would simplify the crypto market. It aims to build an all-in-one crypto payment and investment platform that will accelerate the core development process, and produce a leading world-class product, which would allow millions of people to profit.

As mentioned, the crypto market has a lot of issues. There is still a huge lack of acceptance and usability of cryptocurrencies. The increased security is still quite underdeveloped, at least when compared to what it can be like. Transactions often take a long time to be completed, and even when they are processed — it is advised that you wait for a few more blocks to pile up and ensure that they won't be overruled.

Finally, investing itself is not as easy as someone who has experience in it may think, at least when it comes to newcomers that are exploring the industry right now, and searching for a way in. Simply put, the crypto market is disorganized and complex, in addition to representing a huge change in our way of thinking and operating.

As a result, even those willing to abandon the systems they have known all their lives, get discouraged from shifting to crypto due to pure complexity. BitCollar's platform can change all of that by simplifying things and allowing all of these different actions to be performed in a single place. All it needs now is its own token, which is about to start its ICO.

BitCollar ICO details

As mentioned, BitCollar's ICO is just about to start. The project is currently in its preICO stage, which started on October 25th, and it will end tomorrow, October 31st. After that, the ICO will start on October 7th, and it will last until November 7th of this year.

The token on sale is called BOR, and it is a utility token developed on Ethereum's platform. In other words, this is another ERC-20 token, which can be purchased in exchange for ETH coins. Each ETH coin can buy around 2,000 BOR tokens, while the price of 1 BOR sits at 0.000909 ETH.

The project did not set up a minimum investment amount, but it did set up a soft cap at 1,000 ETH, while the hard cap sits at 5,000 ETH. The project itself offers 300 million tokens in total, with 55% of this amount being available for sale.

The project is also registered in the British Virgin Islands, and it has two restricted areas — China and the US. Other than that, anyone can participate, provided that they go through a KYC procedure.

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Pre-Ico Start dateOctober 1, 2019

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Their vision is rather simple to understand — they wish to create and deliver a platform that would provide interested people with a gateway into a crypto space, which is a noble goal. Of course, investors should still explore the project further and do their own research before investing, but with the ICO being over a week away, there is more than enough time to do so.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   September 26, 2020  

BitCollar claims to have already raised almost 5 thousand ETH through ICO, which is a miraculous result, given its team and advisory board is comprised of people I have never heard of before - and I have been into crypto for more than a decade now. Although I must admit that the Asian crypto space is a bit of an enigma for me, so these people could well be the local blockchain celebrities. I will keep BitCollar on my radar in order to stay informed about its development.

Pint_of_Juice   September 2, 2020  

The project appears to be quite transparent, well-thought-out, and organized. It features a white paper, a functioning website, and a list of verified team members and all of this inspires trust in potential investors. In fact, this might be one of the rare ICOs that do not really have any red flags.

Crypto Pacifi$t   November 1, 2019  

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