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Cryptocurrencies have gone a long way in the past 10 years. After its launch, even Bitcoin itself had no value, no use cases, and it seemed like fake money that will never be anything other than that. However, its alternative approach to finances quickly started attracting attention, and as years went by, its price started to grow.

However, for a long while, Bitcoin also did not have much in terms of use cases. It was only useful for trading against other coins, or investing and HODLing. The same was true for pretty much every altcoin out there. But, as its popularity grew, merchants around the world slowly started accepting it as a method of payment. The introduction of Ethereum brought another use case for crypto, which had since evolved into multiple different categories.

These days, cryptocurrencies are still not as accepted and as useful as the crypto community would have liked them to be, but they are definitely on their way towards mass adoption. It might take another decade or more before it happens, but as things seem right now, it is becoming more and more likely that it will actually happen at some point.

With that in mind, there are numerous other tokens that aim to provide a similar use case as Bitcoin, and become useful for paying for goods and services. One example is Bigbullcoin, which is holding its token sale right now.

About Bigbullcoin

Bigbullcoin is a project that was based on Ethereum's platform. As such, it meets all modern standards, and it will be available on various cryptocurrency and stock exchanges, according to its developers. However, its real value will come from the fact that it is very easy to integrate into third-party services, particularly due to the new standard.

The project has started gaining popularity, and a number of the world's leading publications have taken an interest in it, as the project's team claims. It has received a high trust rating, and its developers plan to make the platform unique, thus securing that the token's value will see constant growth.

They also plan to ensure that the project's audience will keep growing as well, and to do that — they have announced a number of new products, which will increase trust and attract new users. At the same time, the demand for their token will grow as well, as the token will be used for powering these products. They also plan to offer an interest-free exchange, with hopes of attracting traders and investors alike.

Bigbullcoin ICO details

Bigbullcoin launched its ICO relatively recently, on July 15th of this year. The ICO is scheduled to end in about three days, on September 12th, 2019. The project has not revealed how much the ICO managed to raise so far, but we do know a few other details regarding the token sale and the token itself.

For example, the token's ticker is the BBC, and it has a total supply of 410,000,000 units. It is also known that it was based on Ethereum's network and that it will provide a platform, as well as the token. The token's price is $0.05 per 1 BBC, but the project did not announce its goals, so we do not know its soft cap or its hard cap.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much all that is known about this token, and anyone looking to invest in it should check out its white paper first, and determine for themselves whether or not this token has a future.

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StartSeptember 4, 2019
EndOctober 31, 2019

I would really like to get inside the heads of the people who invest in projects like Bigbullcoin to find out, what drives them when they decided to invest in such an obviously scammy project. That is, of course, assuming that someone did buy into the overly simplistic website and whitepaper, which are crammed with trivial phrases and empty promises. The funniest thing is that Bigbullcoin promises to provide the "full protection against scammers."

Mary T   October 27, 2019  

There is absolutely no information about the team members of BigBullCoin, which should flash a huge red flag for any investor. This fact alone raised my suspicion about this project being a scam. The whitepaper is very concise and vaguely written. There are only promises of great benefits, such as the constant growth in value and interest-free exchange between BBC and other cryptocurrencies, but no specifics regarding the ways to ensure them. I think that BigBullCoin "talks the talk but won't be able to walk the walk."

Scott1e   September 14, 2019  

A few things immediately stand out when it comes to this project, and that is the general lack of information. There is pretty much nothing that is known about the team, or even about the project itself. All that they continuously claim is that their token will be some kind of utility useful for making payments, but that is pretty much it.

j1mm1e   September 10, 2019  

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