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As the crypto market started seeing recovery, the ICO model did as well, and new token sales are now being announced all the time. This is a major difference from the situation as it was six months ago when the model was believed to be extinct due to the crypto winter that dominated 2018.

After the regulators' cracked down on ICOs around the world, countless reports of scams stealing millions upon millions of dollars, and weak projects that failed after the investments were already made, nobody could blame investors for becoming skeptical of ICOs. However, with rising prices, the attention is once again being directed at altcoins, and the model seems to be back from the dead.

With all that in mind, it is still incorrect to say that ICOs were ever completely gone. Even in 2018, which was the worst year to launch new coins in crypto history, there were still several token sales worthy of mention, with Aworker's ICO being one of them.

About Aworker

Aworker is a project that has developed a protocol that makes it easier to create and manage apps based on verified data and reputation score. In other words, people get to control their information in a single place and even capitalize it. As a crpyto/blockchain project, it has the power to customize this information for various different applications.

Aworker acts as a multi-chain verified data protocol that connects blockchain technology to the real world. Its goals include creating a unified standard of data storage and reputation and allowing people the opportunity to control their data and get a reward for selling information. Further, the project also aims to extend the development of blockchain, by solving applied tasks, such as hiring new employees, checking their information, and storing important data, such as official documents, on the blockchain.

The project uses data storage of public blockchains to keep information in accordance with the laws of multiple countries.

Aworker ICO details

As mentioned, Aworker's ICO has already been held, with its preICO stage lasting from February 15th, 2018, to March 8th, 2018. The ICO itself only lasted for several hours, starting and ending on October 1st last year. The token in question is called WORK and was designed to act as a utility token, with its ICO price being $0.0058.

The project itself is based in Estonia, while the coin was developed on Ethereum's platform, which makes it an ERC-20 token. The minimal investment was 0.1 ETH, as Ether was the only coin that could have been used for obtaining WORK.

The project set a hard cap of 24,700 ETH, and it managed to raise approximately $5 million in a single day. However, not everyone was able to participate, as Belize, Iraq, China, and the US were restricted areas. Anyone else was welcome to participate, provided that they have gone through Whitelisting and KYC procedure.

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StartOctober 1, 2018
EndOctober 1, 2018

The project itself held great potential, with a very capable and dedicated team, as well as a bunch of great advisors. They also have good social media channels, which was important for attracting attention. The project's MVP was a bit too simple web-based template, and there were a few details to take care of in terms of security.

Lizz   June 2, 2019  

Overall, the project is quite interesting, and while there were previous attempts to do a similar thing, not many of them delivered after ICO. It is important for the platform to be user-friendly, and this project delivers that, as well. The project also has a highly commercial framework, which could easily be widely used. Finally, the project aims to deliver a personal assistant (AI) by the end of the year, which is likely to add even more value to it.

Antony   May 30, 2019  

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