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Symbol BSV
Nature Token
Brief Bitcoin SV is a full-node implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and will maintain the vision of Bitcoin set out by Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper in 2008: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.
Last updated: Monday, April 22, 2019 11:58:10PM UTC
Current price, USD: $57.811
Current price, BTC: 0.0107606
Market capitalization, USD: $1 025 606 167
Available supply: 17 740 823 BSV
Volume 24 hours, USD: $106 421 505
Mineable No

Bitcoin SV general information

General BSV facts, technical details and general information about Bitcoin SV crypto currency

Bitcoin SV is a full-node implementation for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and will maintain the vision of Bitcoin set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper in 2008: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Reflecting its mission to fulfil the vision of Bitcoin, the project name represents the “Satoshi Vision” or SV.   Created at the request of leading BCH mining enterprise CoinGeek and other miners, Bitcoin SV is intended to provide a clear BCH implementation choice for miners and allow businesses to build applications and websites on it reliably.

Bitcoin SV restores the original vision to ignite the future of Bitcoin: Bitcoin Cash can replace every payment system in the world with a better user experience, a cheaper merchant cost, and a safer level of security. Businesses can trust the Bitcoin Cash brand to provide the stability and scale they need to commit investment and resources to use the BCH blockchain.

Historical data for Bitcoin SV

We list daily Bitcoin SV historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Apr 22 56.495 55.598 59.161 1 025 606 167
Apr 21 58.762 55.295 58.771 1 004 489 953
Apr 20 59.276 58.624 59.6 1 042 112 591
Apr 19 59.307 58.151 60.128 1 053 423 314
Apr 18 55.468 54.986 60.369 1 055 017 980
Apr 17 55.801 55.001 56.958 981 298 471
Apr 16 59.793 54.674 59.793 1 015 924 032
Apr 15 71.128 59.14 72.963 1 048 457 514
Apr 14 70.319 69.263 70.991 1 258 428 441
Apr 13 70.806 69.535 71.779 1 240 435 162

BSV/USD Exchange Rates

BSV to USD price chart — 7 days

BSV to USD price chart — 30 days

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) price change (24h)

BSV price change 24 hours 2.15%
BSV price change 7 days -2.05%
Bitcoin SV Price Prediction

And so it finally happened. Crypto-wide condemnation for the entire BCHSV community. Delisting across the board on all major exchanges. Finally. Good riddance Faketoshi. BCHSV kicked off the intensity of crypto winter and it does the entire community justice to see it finally pay the price for their recklessness.

Jorge   April 21, 2019  


BSV still exists, and I have no clue who could want to park their money in a known scam. Crypto isn’t just a small market, there’s billions of dollars going in and out and you don’t want to be left with any BSV in your portfolio. You may make some decent money off of trading its bottoms and various pumps, but its just dangerous to play with fire.

Jeremy   April 14, 2019  


BCH SV is still a force in the crypto world. So many people have hated this coin since it began, but most don't understand the point of it. It's meant to better uphold Satoshi's vision, which is why it's named this way. Other then that, BCH SV is going to overtake BCH in hash power once again, sending this coin above BCH in market cap (CMC).

Yannick   March 25, 2019  


BCHSV was a scam then and is a scam now. Craig Wright destroyed the community with his aggressive agenda and now we have to see BCHSV in the top 20 on CMC. I have no clue if people even hold onto this coin or if it's just still up here because it's tradeable on Binance still.

Greg   March 8, 2019  


It's a real shame that BCHSV is even still this high on the market rankings. Fake Satoshi created a nightmare scenario for the entire market which really left a gaping hole of uncertainty (FUD). After his major failure, the rest of the market is left to pick up the pieces and try to heal an already wounded market. This project needs to be a reminder to the rest of the community what one selfish developer is capable of.

Fritz   February 24, 2019  

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1 Bitcoin $5 399.365 1.73%
2 Ethereum $171.875 1.09%
3 XRP $0.324 0.65%
4 Bitcoin Cash $292.812 0.78%
5 EOS $5.254 0.39%
6 Litecoin $76.948 -0.07%
7 Binance Coin $23.910 -0.92%
8 Tether $1.006 -0.01%
9 Stellar $0.113 1.17%
10 Cardano $0.078 5.71%
11 TRON $0.025 0.54%
12 Monero $68.565 0.13%
13 Dash $122.717 1.0%
14 Bitcoin SV $57.811 2.15%
15 Tezos $1.349 1.56%

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