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Bitcoin SV (BSV) Reviews

BSV Reviews Crypto Shark June 29, 2021
One of the bitcoin forks - Bitcoin SV (BSV) - jumped 28% on Monday. The reason for this movement was the victory of Craig Wright in the case for the rights to the "white paper" of the first cryptocurrency. Wright calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, but does not provide any convincing
According to Wright, BSV is the real bitcoin. Bitcoin SV is the result of a hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain on November 15, 2018 and is maintained by the nChain development team led by Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright and CoinGeek owner Calvin Eyre. BSV is described by its creators as an attempt to return to the original Bitcoin protocol, which is viewed with skepticism by many in the community. The abbreviation SV stands for "Satoshi Vision", that is, "Satoshi's vision."

BSV Reviews Jorge May 23, 2020
And so it finally happened. Crypto-wide condemnation for the entire BCHSV community. Delisting across the board on all major exchanges. Finally. Good riddance Faketoshi. BCHSV kicked off the intensity of crypto winter and it does the entire community justice to see it finally pay the price for their recklessness.

BSV Reviews Bitcoin Fairy May 15, 2020
I am convinced that Bitcoin SV holds great potential in the short and long-term run. It is a young coin that comes as a fork of Bitcoin Cash. It was launched in October 2018 and since that time had a pretty
I regret not being able to stock up on BSV during its initial dip to the levels of $42, which occurred last November, though I still managed to make juicy profits after buying this crypto in January 2019 at around $53 and then flipping it in June when the price peaked at $215.

BSV Reviews RobertBarateon September 3, 2019
I still don’t understand how BSV is even on CMC. It got delisted from every major exchange and fell in price immediately be 50%. It’s shocking that people are still trading this outright scam coin by a crypto maniac. But that goes to show the immaturity of
It’s important to take note of these events to not fall for them in the future. BSV will eventually disappear into the depths of CMC, but it will take with it the money of many inexperienced and gullible traders.

BSV Reviews Jeremy April 14, 2019
BSV still exists, and I have no clue who could want to park their money in a known scam. Crypto isn’t just a small market, there’s billions of dollars going in and out and you don’t want to be left with any BSV in your portfolio. You may make some decent money off of trading its bottoms and various pumps, but its just dangerous to play with fire.

BSV Reviews Yannick March 25, 2019
BCH SV is still a force in the crypto world. So many people have hated this coin since it began, but most don't understand the point of it. It's meant to better uphold Satoshi's vision, which is why it's named this way. Other then that, BCH SV is going to overtake BCH in hash power once again, sending this coin above BCH in market cap (CMC).

BSV Reviews Greg March 8, 2019
BCHSV was a scam then and is a scam now. Craig Wright destroyed the community with his aggressive agenda and now we have to see BCHSV in the top 20 on CMC. I have no clue if people even hold onto this coin or if it's just still up here because it's tradeable on Binance still.

BSV Reviews Fritz February 24, 2019
It's a real shame that BCHSV is even still this high on the market rankings. Fake Satoshi created a nightmare scenario for the entire market which really left a gaping hole of uncertainty (FUD). After his major failure, the rest of the market is left to pick up the pieces and try to heal an
This project needs to be a reminder to the rest of the community what one selfish developer is capable of.

BSV Reviews George January 7, 2019
After a few days BSV is in the green zone but currently selling volume is increasing, how will the team respond to this? Many crypto enthusiasts are waiting for the next BSV program and are certainly hoping for good.

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