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Zcash (ZEC) Reviews

ZEC Reviews Jed June 2, 2020
ZEC lost its momentum after the market stopped caring about Anon coins. This was such a popular topic and then suddenly everyone didn’t care anymore. Could it be because everyone wants banks to join the party? Definitely. No one wants to invest in privacy coins because they aren’t going to get any love
The only people that are going to buy ZEC is someone on the black market that wants to buy something illegal. This will be on the only liquidity for ZEC, which is large, but not enough to create a bull market. Until there’s a clear reason why people should buy ZEC over BTC this coin is useless.

ZEC Reviews Mexican Ninja April 3, 2020
I have no doubt that in a few years, ZCash, and some other privacy coins, will remain the only haven for true
The global governments are already laying their greasy hands on many non-privacy crypto solutions while bashing privacy coins for being a means for money laundering and financing of terrorism, a statement that only a dumb-witted could believe in. They are simply afraid of not being able to control the flow of money through ZCash. But I will continue holding and using this coin, despite their mischievous intentions.

ZEC Reviews Marie April 19, 2019
ZEC and all the other anon currencies are beginning to lose their luster. Everyone is rooting for the big banks and corporations to adopt their currency. Before the trend of crypto and blockchain everyone wanted their coins to be anonymous because banks were the enemy. Now, everyone goes wild when a bank even mentions
It’s really the antithesis of what Satoshi had hoped for when he released the first ever BTC block. He embedded the headline about a bank bailout in the genesis block…. He would roll in his grave if he saw what was going on with his currency now. Everyone needs to take a few steps back and recognize that the banks are gaining the upper hand, and they’re using our greed to fool us once again.

ZEC Reviews Jim March 27, 2019
Zcash is about to undergo another big hard fork. It's called Overwinter and this is a big catalyst to net a comfortable profit on a coin that otherwise has been fairly lackluster. I think jumping into coins when they announce that they will either have a hard fork or big meet up is the perfect time
I expect to net atleast 10-20% between now and the upcoming date. It's always buy the rumor sell the news, and this is exactly what you should do too.

ZEC Reviews Marie March 9, 2019
There's other privacy coins that I trust moving funds around in more than ZEC. The reason is because ZEC allows public transactions and this will allow blokchain analysis groups to eventually track and trace my movements. zk-SNARKs is the best privacy tech around, but ZEC ruined it, especially ever since they teamed
Coinbase won't even allow users to send or receive OUR money on a z address. We can't even anonymously send our money and so what's even the point of ZEC?

ZEC Reviews Tomas February 25, 2019
ZEC is going to pull an XMR. It's already listed on Coinbase, Gemini, and other leading digital exchanges. It's a fork of BTC so its supply is super limited. On top of that it supports totally anonymous transactions. It's only a matter of when and not if it's going to blast
We are looking at the bottom of the market, but ZEC has a long way to go up.

ZEC Reviews Whiteeagle August 20, 2018
Last Friday, the developers of the ZCash-oriented crypto-currencies aimed at increased privacy presented the first compatible version of the software for Nod with the future upgrade of Sapling. Sapling involves holding a hard-core without creating new coins, which is expected to take place
The new solution is based on blind signatures and evidence with zero disclosure, which will allow users to hide the sender / receiver balances and transactions. The developers intend to test the solution in a test network ZCash, and then invite the community to implement softfilks for implementation in the main protocol.

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