Cryptocurrency Reviews & Comments

0x: 5
ABBC Coin: 5
Aeternity: 5
Aion: 5
Ardor: 5
Ark: 5
Augur: 5
Aurora: 5
Bancor: 5
Basic Attention Token: 7
Binance Coin: 7
BitShares: 5
Bitcoiin: 1
Bitcoin: 50
Bitcoin Cash: 22
Bitcoin Diamond: 5
Bitcoin Gold: 6
Bitcoin Private: 5
Bitcoin SV: 8
Buggyra Coin Zero: 5
Bytecoin: 5
Bytom: 5
Cardano: 6
Centrality: 5
Chainlink: 6 5 Chain: 6
Cryptonex: 5
Dai: 6
Dash: 9
Decentraland: 5
Decred: 6
Dent: 5
Dentacoin: 5
DigiByte: 5
Digitex Futures: 5
DigixDAO: 5
Dogecoin: 6
EOS: 10
Elastos: 5
Electroneum: 5
Endor Protocol: 5
Enjin Coin: 5
Ethereum: 18
Ethereum Classic: 6
Everus: 5
Factom: 6
GXChain: 4
GXChain: 5
Gemini Dollar: 5
Golem: 7
Holo: 5
Huobi Token: 5
HyperCash: 5
Insight Chain: 5
Komodo: 6
KuCoin Shares: 6
Kyber Network: 5
Linkey: 5
Lisk: 6
Litecoin: 10
Loom Network: 6
Loopring: 6
MaidSafeCoin: 5
Maker: 6
Maximine Coin: 5
Metaverse ETP : 5
Mixin: 5
MobileGo: 5
MonaCoin: 5
Monero: 7
NEM: 6
NEO: 7
Nano: 5
Nasdacoin: 4
Nexo: 5
OmiseGO: 6
Ontology: 6
Paxos Standard Token: 4
PayPie: 4
Polymath: 4
Populous: 4
Power Ledger: 4
Project Pai: 5
ProximaX: 4
Pundi X: 4
Qtum: 5
Quant: 4
Qubitica: 4
Ravencoin: 5
ReddCoin: 3
Revain: 4
Santiment Network Token: 4
Siacoin: 4
Stasis EURS: 4
Status: 5
Steem: 5
Stellar: 7
Storj: 4
Stratis: 4
Tether: 7
Tezos: 6
Theta Token: 5
ThoreCoin: 4
TomoChain: 4
True USD: 5
USD Coin: 5
VeChain: 3
VeChain: 6
Verge: 5
Veritaseum: 4
WAX: 5
Waltonchain : 5
Wanchain: 4
Waves: 7
XRP: 16
Zcash: 7
Zcoin: 5
Zilliqa: 5
aelf: 4
empowr coin: 4

Although Quant (QNT) doesn't put up any overwhelming gains, it is also capable of withstanding the blow once the cryptocurrency market decided to take a nosedive. The cross-blockchain Overledger solution provides for solid fundamentals, while the return on investment is also quite good and stands at 283%. Over the course of the last couple of months, QNT could have been traded comfortably between $7,20 and $4,80. One thing that I don't like about Quant, though, is its dedication to the Hotbit exchange, which takes up almost 80% of the entire trading volume of QNT.

R0b0t M1nd   April 1, 2020   QNT  

Populous (PPT) isn't a very good coin either for trading or mid-to-long-term holding. The fundamentals of PPT are quite weak - the same applies to the trading volume on a handful of exchanges where this coin is listed. For instance, the largest daily volume of the three largest PPT markets: Latoken, Binance, and Bithumb, doesn't collectively exceed $400 thousand, which is reflected in the coin's dull price action.

Timmy B   March 31, 2020   PPT  

Qbit has had a great bull run this year, pushing its way through from $4,65 to the highs of $68,45 in a matter of six months. Congrats to the people who had been far-sighted enough to stock up on Qbit at the end of 2018. They must have had a splendid summer holiday after making all those X's in July. However, it was very hard to spot and monitor this coin since it's actively traded only on one cryptocurrency exchange - Whitebit.

CryptoWeirdo   March 30, 2020   QBIT  

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why Electroneum is ranked so high on Coinmarketcap. The 104th position given to a coin that has totally unimpressive fundamentals and a market capitalization of $36 million. That looks undeserved to me - I would have put it at least 50 spots lower. I literally cannot say anything good about this crypto. It has a negative ROI; the price movement is uneventful; the trading volumes are low.

Cyborg Toe   March 29, 2020   ETN  

Although Polymath develops a product that could be of use to many blockchain-related businesses that intend to issue the securities tokens, the capabilities of this team are very limited, mainly because their overall market capitalization amounts to a mere $12 million. It's impossible to deliver a game-changing product while having such weak financial showings. This reflects on the overall position of POLY in global rankings. Right now, the coin is ranked 285th on CoinMarketCap, and will unlikely to ever go higher.

Hugo Cryptoss   March 28, 2020   POLY  

Considering an absolutely pathetic trading volume, which is a laughable $300, recorded in the last 24 hours, EVR is one of the best candidates for a pump-and-dump. Several hundred thousand dollars would be enough to pump this coin into the stratosphere. I wonder if Crex24, a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts more than half of all EVR trading volume, makes any measures to prevent such fraudulent schemes. I highly doubt that, for some reason...

Lily Rear   March 27, 2020   EVR  

The Liquid platform, which is a home for the Qash token is actually working and even had conducted several IEO's. It is also great that it operates in full compliance with regulations imposed by the FSA of Japan. Although the token itself is not that great of a performer since it has been in a steady decline throughout its existence, with the only exception of a brief period in 2018, when Quash reached the all-time high of $2,32. Now it's traded below $1 with little to no prospects of having some considerable gains.

Gavrilio   March 26, 2020   QASH  

If you are tired of trading top 10 cryptocurrencies and want to try something exotic that is also quite profitable, please pay some attention to Digitex Futures (DGTX), an altcoin that is traded mostly on the exchange called Mercatox. DGTX has been displaying really good price swings, substantiated by nice trading volumes. This is not the coin that will help to get rich overnight, but it surely can give you good profits if you choose the right strategy.

TribbleNibble   March 25, 2020   DGTX  

Centrality is making the moves right now rising in price dramatically and giving us, traders, hope for the start of another bull run or even an altseason. If you are registered on HitBTC, then you couldn't have missed a rally that CENNZ has been on throughout the month of October. Believe it or not, a trader in some Telegram channel had been shilling so heavily for this coin and he finally managed to convince me to buy approximately $500 worth of CENNZ, just for laughs. I can't thank him enough now as its price has risen by 866% in the last three months.

Ocean_Creature   March 24, 2020   CENNZ  

I guess we will see dozens of projects like Dentacoin in the future that make every effort to incorporate blockchain in the medical space, but to no avail. I don't know why medicine is so stubborn towards crypto. Maybe is because this industry is so rigorously regulated and deals with tons of sensitive information. But the example of DCN is as stark as it gets: the coin has had its moment of glory in January 2018, when it skyrocketed to an all-time high, and then just crashed and went flat for months.

Ricky Dalmat0   March 23, 2020   DCN  

I have a friend from Northern Cyprus, a state that hasn't been recognized by the international community, except for Turkey that ensures its economic and military support. This guy said that ABBC is super popular there because a) it was designed specifically to serve the needs of the MENA countries, b) Northern Cyprus finds it extremely hard to conduct foreign trade due to its political status. Therefore, people turn more and more to crypto, ABBC in particular.

MarCus Jung   March 22, 2020   ABBC  

It's literally amazing how a coin that has such a small scope of application still manages to put up a 30% return on investment. Buggyra Coin was designed as a payment solution specifically for different truck racing events, of which we know little. Nevertheless, BCZERO shows signs from life, and even some trading volume on a backwater DDEX crypto exchange. It's great that even such an insignificant project has some vitality.

Lenny   March 21, 2020   BCZERO  

After almost a month of consolidation, Tezos is finally on the move again, gaining 4% in a day. Sure, that's almost nothing compared to the craziness of 2018, when we saw 15+% trips to the upside in a matter of hours. However, we should get accustomed to the fact that the volatility of cryptocurrencies, including Tezos, should decrease over time. Obviously, that is good for holders but not so much so for speculators. Nevertheless, Tezos is a solid altcoin and I intend to hold it for a while, or until it reaches the $2 benchmark.

Klondike_Nugget   March 20, 2020   XTZ  

When it comes to altcoins from beyond the Top 100, I never trade on the basis of their fundamentals because they are irrelevant in that case. I just follow the price history, trading volume, and the current price action. ETP is not a bad coin in that regard as it combines a decent average trading volume of $5 million with nice price action that usually reflects the behavior of the entire market. This year, it peaked at around $2.2 but then dropped below $0.5, having followed the footsteps of other cryptocurrencies.

ChicoBoom   March 19, 2020   ETP  

As for me, the all-time ROI is the most important indicator of a coin's vitality. Take ARK, for example, it has been launched almost three years ago, over which period many tokens had crashed and burned. ARK, however, boasts a 528% all-time ROI, which is a good enough reason to have at least some of it in my portfolio. I have got myself a bunch of ARK during the latest dip when the price was only $0,15 per coin.

Technoeagle   March 18, 2020   ARK  

They say that the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies and the associated projects would be dead and gone in a matter of five to ten years. Apparently, ELF would be among the ranks of those deceased. The concept of cloud nodes, offered by Aelf is old and dusted while the price of the coin hasn't shown any signs of life since the summer. ELF is listed on numerous exchanges but its overall trading volume is very modest.

Crypto Trance   March 17, 2020   ELF  

I never trade a cryptocurrency that has more than 51% of its volume concentrated on a single exchange. That is why I chose to stay away from BNT, even though it has some nice idea behind it, and the team is competent and determined. But more than 54% of all BNT trading volume occurs on the exchange called IDCM, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that isn't particularly popular among European traders.

0Horizon   March 16, 2020   BNT  

Judging from the fact that Ardor is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around, having been listed on the exchanges way back in 2016, it is still quite unlively. Since that time, ARDR hasn't been displaying any significant gains, except for the period of December 2017 - January 2018, when virtually all cryptocurrencies had been booming. Following that, ARDR has been slumberous all along. Nevertheless, people are still trading it on Bilaxy, and in pretty good volumes, I must say.

HDNYork   March 15, 2020   ARDR  

On September 30, PayPie posted on their official Twitter that the launch of v.1.0 of the financial risk assessment platform will take place on the very same day. Now let's check the price action of PPP that is supposed to be correlated with this event. As it turns out, the value of PPP had actually dropped by more than 10% since that announcement and has recovered only a few days ago.

Sleep_Trade_Repeat   March 14, 2020   PPP  

I always hear people saying that you can't trade on the basis of different news that come from different sides of the crypto industry. Well, it's good that I never listen to other people's opinions, because otherwise, I wouldn't have been making the kind of money that I do now. Take Zilliqa, for instance: at the end of October, I came across the news about the upcoming technical update of the Zilliqa MainNet v. 5.1.0. Bought a bunch of ZIL in the first days of October, and now I am enjoying the 14% profit.

Humus Nick   March 13, 2020   ZIL  

Apparently, there are many people who kept their dumpster coins - that's how I call Kyber Network and the rest of backward altcoins which do nothing except for littering the crypto market - after the crypto bubble had burst in 2018. And I was genuinely surprised to see that KNC actually displays the trading volume the exceeds $5 million, and that it's being actively traded on such a respectable exchange as Binance. Not to mention the $2 million volume on OKEx. Some things are just beyond me.

Cranky Zorro   March 12, 2020   KNC  

With such a pathetic trading volume that Maximine Coin has: only $861 as of the time of writing, it is no wonder that this coin is subject to numerous price manipulations and pumps and dumps that happened at least five times this year, and three times over the last three months. So, if you are slightly on the adventurous side and would like to participate in one of such "rides", then MXM could be a good choice. But I am a responsible trader who would never get near Maximine Coin and the likes.

Lars0   March 11, 2020   MXM  

Bitcoin Private is a shining example of how a good fundamental idea can get spoiled by the sub-par execution. In theory, BTCP could have been the real improved version of Bitcoin with its zk-SNARKS, bigger block size, and swifter block formation. However, like with a plethora of other cryptocurrency projects, a good concept doesn't always translate into commercial success. In the case of BTCP, it actually means failure as the coin has nothing to show for with $2000 of daily trading volume.

Miner Brad   March 10, 2020   BTCP  

All my friends know that I am a huge fan of in-game cryptocurrencies because of my pro-gamer past. I won't go at length here about the inevitability of mass adoption of crypto in the gaming world, but that is certainly an industry that is the most hospitable towards crypto. It saddens me to see the in-game coin such as MobileGo perform so poorly. In 2019, it had lost almost 100% of its value and, apparently, will lose even more in the coming weeks.

Orlando   March 9, 2020   MGO  

Ark is down by 7% in the last 7 days and looks like it is going to sink even lower in the next few days. However, it won't be a serious dip to the yearly lows or something. Just the continuation of the lingering consolidation that started in mid-July. I have been holding Ark for two months now with the intention to sell the entire batch once the price reaches $2.3.

Bronson   March 8, 2020   ARK  

I remember that there were many talks about AOIN back in 2017-2018 because of its interesting Open Application Network. But then the interest has died down, in no small way due to the crypto winter. I used to trade that coin back in a day but not anymore, because it has basically fallen into oblivion. Some people are still trading AOIN on such exchanges as Bilaxy and BCEX, but there is hardly any life left in this cryptocurrency.

Celine   March 7, 2020   AION  

I have several favorite altcoins, and Bytom is definitely one of them, not because of its fundamental value, which is also quite impressive, actually, but because of the price action that the coin boasts. The fact that it's being traded mostly on one cryptocurrency exchange - - speaks against Bytom, but other than that, the coin is super. For example, last month, this crypto has made an impressive uphill hike from $0.53 to $0.165 in just three days.

TomNoise   March 6, 2020   BTM  

This year's chart of Endor Protocol kinda reminds me of a snow-covered slope from which the value of this coin has been sliding down for months and months in a row. I am not really sure why people are still holding EDR because it shows no signs of recovery after the bear market, and it didn't follow the rest of the market during this year's bull run.

MiniLion   March 5, 2020   EDR  

Top 10 upcoming ICOs

Rating Days, left
SerenitySource 5 28
Pawtocol 4.9 0
IdeaFex 4.9 76
AssetStream 4.9 242
Ledder 4.9 273
Pbet 4.8 59
UCBI Banking 4.8 59
DIPChain 4.8 59
Tixl 4.8 89
BitWings 4.8 181


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10 FXOpen information


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 6 608.470 4.07% -0.96%
Ethereum 136.590 2.67% 0.03%
XRP 0.175 0.89% 8.74%
Tether 1.000 0.03% 0.07%
Bitcoin Cash 224.760 3.24% 0.92%
Bitcoin SV 167.180 2.14% -3.16%
Litecoin 39.610 1.82% 0.81%
EOS 2.280 2.80% -1.22%
Binance Coin 12.700 1.64% 2.90%
Tezos 1.630 2.55% -5.58%


Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

Volume 24h, USD Change 24h
Thodex 0 0.00%
Binance 4 486 713 704 36.17%
VinDAX 5 349 377 389 539.20%
TAGZ Exchange 3 485 560 734 11.50%
TAGZ 3 376 359 981 0.07%
MXC 2 922 807 683 15.74%
LBank 2 894 745 931 109.64%
BitForex 2 840 581 554 15.82%
Bilaxy 2 575 988 977 1.75%
BitMEX 2 465 496 116 50.17%