Cryptocurrency Reviews & Comments

0x: 5
ABBC Coin: 5
Aeternity: 5
Aion: 5
Ardor: 5
Ark: 5
Augur: 5
Aurora: 5
Bancor: 5
Basic Attention Token: 7
Binance Coin: 7
BitShares: 5
Bitcoiin: 1
Bitcoin: 50
Bitcoin Cash: 22
Bitcoin Diamond: 5
Bitcoin Gold: 6
Bitcoin Private: 5
Bitcoin SV: 8
Buggyra Coin Zero: 5
Bytecoin: 5
Bytom: 5
Cardano: 6
Centrality: 5
Chainlink: 6 5 Chain: 6
Cryptonex: 5
Dai: 6
Dash: 9
Decentraland: 5
Decred: 6
Dent: 5
Dentacoin: 5
DigiByte: 5
Digitex Futures: 5
DigixDAO: 5
Dogecoin: 6
EOS: 10
Elastos: 5
Electroneum: 5
Endor Protocol: 5
Enjin Coin: 5
Ethereum: 18
Ethereum Classic: 6
Everus: 5
Factom: 6
GXChain: 4
GXChain: 5
Gemini Dollar: 5
Golem: 7
Holo: 5
Huobi Token: 5
HyperCash: 5
Insight Chain: 5
Komodo: 6
KuCoin Shares: 6
Kyber Network: 5
Linkey: 5
Lisk: 6
Litecoin: 10
Loom Network: 6
Loopring: 6
MaidSafeCoin: 5
Maker: 6
Maximine Coin: 5
Metaverse ETP : 5
Mixin: 5
MobileGo: 5
MonaCoin: 5
Monero: 7
NEM: 6
NEO: 7
Nano: 5
Nasdacoin: 4
Nexo: 5
OmiseGO: 6
Ontology: 6
Paxos Standard Token: 4
PayPie: 4
Polymath: 4
Populous: 4
Power Ledger: 4
Project Pai: 5
ProximaX: 4
Pundi X: 4
Qtum: 5
Quant: 4
Qubitica: 4
Ravencoin: 5
ReddCoin: 3
Revain: 4
Santiment Network Token: 4
Siacoin: 4
Stasis EURS: 4
Status: 5
Steem: 5
Stellar: 7
Storj: 4
Stratis: 4
Tether: 7
Tezos: 6
Theta Token: 5
ThoreCoin: 4
TomoChain: 4
True USD: 5
USD Coin: 5
VeChain: 3
VeChain: 6
Verge: 5
Veritaseum: 4
WAX: 5
Waltonchain : 5
Wanchain: 4
Waves: 7
XRP: 16
Zcash: 7
Zcoin: 5
Zilliqa: 5
aelf: 4
empowr coin: 4

Bitshares is your typical altcoin that has no chances of reaching (or surpassing) it's all-time high ever again. Although BTS followed the suite of the whole crypto market this year by going on what turned out to be a parodical bull run, it then has dipped even below its starting positions. I have to admit that I placed my trust in this coin, but it failed me miserably. That's why I am only holding BTC now.

Yasmin   January 21, 2020   BTS  

The next couple of weeks will show whether Loopring would find the support at $0.02 or would it keep on sliding down below that level. The first week of the year is generally positive for the coin as it has even shown slight gains, which amounted to 2.5%. But that is definitely not the reason to begin stocking up on LOOM just yet. If my calculations are right, the price will consolidate for quite a while.

Zealander   January 20, 2020   LRC  

I was never a fan of altcoins, but for some reason, I am attracted to EDRC, possibly because it has proven to have the occasional huge spikes in price which, of course, must be converted to sizable profits. Too bad that I have discovered this cryptocurrency only a few days ago, otherwise, I could have made thousands of dollars by now. Although I am certain that EDRCoin will have many similarly strong impulses in the future, so I have made it a part of my portfolio.

NoriRoller   January 19, 2020   EDR  

INB has been pumped enormously in mid-December, which, as I suspect, has some funny smell to it. But then I checked the market cap and the trading volume of Insight Chain ($189 thousand and a laughable $179, respectively) and everything became clear. Also, this coin is traded only on Livecoin exchange, which makes it a perfect candidate for price manipulation.

Anime_Junkie   January 18, 2020   INB  

I am feeling so relieved for not having listened to my buddy who tried to convince me at the beginning of the year to add Aurora to my crypto portfolio. It would have been an utter disaster if I'd listened to him. Just check out the performance stats of AOA over the course of the last eleven months: - 71.44% since January and -38.26% in the last four weeks. A troublesome coin, that is for sure!

Ravenous D   January 17, 2020   AOA  

Komodo is up 10% in the last 24 hours, and I think that it has already used the momentum to the full extent; which means that if you don't hurry up and sell at least 30% of your current KMD holdings now, you risk missing the opportunity of getting the maximum profit. Nearly all technical indicators show that the coin will enter the correction phase soon, so don't be reluctant.

Christmas_moose   January 17, 2020   KMD  

Loom Network is the coin that has virtually nothing to show for. It has been in a steady downtrend for over six months, and had a negative year in general. Although I am not an altcoin holder, I understand that there are plenty of altcoins that could provide massive gains, but LOOM is definitely not the case. I am sure that it would never reach the Top 100.

Coin Dealer   January 16, 2020   LOOM  

The only thing I blame myself for, with regard to Kyber Network, is not buying more when its price took a significant dip to $0.13 in the last days of November. My friend kept telling me about this coin that it should have pumped soon, which it did, but I was overly cautious and only $50 worth of KNC. In just 10 days, Kyber Network had pumped to $0.25, so I closed my position at a 100% profit.

Elisa   January 15, 2020   KNC  

There has been a boom in the trading volume of ICX during the first days of the months, after which the price began moving slowly down the slope. Although it has good fundamentals, which has a lot to do with the blockchain community in South Korea, its price action is far from being impressive. ICON is in a clear downtrend that has been persisting for weeks.

Jacmert   January 14, 2020   ICX  

The previous year wasn't particularly positive for Lisk as it finished the year in the red with -58.12% value decrease over twelve months. But it looks like the coin has started the year 2020 more confidently, though not impressively. The 2.34% gains in the last 24 hours is not something to boast about, but it could signify the inception of a trend reversal.

Wonderbread   January 13, 2020   LSK  

This week should be crucial for MOAC as it has just broken the support at $0.224 but quickly bounced back. My guess is that the coin would stay within the downtrend for quite a while, though it should bottom out at $0.21. That is the buying zone that I would be looking forward to, but then again, everything will depend on MOAC's price behavior in the next five or so days.

Rational_Gambler   January 12, 2020   MOAC  

I used to hang out doing some blogging on Steamit, the blockchain-based social media platform that pays content publishers in Steem and Steem-backed Dollars, and even made some good money when the price of STEEM had hit $14. But now the platform is living through the "dark age" as a significant part of its user base had left it once the bear market took a full swing.

Mysterious8   January 11, 2020   STEEM  

NEXO is a sound altcoin both fundamentally and in terms of price action. The coin has been moving up and down by 15% or more over the last three months, which gave me an opportunity to engage in a rather profitable swing trading. Right now, NEXO should go into a correction mode after having broken the resistance at $0.112. I reckon that's the top for now, so I sold all my NEXO holding and will wait for a correction.

Foggy_Hedgehog   January 10, 2020   NEXO  

I really enjoyed trading Digitex Futures during the period of the last six months as it has broken through the ceiling of $0.055 on three occasions, allowing me to take substantial profits. Although I have been too greedy during another bull run, which happened in May when the price of DGTX went all the way to $0.14. I thought that it would go even higher - a textbook trading mistake - and missed the moment when DGTX dropped down to $0.02.

Calvin   January 9, 2020   DGTX  

DigixDAO is not a bad cryptocurrency by all parameters. The fact that it had 47.5% of winning days speaks volumes about the strength of this coin. It wasn't amazingly profitable this year; in fact, it has showcased a small but negative 12-month ROI of -8.97%, which is fine, considering that it also had the volatility of 128.87% that is great for trading. Even though I am not fond of gold-backed tokens, I find DGX to be suitable for occasional trading.

Tom Kokesh   January 8, 2020   DGD  

KuCoin Share is an exchange coin that can pose a strong competition to Binance Coin in terms of usability, popularity, and positive price action. Last year has been great for KCS as it had put up nearly 65% gains, a marvelous feat for its holders and traders on the KuCoin exchange. Moreover, KCS has been in the green for the duration of the last month, and it is up by 10% in the last seven days. What can you say, it's a great time to own KuCoin Shares!

Ignasio   January 7, 2020   KCS  

Does anyone know what happened to Linkey? A couple of weeks ago, its market capitalization had crashed by almost 30%, while the trading volume was reduced to zero. Now, only one crypto exchange - BCEX - features this coin, though no one is currently trading it. Did the team get in trouble with the law? Or maybe a major investor left the project? I can't find any concrete information.

Daniel Quant   January 6, 2020   LKY  

I see a lot of people on Twitter getting excited about the 10% gain that MAID achieved over the last week. I don't get what's that fuss all about - guys have clearly forgotten how the coin had taken an enormous dive from being over $0.108 all the way below $0.07 in just one freaking day. Now it does nothing but trying to recover from that disaster. Good traders can't have such a short memory.

LaurenN   January 5, 2020   MAID  

Apart from Dogecoin, MonaCoin is definitely the best meme-based cryptocurrency out there. Too bad, though, that this coin isn't listed on big crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, but I trade it sometimes through such tools as Coinigy or 3Commas, which provide simultaneous access to several platforms. I am positive that MONA is nearing the trend reversal; therefore, I am monitoring it very closely in order to grab the perfect buying opportunity.

DeShaun   January 4, 2020   MONA  

MaxiMine Coin can undoubtedly be placed in the category of deceased cryptocurrencies since it has done nothing but devaluating for more than twelve months. To make matters worse, MXM lost more than 50% of its value in just thirty days! If that's not a shining example of a failed cryptocurrency, then I don't know how badly one must perform. I should feel sorry for people who held that coin, but I don't because it's the crypto world, baby, and it is brutal.

Save_Australia   January 4, 2020   MXM  

Two days ago, I got a bit more than 1000 PAI from my friend who got frustrated after holding this obviously weak coin for several months. It has been kind of a charitable move on his part, though that's what should serve as a lesson for him for not investing wisely. In any case, it just so happens that PAI had a slight uptick - 3% or something, not much. But I was quick enough to dump all those coins for a little profit.

Franz   January 3, 2020   PAI  

All my friends know that I am a huge fan of in-game cryptocurrencies because of my pro-gamer past. I won't go at length here about the inevitability of mass adoption of crypto in the gaming world, but that is certainly an industry that is the most hospitable towards crypto. It saddens me to see the in-game coin such as MobileGo perform so poorly. In 2019, it had lost almost 100% of its value and, apparently, will lose even more in the coming weeks.

Orlando   January 3, 2020   MGO  

Huobi Token had a good run this year - 155% boost since January. This performance gladdens me because I am a trader who is loyal to that crypto exchange. HT wasn't doing that great lately, as it can't seem to get out of the correction, but I am sure it will continue the nice run to the upside in the next year. I hope to see no less than 50% gains in the first quarter.

Wanderluster   January 2, 2020   HT  

HyperCash started the year really good, showcasing the 30% gains in the first six months, but then it just came crashing down, having recorded the maximum drawdown of - 83.88%. The funny thing is that the last massive spike in trading volume didn't result in some significant price shift as the price had dropped only a little. The spike happened around December 16, but in the period from December 20 to 24, the volume was very low, yet showed a couple of good impulses, which is weird.

Toby Insomniac   January 1, 2020   HC  

Nearly all technical indicators that I use for the trading show that it is a good time to add Electroneum to the portfolio. The coin is about to exit the prolonged period of correction, which signifies the possible trend reversal. ETN was particularly impressive in 2019, as it finishes the year lower than it's start-of-the-year price by 54%. But it doesn't matter to me, because I am only thinking about buying this coin, so for me, it is only a matter of when it would reach the final dip.

Bald_Hairdresser   December 31, 2019   ETN  

IOST is sticking to the support at $0.005 and it remains unclear where it would go next. The majority of technical indicators are insisting that I should sell this coin right away. However, I am still hesitant because the indicators aren't always reliable with regard to the crypto market. Besides, I hope that the approaching Bitcoin halving, and all the hype that surrounds this event, would drag the price of IOST higher.

Canadian_Pat   December 30, 2019   IOST  

I saw that EVR was among the biggest gainers in the last 24 hours as its price went up by a staggering 33%. I am so jealous of people who could foresee such moves and make profits off them. Unfortunately, I am not that good of a crypto analytic yet, because I have been in this business for only two months. But I can clearly see that although a lot of people are bashing altcoins, they do present a lot of earning opportunities.

Sam Kircher   December 29, 2019   EVR  

Holo is still in the downtrend after it reached the yearly peak of $0.0025 in the last days of May. Personally, I have never owned this coin, and I am not a big fan of altcoins, except for Litecoin, BNB, and LINK, but few of my fellow traders do, and I hear them discussing the best time to sell HOT. It gained 5% over the last 24 hours, but it must be only a short-term gain.

Lolastic   December 28, 2019   HOT  

Top 10 upcoming ICOs

Rating Days, left
Ledder 4.9 344
Cinemadrom 4.6 99
Yachtco 4.5 13
Housinet 4.5 61
GOVEARN 4.4 344
Care Token 4.3 9
BrandProtect 4.3 130
PointPay 4.3 547
WINBIX 4.2 250
EzyStayz 4.1 67


Top 10 Crypto Brokers

Rank Status Broker
1 FXTM information
2 HYCM information
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4 HotForex information
5 XM information
6 OctaFX information
7 easyMarkets information
8 LH Crypto information
9 USGFX information
10 information


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 8 660.018 0.2% 0.15%
Ethereum 168.790 2.0% 8.03%
XRP 0.237 2.69% 4.36%
Bitcoin Cash 342.946 1.33% 10.83%
Bitcoin SV 315.863 5.89% 19.17%
Tether 1.001 0.1% -0.33%
Litecoin 57.663 0.24% 3.21%
EOS 3.644 1.01% 4.71%
Binance Coin 17.730 3.18% 10.77%
Stellar 0.062 -1.26% 23.82%


Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

Volume 24h, USD Change 24h
Binance 869 400 051 -18.36%
TAGZ Exchange 3 485 560 734 11.50%
TAGZ 3 422 098 610 7.71%
Fatbtc 2 304 842 458 -2.12%
Coinsbit 1 817 631 227 -14.01%
Hotbit 1 720 680 729 -3.72%
Bilaxy 1 686 255 983 -1.39%
Folgory 1 654 288 636 4.32%
Biki 1 647 489 665 -3.28%
BKEX 1 621 335 036 -23.95%