Cryptocurrency Reviews

0x: 5
ABBC Coin: 3
Aeternity: 4
Aion: 3
Ardor: 3
Ark: 3
Augur: 5
Aurora: 4
Bancor: 2
Basic Attention Token: 7
Binance Coin: 7
BitShares: 4
Bitcoiin: 1
Bitcoin: 50
Bitcoin Cash: 22
Bitcoin Diamond: 5
Bitcoin Gold: 6
Bitcoin Private: 3
Bitcoin SV: 8
Buggyra Coin Zero: 3
Bytecoin: 3
Bytom: 3
Cardano: 6
Centrality: 2
Chainlink: 6 4 Chain: 6
Cryptonex: 4
Dai: 6
Dash: 9
Decentraland: 4
Decred: 6
Dent: 2
Dentacoin: 3
DigiByte: 4
Digitex Futures: 3
DigixDAO: 2
Dogecoin: 6
EOS: 10
Elastos: 3
Electroneum: 3
Endor Protocol: 2
Enjin Coin: 4
Ethereum: 18
Ethereum Classic: 6
Everus: 4
Factom: 5
GXChain: 3
GXChain: 4
Gemini Dollar: 4
Golem: 6
Holo: 4
Huobi Token: 4
HyperCash: 4
Insight Chain: 4
Komodo: 5
KuCoin Shares: 5
Kyber Network: 3
Linkey: 3
Lisk: 5
Litecoin: 10
Loom Network: 5
Loopring: 5
MaidSafeCoin: 4
Maker: 6
Maximine Coin: 3
Metaverse ETP : 3
Mixin: 5
MobileGo: 2
MonaCoin: 2
Monero: 7
NEM: 6
NEO: 7
Nano: 5
Nasdacoin: 2
Nexo: 3
OmiseGO: 6
Ontology: 6
Paxos Standard Token: 4
PayPie: 2
Polymath: 2
Populous: 4
Power Ledger: 3
Project Pai: 3
ProximaX: 2
Pundi X: 4
Qtum: 5
Quant: 3
Qubitica: 3
Ravencoin: 5
ReddCoin: 2
Revain: 3
Santiment Network Token: 2
Siacoin: 3
Stasis EURS: 2
Status: 5
Steem: 4
Stellar: 7
Storj: 2
Stratis: 4
Tether: 7
Tezos: 6
Theta Token: 5
ThoreCoin: 4
TomoChain: 3
True USD: 5
USD Coin: 5
VeChain: 2
VeChain: 6
Verge: 5
Veritaseum: 3
WAX: 5
Waltonchain : 5
Wanchain: 3
Waves: 7
XRP: 16
Zcash: 7
Zcoin: 5
Zilliqa: 4
aelf: 3
empowr coin: 2

Waltonchain is definitely a coin that has failed to prove its worthiness, although it has really interesting fundamentals that involve blockchain, integration of RFID chips with their further incorporation with the Internet of Things. Apparently, this team has failed to deliver on their promises as WTC has been doing nothing but decreasing in value for the last two years, leaving all investors with holes in their pockets.

WTC   Bart Davison   November 12, 2019  

After almost a month of consolidation, Tezos is finally on the move again, gaining 4% in a day. Sure, that's almost nothing compared to the craziness of 2018, when we saw 15+% trips to the upside in a matter of hours. However, we should get accustomed to the fact that the volatility of cryptocurrencies, including Tezos, should decrease over time. Obviously, that is good for holders but not so much so for speculators. Nevertheless, Tezos is a solid altcoin and I intend to hold it for a while, or until it reaches the $2 benchmark.

XTZ   Klondike_Nugget   November 12, 2019  

I have no doubt that in a few years, ZCash, and some other privacy coins, will remain the only haven for true cryptopunks like me. The global governments are already laying their greasy hands on many non-privacy crypto solutions while bashing privacy coins for being a means for money laundering and financing of terrorism, a statement that only a dumb-witted could believe in. They are simply afraid of not being able to control the flow of money through ZCash. But I will continue holding and using this coin, despite their mischievous intentions.

ZEC   Mexican Ninja   November 11, 2019  

In spite of having such immensely powerful competitors in the face of Twitch and YouTube, THETA is doing quite well, proven by its 69th position on Coinmarketcap. Although it was designed to heed the needs of gamers and streamers, the coin displays a satisfactory price action on Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange where I do my trading. Right now, it is moving below the resistance of $0,1 but I am sure that THETA will hit $0,12 by Christmas.

THETA   Armored Sandwich   November 11, 2019  

Zcoin is not among the best-performing altcoins of 2019, especially for those who have been holding it since the beginning of the year as it has provided nothing but the negative gains of -10%. I have been extremely lucky, or farsighted, to sell all of my holdings in XZC in August, when the price of Zcoin was around $10, the hours after the crypto market began to crash. If I hadn't done that, I would have reduced the value of my crypto portfolio significantly.

XZC   Iron Syrup   November 10, 2019  

Congrats to those who bought ThoreCoin at the beginning of the year, when it was worth less than a dollar. The 7762% profit is not a bad deal, considering that you were patient enough to wait for eight months to cash out. I will laugh in the face of those who will try to convince me that this miraculous price spike happened due to the natural demand for ThoreCoin and not some shady schemes.

THR   peter_pie   November 10, 2019  

I am following TomoChain on Twitter so I can confirm that this team is taking steps towards developing their decentralized exchange (TomoDEX), as well as several other initiatives. However, the problem with this coin is that the new developments with the ecosystem are hardly reflected in the price of TOMO that has been laying flat at the level of $0,4 since August.

TOMO   Fat Dutch   November 9, 2019  

XVG is an amazing coin that has nice fundamentals (it is a privacy cryptocurrency that is integrated with the Tor network) and it has brought amazing returns for early investors. Although those investors must have had hero-like patience since the price of Verge had been totally flat for three years before shooting to the moon in January of 2018. It has definitely made someone stupendously rich and me - extremely jealous.

XVG   Mr. Skinny Legs   November 8, 2019  

I hope that all you, the holders of the VERI coin, have managed to convert all of your funds in this coin to Bitcoin, USDT, or some other cryptocurrency, and withdraw them from those several exchanges, on which Veritaseum is listed, in a timely fashion. According to the news, the SEC is pressing charges against the founder of two companies behind VERI so its price could drop significantly over the course of the next couple of weeks.

VERI   TheSmartest   November 7, 2019  

I have noticed that many exotic, if not to say shady, coins are listed on Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. I am not sure whether that is a coincidence or a deliberate policy on the part of those platforms, but that's the thing that I've been noticing for many months. WAXP is largely present on one Korean exchange Upbit, where it has a miserable trading volume of $280,000 a day, against Korean won.

WAX   Dr.Omnomnom   November 6, 2019  

In short, Statis Euro is yet another stablecoin that is supposed to be backed by the corresponding fiat currency. I am not sure whether the company has provided the actual proof of liquidity to back EURS, but let's not dwell on that. In my opinion, EURS, and the similar low-ranked stablecoins, will not survive the competition with USDT, USDC, and other well-established cryptocurrencies. Not to mention that we have Libra on the horizon, which might render all other stablecoins obsolete.

EURS   Yngwie   November 5, 2019  

It's literally amazing how a coin that has such a small scope of application still manages to put up a 30% return on investment. Buggyra Coin was designed as a payment solution specifically for different truck racing events, of which we know little. Nevertheless, BCZERO shows signs from life, and even some trading volume on a backwater DDEX crypto exchange. It's great that even such an insignificant project has some vitality.

I have a friend from Northern Cyprus, a state that hasn't been recognized by the international community, except for Turkey that ensures its economic and military support. This guy said that ABBC is super popular there because a) it was designed specifically to serve the needs of the MENA countries, b) Northern Cyprus finds it extremely hard to conduct foreign trade due to its political status. Therefore, people turn more and more to crypto, ABBC in particular.

ABBC   MarCus Jung   November 5, 2019  

Digitex Futures is a perfect example of an exotic coin that's being traded only on two cryptocurrency exchanges, though with quite a respectable volume. For instance, today's DGTX trading volume on Mercatox, one of the exchanges, amounted to $809 thousand, which is impressive for a coin that has a market capitalization of slightly more than $30 million. As you can probably guess, this is a perfect prerequisite for pump-and-dump, which DGTX has experienced at least twice over the last year.

DGTX   Krusty Sam   November 4, 2019  

I guess we will see dozens of projects like Dentacoin in the future that make every effort to incorporate blockchain in the medical space, but to no avail. I don't know why medicine is so stubborn towards crypto. Maybe is because this industry is so rigorously regulated and deals with tons of sensitive information. But the example of DCN is as stark as it gets: the coin has had its moment of glory in January 2018, when it skyrocketed to an all-time high, and then just crashed and went flat for months.

DCN   Ricky Dalmat0   November 4, 2019  

The GXChain mainnet has been up for almost three years but this project appears to be stalling. I have checked their social media profiles and it turns out that they contain mostly reposts for different crypto news outlets and not much information about the actual developments made by the team. GXC is still traded mostly on one exchange - Bithumb Global, though it displays more than decent daily trading volumes of around $12 million.

GXS   Keke DiaZzz   November 3, 2019  

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why Electroneum is ranked so high on Coinmarketcap. The 104th position given to a coin that has totally unimpressive fundamentals and a market capitalization of $36 million. That looks undeserved to me - I would have put it at least 50 spots lower. I literally cannot say anything good about this crypto. It has a negative ROI; the price movement is uneventful; the trading volumes are low.

ETN   Cyborg Toe   November 3, 2019  

It is possible to tell that Project Pai has no prospects whatsoever just by looking at its price chart in comparison to the market capitalization showings. In the period from January till September, the market cap of PAI had increased significantly - though it had some ups and downs - while the price of the coin remained flat. If there is no correlation between the market cap and the price action, then there is something wrong with the coin. This is a very simplistic explanation, but it should be enough to raise concerns.

PAI   Jan Mysterio   November 2, 2019  

Although Polymath develops a product that could be of use to many blockchain-related businesses that intend to issue the securities tokens, the capabilities of this team are very limited, mainly because their overall market capitalization amounts to a mere $12 million. It's impossible to deliver a game-changing product while having such weak financial showings. This reflects on the overall position of POLY in global rankings. Right now, the coin is ranked 285th on CoinMarketCap, and will unlikely to ever go higher.

POLY   Hugo Cryptoss   November 2, 2019  

ProximaX (XPX) is a rare breed of altcoins that looks relatively healthy and lively, even though they are lying at the bottom of the global cryptocurrency ranks. If you look at its price action, XPX has been moving steadily in the range of $0,006 - $0,003, before going south in the fall, along with the entire cryptocurrency market. Certainly, this is a very exotic coin that should be approached with great caution, but it could be suitable for some small-time swing trading, if you are registered on MXC or Bilaxy, of course.

XPX   Yur111   November 1, 2019  

Considering an absolutely pathetic trading volume, which is a laughable $300, recorded in the last 24 hours, EVR is one of the best candidates for a pump-and-dump. Several hundred thousand dollars would be enough to pump this coin into the stratosphere. I wonder if Crex24, a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts more than half of all EVR trading volume, makes any measures to prevent such fraudulent schemes. I highly doubt that, for some reason...

EVR   Lily Rear   November 1, 2019  

QNT is one of my favorite altcoins for trading because it puts up nice price swings on smaller timeframes. For instance, in just one week, the price of Quant had galloped from the highs of $6,3 to the lows of $5,2, thus allowing me to make sweet profits from a short position. Then it displayed the same up & downs several times over in a span of 5 days. All in all, in just one week of trading QNT on Bithumb Global, I have made around $3K - not bad for a coin that is not even in Top 20.

QNT   Marz02564   October 31, 2019  

The Liquid platform, which is a home for the Qash token is actually working and even had conducted several IEO's. It is also great that it operates in full compliance with regulations imposed by the FSA of Japan. Although the token itself is not that great of a performer since it has been in a steady decline throughout its existence, with the only exception of a brief period in 2018, when Quash reached the all-time high of $2,32. Now it's traded below $1 with little to no prospects of having some considerable gains.

QASH   Gavrilio   October 31, 2019  

ReddCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that died after the crypto winter of 2018, after having burst to the all-time high of $0,024. However, those who had bought the coin at the time of exchange listing could still enjoy the 2000% ROI, which is perhaps the only position notion about RDD. Fundamentally, ReddCoin is not particularly impressive since there are many other blockchain-based social media solutions that have proven to be much more effective.

RDD   DeiKhan   October 30, 2019  

Qbit has had a great bull run this year, pushing its way through from $4,65 to the highs of $68,45 in a matter of six months. Congrats to the people who had been far-sighted enough to stock up on Qbit at the end of 2018. They must have had a splendid summer holiday after making all those X's in July. However, it was very hard to spot and monitor this coin since it's actively traded only on one cryptocurrency exchange - Whitebit.

QBIT   CryptoWeirdo   October 30, 2019  

Failure is the most accurate characterization of Linkey, the project that was about to offer the world the most innovative and safe solution in the form of a decentralized platform for financial services, but, apparently, something did not go according to the plan. The coin has barely passed the $0,6 mark after the launch only to begin falling down lower and lower, up to a point when no one wants to trade this coin. Zero volume on the only crypto exchange BCEX - that's all you need to know about LKY.

LKY   Todor the Sugar Eater   October 29, 2019  

I consider LOOM to be one of the most well-balanced altcoins from below the Top 100. It has a sufficient market cap of $20 million, which is not bad for a mid-sized project like Loom Network; the daily trading volume amounts to $3,6 million, spread evenly across four cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Bithumb, MXC, and Bilaxy. I have tried trading LOOM on Binance, in the LOOM/BTC pair, and made some money. Not a lot, but enough to call this coin profitable.

LOOM   Clau_dio   October 29, 2019  

I must tell you that MAID is a real rollercoaster coin. Just take a look at its price action. Over the last six months, MAID has been breaking the resistance at $0,24 twice and then dipping to $0,16 or even lower only to go back up again. What a great coin for swing trading! I like it so much that I even had to register an account on HitBTC in order to be able to trade it in a pair with Bitcoin.

MAID   ALT Holder   October 28, 2019  

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5 Tether 1.003 -0.09%
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