Cryptocurrency Reviews & Comments

0x: 5
ABBC Coin: 5
Aeternity: 5
Aion: 5
Ardor: 5
Ark: 5
Augur: 5
Aurora: 5
Bancor: 5
Basic Attention Token: 7
Binance Coin: 7
BitShares: 5
Bitcoiin: 1
Bitcoin: 53
Bitcoin Cash: 22
Bitcoin Diamond: 5
Bitcoin Gold: 6
Bitcoin Private: 5
Bitcoin SV: 8
Buggyra Coin Zero: 5
Bytecoin: 5
Bytom: 5
Cardano: 6
Centrality: 5
Chainlink: 6 5 Chain: 6
Cryptonex: 5
Dai: 6
Dash: 9
Decentraland: 5
Decred: 6
Dent: 5
Dentacoin: 5
DigiByte: 5
Digitex Futures: 5
DigixDAO: 5
Dogecoin: 6
EOS: 10
Elastos: 5
Electroneum: 5
Endor Protocol: 5
Enjin Coin: 5
Ethereum: 18
Ethereum Classic: 6
Everus: 5
Factom: 6
GXChain: 4
GXChain: 5
Gemini Dollar: 5
Golem: 7
Holo: 5
Huobi Token: 5
HyperCash: 5
Insight Chain: 5
Komodo: 6
KuCoin Shares: 6
Kyber Network: 5
Linkey: 5
Lisk: 6
Litecoin: 10
Loom Network: 6
Loopring: 6
MaidSafeCoin: 5
Maker: 6
Maximine Coin: 5
Metaverse ETP : 5
Mixin: 5
MobileGo: 5
MonaCoin: 5
Monero: 7
NEM: 6
NEO: 7
Nano: 5
Nasdacoin: 4
Nexo: 5
OmiseGO: 6
Ontology: 6
Paxos Standard Token: 4
PayPie: 4
Polymath: 4
Populous: 4
Power Ledger: 4
Project Pai: 5
ProximaX: 4
Pundi X: 4
Qtum: 5
Quant: 4
Qubitica: 4
Ravencoin: 5
ReddCoin: 3
Revain: 4
Santiment Network Token: 4
Siacoin: 4
Stasis EURS: 4
Status: 5
Steem: 5
Stellar: 7
Storj: 4
Stratis: 4
Tether: 7
Tezos: 6
Theta Token: 5
ThoreCoin: 4
TomoChain: 4
True USD: 5
USD Coin: 5
VeChain: 3
VeChain: 6
Verge: 5
Veritaseum: 4
WAX: 5
Waltonchain : 5
Wanchain: 4
Waves: 7
XRP: 16
Zcash: 7
Zcoin: 5
Zilliqa: 5
aelf: 4
empowr coin: 4

Not sure that the education-based cryptocurrency will be capable of generating substantial profits through volatility, but there is no denying the fact that the project's concept and its implementation would be greatly beneficial for both students and professors. The future of education lies with the mass online courses and online education, so ODEM might have a bright future ahead of it. It isn't ranked very high, but ODE doesn't need to be in Top 10 to serve its purpose.

Doggo   July 7, 2020   ODE  

Although Santiment Network had shown the yearly ROI of 18%, it's performance as of late has been nothing but disappointing. Last month, the coin has experienced a massive dip below the psychological mark of $0.22, and now it is really struggling to recover from such a blow. I am not entirely sure what caused that, but I intend to keep holding SAN until it fully recovers and starts showing decent gains like it did in July.

Alchemist Ben   July 6, 2020   SAN  

What a magnificent price uptick SIRIN LABS Token has had in these last few days! Going up from $0.006 to $0.009 in a matter of eight hours means that someone like me has made a sweet profit. The fellow traders at my firm have been mocking me for including SRN in my trading portfolio. But look who's laughing now! Another profitable week for me, so I am really counting on a nice Christmas bonus from the boss.

GeoTagsOff   July 5, 2020   SRN  

Power Ledger is probably one of the most successful environmental projects around, though it is far from being even in the top 100. From the fundamental standpoint, Power Ledger is interesting and in some way innovative. But, apparently, their platform lacks popularity to really being able to disrupt this space.

WeZzzley   July 4, 2020   POWR  

I can see how the gaming industry is being swarmed by the low-class token projects that want to sell some silly idea only to capitalize on gullible gamers, who would do anything to earn an extra reward or some token. It doesn't mean that there are no decent platforms that bring together gaming and crypto tokens, but I strongly doubt that MobileGo belongs to this bunch. I mean, what could you possibly do with a market cap of $1,4 million?

ImmaNoFool   July 3, 2020   MGO  

I have always liked the saying, "If you are so smart, why are you so poor?" It is totally appropriate in the case of Nasdacoin. The team was set to develop an innovative hybrid blockchain that utilizes both PoW and PoS algorithms, which should facilitate mining. But what do we have in reality? A pitiful market capitalization of $1.1 million, which is a burndown that is enough to last for a month for a decent tech company. Obviously, NSD deserves its 819th rank.

Flint Eastwood   July 2, 2020   NSD  

Aion is just another "Ethereum killer" that didn't quite make it. -86% ROI and almost no significant price action throughout the year resulted in Aion being deservedly placed below Top 100. The coin is featured on many exchanges but the real trading activity happens only on Latoken, which is responsible for almost 50% of the overall trading volume of Aion. The AION/ETH pair appears to have the largest volume, which oftentimes reaches $1 million/day. The volumes on other exchanges (Binance, CoinBene) are way lower, often failing to reach $500 million. All in all, I don't think that Aion has any real prospects unless we get into another crypto craze, like the one that happened in 2018.

BinaryMan   July 1, 2020   AION  

The idea of decentralized cloud storage where data is being dispersed in tiny fractions among multiple devices, while only the owner has access to it via private keys, reminded me a bit of the concept behind PiedPiper from the popular sitcom Silicon Valley. It's cool that such "fictional" ideas turn out to be viable in real life. Storj is included in the trading pairs on many popular cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Poloniex, and Huobi, and it shows a decent price action on a regular basis. It might be a good alternative option if you are tired of trading major coins.

Big Cryptowski   June 30, 2020   STORJ  

This Aurora coin is definitely the scalper's dream. I mean, it's price charts look like a cardiac waveform even on the hourly time frame. Too bad, though, that AOA is being traded on a very limited number of exchanges, with KuCoin being probably the most famous of them. Certainly, I wouldn't hold this coin for a prolonged period of time, I don't think that it has the necessary fundamentals to make it to the top, but it's all right to trade with.

Ziggggy   June 29, 2020   AOA  

I know that many people are skeptical about Bitcoin Cash, mainly because of its dubious fundamentals, negative return on investment, and the association with the controversial figures of Roger Ver and Craig Wright. The scandal that Wright got himself into with that being the real Satoshi nonsense doesn't work in favor of Bitcoin Cash. However, I also always give credit when it's due. BCH has been doing great over the last few months, surpassing Litecoin in the Top 10 ranks and showing respectable gains. So, it's not hopeless at all.

BrianBrian   June 28, 2020   BCH  

Ark had a great run at the tail end of 2018 when its price had almost reached $10. I have been holding something around 300 ARK at that time and even managed to sell them all at a price of $7,45, right before the 2018 crash began in full swing. It wasn't due to some sophisticated trading strategy and planning - I just needed money for our grand anniversary. I look back at that time with joy and relief as the current price of ARK is something around $0,2. My condolences to all those who held ARK, or any other altcoin for that matter, hoping that it will bounce back. The recovery is going to be long and tedious.

Johny87Coleman   June 27, 2020   ARK  

MonaCoin actually has quite an interesting history. It first featured on Japanese news, in a story which told about a man who purchased a piece of land in the Nagano prefecture using this very coin. MonaCoin survived the market rise and crash of 2018 and now is traded at around $1 per coin. Naturally, MONA is popular among Japanese crypto enthusiasts, proven by the fact that the hottest trading action involving MonaCoin occurs on the Japanese crypto exchange BitBank, where the daily trading volume often reaches $3 million. MONA is usually traded against Japanese Yen there.

Harold   June 26, 2020   MONA  

Buggyra Coin Zero has such a weirdly broad price action that it really got me thinking about registering on Yobit or any other crypto exchange that features this coin. It is swinging like crazy, going up and down by 5%-10% every two-three days. I wonder why is that happening, given that the team behind this crypto shows little to no activity on social media or GitHub. In any case, BCZERO is a great coin for all ya greedy ba****ds.

Edward_Crypto_Hands   June 25, 2020   BCZERO  

Thanks, Tomochain for making such a nice pre-holiday gift for me by putting up the incredible 53% gains this week and allowing me to make nearly a thousand dollars in a couple of days, which I will spend of a wonderful present to my girlfriend. This entire year has been great for Tomochain as it recorded a stunning 139% ROI. I am so proud of myself for not focusing only on Top 10 cryptocurrencies that allowed me to discover TOMO.

JJ Turner   June 24, 2020   TOMO  

Right now, Ardor, like any other altcoin, has very little chance of showing significant gains, not with such an overriding Bitcoin dominance that the market sees at the moment. It may have had a small 5% growth over the last couple of days, but that's only because someone dumped a boatload of Bitcoin for alts. But that should be short-lived as BTC will soon regain its dominance and begin the uphill struggle to reach the all-time highs. That's the only time when ARDR and other alts will provide decent profits.

CryptoUnicorn   June 23, 2020   ARDR  

EOS has introduced a new system upgrade on September 23, which should have sent the price at least 6% higher, but it wasn't meant to be as the entire market has gone sliding down the hill, freezing many sell orders, including mine. So now, I am sitting on a pile of EOS, waiting for the price to touch the $4.022 level, at which I had bought the coins. Well, that's the realities of a crypto trader: the market can go either way faster than you can blink.

Martin77   June 22, 2020   EOS  

MCO is a coin that bears some potential for the upside move in the mid-term due to its good fundamentals (which provide for the creation of an accessible and understandable environment for crypto payments) and its relatively good resistance to market crashes. However, the downside to this coin is that it has weak trading volumes on most major cryptocurrency exchanges, with the exception of Latoken, which takes up almost 30% of the global volumes of MOC trading. I am not very fond of this exchange due to some reasons, so I could just recommend MOC for those who trade on that platform.

Ether Sensei   June 21, 2020   MCO  

Just like any nascent crypto trader, I wasn't paying much attention to the fundamentals of coins when I first started trading. I was just looking the price action, watching out for coins in the red that had the potential for growth. That's when I stumbled upon Augur, and it had given me one of the best trading experiences to date. I bought a huge dip in December 2018, when the price of Augur was around $6. A bit more than a month later, REP spiked to $18 per coin, thus tripling my investment.

JimmyJones   June 20, 2020   REP  

I am not a big fan of such "exclusive" coins like GXChain, mainly because it's really being traded only on two major cryptocurrency exchanges: Bithumb Global and Bit-Z. Although this coin is featured on many other platforms, the trading volume there leaves much to be desired. For instance, the daily volume in the GXC/USDT pair on Huobi Global is a mere $400,000 whilst the one on Bithumb amounts to $3 million. GXChain has been showing a decent price action over the course of the year, but the low trading volume really hampers the popularity of GXC.

Dar10   June 19, 2020   GXS  

From the information that I have managed to gather about PayPie - which is very scarce, by the way - the project works on the development of a financial risk assessment platform and the cash flow forecast solution. Although the coin was launched in 2017, it still hasn't developed a meaningful social media presence. But the weirdest thing about PPP is that its current trading volume amounts to a big fat zero. So, there's a possibility that PayPie has been dead for some time.

OrdinaryBillionaire   June 18, 2020   PPP  

If you want to see a classic illustration of a pump-and-dump scheme, then check out the Insight Chain chart. On July 27th, one INB was trading at a price of around $0,3 per coin. 24 hours later, the coin got pumped to $2,4, having recorded an even heavier pump against Bitcoin. Another 24 hours have passed and ING was back to its usual $0,3 per unit. That was a textbook market manipulation. No wonder, given that this coin is being traded mostly on one cryptocurrency exchange - DragonEX.

QQ Alts   June 17, 2020   INB  

If you want to see a total waste of time and effort, then make sure to check empowr coin. Down at the very bottom of Coinmarketcap lies a coin, the daily trading volume of which amounts to $75. I would call it a "garage coin" because, with a market cap of $18 thousand bucks, this is a tech project that I could have come up in my garage, which is also my programming bunk, in a matter of days and with exactly the same budget. But I am sure that my coin would have been worth more than EMPR.

Peanut_of_Work   June 16, 2020   EMPR  

MOAC's ambition to become the mother of all cryptocurrencies went down the drain, together with the price of the coin. It is a classic loser altcoin that went up right after the exchange listing and then did nothing but going down to the current value of $0.22. Just a quick reminder that the price of MOAC at the launch was as high as $12. My condolences to the frustrated investors.

Nacho_Kamacho   June 15, 2020   MOAC  

No wonder that Dent is struggling both as the project and as the cryptocurrency. I went to Google Play to check out their telecom application and saw that app is rated only 3.5 stars and the feedback section was riddled with negative reviews in which users complain that the updated aren't really doing anything, they can't make more DENT even through the referral program, and so on. This is accurately reflected in the price of DENT coin which has been almost flatlined for months.

Trader_by_day   June 14, 2020   DENT  

Bytecoin is the real old-timer as it has emerged on the crypto market in the middle of 2014, almost simultaneously with Bitcoin. One of them had obviously done quite well for itself, while the other - hint, it's Bytecoin - has been biting the dust and traded at a price of less than a tenth of a cent per unit. It's sad to see such projects with really useful initiatives go down the drain.

Johnny Nemo   June 13, 2020   BCN  

ABBC is not the best altcoin around in terms of both fundamentals and price activity, but it has a fair share of holders and traders. What's good about this coin is that its main volume is not concentrated on one or two exchanges, but instead dispersed among a dozen platforms. This provides less of a chance for price manipulations and such.

Ricky Tacos   June 12, 2020   ABBC  

DigixDAO has been lying flat for almost the entire duration of the month, until November 25, to be precise, when the coin decided to show some signs of life. This consolidation has been lingering for the entire fall, so I was more than excited to see it finally beginning to point upwards. DigixDao went from the support of $10 to the monthly high of $20 in three days or so. I have been waiting for these profits for so long, and now I have finally had them!

Viki Minaggg   June 11, 2020   DGD  

PIVX has been moving up and down for the duration of the last few months, which is a good feat for those who managed to buy this coin when the last dip occurred, on November 25. It has been a pretty deep one to $0,2 but then it shot very fast straight to $0,28. It was so smart of me to buy PIVX close to the bottom - I didn't manage to catch the bottom of the dip - but my profits still amounted to a solid $800.

Jordanichi   June 10, 2020   PIVX  

Top 10 upcoming ICOs

Rating Days, left 5 23
SerenitySource 5 176
Pawtocol 4.9 26
Curate 4.9 47
AssetStream 4.9 146
Ledder 4.9 177
IdeaFex 4.9 710
UCBI Banking 4.8 24
Sportcash One 4.8 24
DIPChain 4.8 55


Top 10 Crypto Brokers

Rank Status Broker
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8 information
9 LiteForex information
10 Admiral Markets information


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 9 294.810 2.48% 1.31%
Ethereum 241.590 6.25% 5.95%
Tether 1.010 0.58% 0.35%
XRP 0.189 6.90% 6.25%
Bitcoin Cash 242.070 9.17% 7.97%
Bitcoin SV 192.750 25.41% 21.31%
Litecoin 44.150 6.25% 5.94%
Cardano 0.106 7.66% 25.90%
Binance Coin 16.320 5.48% 5.32% Chain 0.136 4.36% 7.14%


Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

Volume 24h, USD Change 24h
Binance 4 932 130 991 42.03%
Huobi Global 4 801 871 447 82.71%
TAGZ Exchange 3 485 560 734 11.50%
OKEx 2 885 656 943 70.81%
EtherFlyer 2 646 587 916 147.78% 2 008 606 964 -4.54%
LBank 1 924 590 490 88.50%
BitMEX 1 486 450 221 33.70%
Bit-Z 1 415 915 760 -21.71%
EXX 1 312 510 246 73.20%