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XRP (XRP) Reviews - Page 4

XRP Reviews Ginger October 7, 2019
I don't agree with people who complain about XRP's poor performance. Sure, it hasn't been showing some impressive gains over the last few months, but the price action of that coin allows traders like me, who trade on the 15-minutes/1-hour time frames for pocket some nice profits. Just looking at the current charts: XRP is recovering from the recent 20% dump much stronger than Bitcoin, so perhaps the skeptics are just being bias.

XRP Reviews Ahmed5757 August 25, 2019
XRP is has been quiet lately, and not in terms of announcements or partnerships, but in the sense that traders are overlooking it for other options. At the moment we can expect XRP to continue its decline since there is no real reason to hold onto its asset. There will be a time to re-accumulate XRP in the near future, but not right now. Even alts like XLM - which is a hedge for XRP, is on the way down as well. Most large TA groups are calling for a significant drop in value for XRP as BTC continues its bullish movement.

XRP Reviews Kyle April 28, 2019
XRP has once again fallen and is hovering roughly 30% from its ATL. This is crazy to think about since XRP is being actually used by real banks.It’s already completed its pilot phases and is being used to transfer client’s funds around the world. Although XRP isn’t as vocal as they should be (like XLM and IBM), they’re still getting loads of work done for the entire crypto space. XRP used to be hated amongst most in crypto, but now they are seen as a guiding light. These prices surely won’t last, and there’s no better time than now to buy boatloads of XRP.

XRP Reviews Juan April 14, 2019
Ripple is not going to make the huge gains evereyone thinks they are going to. Although they’ve basically been declared “not a security” because of the CB listing, we can’t assume that the SEC will see it the same way. I truly don’t believe XRP is done correcting, as it had a very positive time during the bear market. It’s up significantly from 6 months ago, so you really need to take this with a grain of salt when viewing the price. Zoom out and look at the 1 week charts, it’s not going up from here- but down.

XRP Reviews Rafah April 4, 2019
Basically, XRP has been declared not a security. This is as bullish as it gets from Ripple, since it's been claimed to be a security for the last year. Coinbase listed them, and CB is one of the most, if not the most, regulated crypto exchanges out there. The statement they made from listing XRP echoed across all platforms and crypto communities. Not only does it mean that XRP isn't a security, it means it will be more appealing to retail investors that were scared away by the potential actions by the SEC.

XRP Reviews Don March 25, 2019
I put a big investment into XRP because of the rumors circulating around it getting listed on coinbase soon. This has one of the biggest gains for me because I was down already 80% from the bear market on a lot of altcoins. XRP is probably one of the safest choices when it comes to these cryptos.

XRP Reviews Veronica March 7, 2019
XRP getting listed on Coinbase was one of the biggest achievements for XRP because it means that it more than likely isn't a security. Coinbase is heavily regulated and strictly complies with regulators. Them listing XRP is a huge buy signal. It means that it isn't a security and will be more widely adopted. XRP is a hedge to institutions such as SWIFT, and is already being used by many banks across the globe.

XRP Reviews Freddy February 24, 2019
Today I was thinking that XRP was looking slightly bearish. Now reading that OKex will be opening up a fiat pair with XRP has got me thinking the opposite now. Pair this with the overall market trend and I think we've got a winner.

XRP Reviews Andrew February 20, 2019
At a very crucial time when we think the worse moment is over with Ripple (XRP). On the daily chart, we have seen ripple against bitcoin (XRP/BTC) forming a gravestone doji . The gravestone doji is a strong bearish reversal pattern that often leads to big further downward trend. This doji was formed as a result of the price that ran into the 50 day moving average but faced a strong rejection and was forced to decline below the 21 day exponential moving average. How does this effect Ripple (XRP)? Implication: It means that the professional traders and retail traders are not on the same page here. The uptrend we have seen in the market over the last 48 hours will most likely be over soon when the professional traders are done selling their coins to unsuspecting retail traders who believe this is the trend reversal they have been waiting for

XRP Reviews Alex December 19, 2018
XRP showed better dynamics than the market, adding more than 24%. for those who managed to buy and is in position, the right thing to hold it. For those who could not do this, it may be better to wait for the correction and buy the asset with the best profit / risk ratio.

XRP Reviews Xander December 7, 2018
Recently, any individuality in the nature of the XRP movement is not noticed, it will be able to reveal its potential for a cryptocurrency only after the overall market trend changes.

XRP Reviews Oleg November 27, 2018
If by the end of the year Ripple partners start using XRP in their daily activities, then growth to $ 1 may well take place. Then everything will depend on the development and use of XRP. As soon as people see that this has really happened, interest in cryptocurrency will increase, as will its value.

XRP Reviews altcoinfan90 November 7, 2018
XRP - excellent dynamics over the past 7 days! I am watching Ripple closely for some time, and the team is on right track. They have just announced their entry to the Asian and the Middle East market, through opening an operations center in Dubai by the end of 2018 - and the news has been reflected in the price immediately. The Middle East is a new market for Ripple, but very important. A lot of people working here are foreigners who constantly send money home, to other countries and face large commissions for transfers. It's high time to jump on this train before it's not too late.

XRP Reviews Bruno November 6, 2018
The price of XRP declined in October by 22%, but this figure looks quite normal if we recall that in September the coin showed a 75% increase. From a technical point of view, quotes are in the area of the trend line and can rebound at any time. Recently, the pair shows the dynamics along with the market, but in the long terms the fundamental factors are still on the bulls side.

XRP Reviews AWoods January 19, 2018
What might drive the price of Ripple this year is the news that one of the payment giants like Western Union finally decided to adopt XRP technology. There are rumors about that all the time but nothing is definite, it's the same as Amazon and bitcoin...

XRP Reviews altcoinfan90 January 18, 2018
Nobody knows what's going to happen with Ripple alone or with cryptos altogether in the next couple of months, people who say they Do are just trying to get you buying /holding or simply fool themselves. Dump cryptos, buy stocks instead if you are not one of those I-want-to-wake-up-a-billionnaire-tomorrow.

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