Santiment Network Token Reviews & Comments 2020

Even though Santiment Network Token (SAN) is a good cryptocurrency through and through, as it offers a great solution for the monitoring of the crypto market and the token itself is compliant with the Swiss FINMA regulation. However, SAN has an undeservedly poor presence on cryptocurrency exchanges and a very low daily trading volume. 99% of trades involving SAN occur on Ethfinex, where the "best" trading volume amounts to $640.

Original G   April 11, 2020  

Although Santiment Network had shown the yearly ROI of 18%, it's performance as of late has been nothing but disappointing. Last month, the coin has experienced a massive dip below the psychological mark of $0.22, and now it is really struggling to recover from such a blow. I am not entirely sure what caused that, but I intend to keep holding SAN until it fully recovers and starts showing decent gains like it did in July.

Alchemist Ben   December 12, 2019  

I find it a bit strange that Santiment Network token has such a low daily trading volume (only $910) while its market capitalization constitutes the respectable $15 million. Apparently, their concept of data feed and news streams on blockchain didn't kindle much interest in crypto owners. The fact that SAN has been listed only on three exchanges also speaks against this coin. I hope that most people managed to pull out of SAN before it was too late.

Freddy   December 3, 2019  

A strange project, something is happening, but no news and no comments from the developers - such as guess yourself. With this attitude, I do not want to get involved with the project at all.

George   December 16, 2017  

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Santiment Network Token
Santiment Network Token

SAN is a utility token that provides access to exclusive parts of SANbase. SAN as payment (monthly subscription, auction, etc) crowdsources pricing for Santiment services, while reserving and creating value for SAN holders.  SAN as stake (holding a certain amount of SAN tokens, locked accounts...

Santiment Network Token (SAN) price change (24h)

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