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Power Ledger is probably one of the most successful environmental projects around, though it is far from being even in the top 100. From the fundamental standpoint, Power Ledger is interesting and in some way innovative. But, apparently, their platform lacks popularity to really being able to disrupt this space.

WeZzzley   July 4, 2020  

POWR has so much experience it's not even funny. They have industry leaders as well as governmental agencies backing their project. This isn't some project that's going to implement small changes; they're looking at the big picture for Australia and beyond. This is a patience-oriented coin and you'll make loads of money by just waiting. This isn't a shill-machine like Justin Sun's TRON. This is a real-deal project that has actual backers that are looking for change. Stay tuned for POWR's upcoming announcements of partnerships.

Bobby   March 20, 2019  

Does anyone else remember when this coin POWR'd to the moon in 2017? This coin had such a good run on binance- all because some aussie governor said they would use it even though this project is still years away from ever being anything. Either way, this is still a coin worth owning for when they actually do get something done. A coin for the alternate energy infrasctructure will be necessary within the next few years. I think betting on this or electrify Asia is a good idea.

Austin   March 6, 2019  

Great news for the development of alternative energy sources and this does not necessarily have to be an industrial scale, and even a few extra solar panels on the roof already have something to sell, plus the fact that our usual electricity sellers can revise their tariffs downwards.

Zabi0   December 14, 2016  

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Power Ledger
Power Ledger

Founded with over 100 years combined energy industry experience, Power Ledger develops cutting-edge blockchain energy solutions for the people of the world. We exist to empower and to provide individuals and communities with access to electricity that is low-cost, reliable, and renewable. We're...

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