Polymath Reviews & Comments 2020

Although Polymath develops a product that could be of use to many blockchain-related businesses that intend to issue the securities tokens, the capabilities of this team are very limited, mainly because their overall market capitalization amounts to a mere $12 million. It's impossible to deliver a game-changing product while having such weak financial showings. This reflects on the overall position of POLY in global rankings. Right now, the coin is ranked 285th on CoinMarketCap, and will unlikely to ever go higher.

Hugo Cryptoss   March 28, 2020  

It is evident that no one is particularly interested in a fundamental solution offered by Polymath, confirmed by its insignificant market capitalization of $12,6 million and the fact that the project has been around for almost three years. Nevertheless, the coin is being traded on a number of exchanges and showcases a respectable trading volume of $5 million per day. But it is still the type of cryptocurrency which you would want to trade only if you are acquainted with a team member who can share some future plans and developments. Otherwise, it would be more like gambling.

TicTacToby   March 3, 2020  

POLY has been very dull during these last 3 months, especially after a dip that occurred at the end of September. After that, the price action has been nothing but dull, moving sideways for almost a month and a half. I have been trading in the POLY/BTC pair for quite a while before dumping this coin altogether. I hope I didn't make a mistake because POLY has been quite active and profitable before this fall.

Ginger Elliot   February 7, 2020  

Is it worth to evaluate a coin on Github? In Poly, with Github, in principle, everything is normally visible that some work is going on, not like dead coins, let's say the last update 6 months ago ... So is it worth evaluating a coin on Github?

Klimo   January 21, 2019  

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Polymath enables companies to take control of their equity issuance through programmable code. Raising in cryptocurrency opens up an entire wealth of new investors. No matter where you live in the world, you have access to trading 24/7. Polymath eliminates the middleman and financial structures tha...

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