Nano Reviews & Comments 2020

NANO is definitely a great coin since it has already put up an ROI of over 9000%. It also has a solid market capitalization of over $110 million, as well as a decent 24-hour trading volume (almost $4 million) on more than a couple of dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. But beware, there are some reports of the exchange called Bitinka impeding the withdrawals in NANO and some other cryptocurrencies. But I trade on Binance anyway, in the NANO/BTC pair, which accounts for 24% of the entire daily volume.

Caffeine Sam   October 22, 2019  

What just happened to Nano?? I was trading it and bought what I thought was the dip, but it just dropped another 15% in the last week. Is this coin a good project? I’m wondering because i want to either DCA or cut my losses, but everyone is always talking about how fast NANO is for TPS.

Charlie   May 5, 2019  

Nano is the coin that always pumps after its big drops. I bought this coin a few weeks ago after it dumped a bit and I caught the bottom it looks like. Right now i'm already up 10 percent and I expect NANO to keep riding this positive trend in the market. If BTC looks bad I'll exit and then re-buy once NANO drops significantly.

Max   March 31, 2019  

I know a lot of people buying up all the Nano that they can afford. THis coin doesn't cost anything to send and it's nearly instant in settlement. I don't understand how coins like this aren't being used daily by companies such as Starbucks or just any payment processor. This is the tech that will give the world true access to the blockchain. Bitcoin is too slow, and so is Ethereum. Nano on the other hand is capable of speeds that will catapult crypto into the spotlight.

Gabe   March 13, 2019  

Coin added to vote on the MERCATOX exchange. The exchange, though new and volumes are small, but adds coins quickly.

Leo   January 8, 2017  

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