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MOAC's ambition to become the mother of all cryptocurrencies went down the drain, together with the price of the coin. It is a classic loser altcoin that went up right after the exchange listing and then did nothing but going down to the current value of $0.22. Just a quick reminder that the price of MOAC at the launch was as high as $12. My condolences to the frustrated investors.

Nacho_Kamacho   November 23, 2019  

If you ever wondered, how a sh*t coin looks like, I recommend taking a look at MOAC. Despite having a really posh name, which stands for the Mother of All Chains, MOAC "boasts" a miserable trading volume of $9,000 on some backwater cryptocurrency exchange called TOKOK. Also, the coin also has an almost -98.58% return on investment showings that display no prerequisites for improvement.

Riccccky   October 16, 2019  

MOAC is simply an enterprise blockchain. Just like AION, their sole focus is for private blockchain tech for enterprise. This is always useful in an environment where more then likely the first adopters of blockchain tech will be big business. The trickle down effect is what will bring the blockchain to every day people like you and me. First it's going to the big enterprises around the world. Don't get caught not investing infrastructure like MOAC!

Giancarlo   March 4, 2019  

The yield is higher than on other coins. I hope that this is a new stable cryptocurrency, which will feed many miners. If anyone is also interested in this coin and wants to start mining it, then I invite you to our pool.

John   November 20, 2018  

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MOAC is among the third generation of blockchains, built with enterprise in mind. Pure cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were the first. Blockchains hosting dApps like Ethereum were the second. Now, instead of simply issuing a new token on MOAC, developers can create an entirely new blockchain with...

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