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I reckon that MANA won't be pushing upwards anymore this year as it did since mid-December, after dipping to $0.024. It all points to the fact that Decentraland has found support at $0.028, and will keep consolidating for quite a while. 2019 wasn't very good for this coin as it had negative gains of -50% to date, but I believe that next year will bring improvement.

GoBNB   June 8, 2020  

The price of MANA has been steadily declining over the last couple of months, and I strongly suspect that it will continue its trip south in the near future. Fundamentally, this coin appears to have little value for the real world as it stems from a virtual reality platform where people trade some pieces of digital land or whatever. It appears to be a token created for those Warcraft geeks, but definitely not for a serious investor.

Decentralized_Soul   October 1, 2019  

I’m still super impressed by what MANA does. Digital land ownership. Just how the internet created a demand for digital sites, blockchain will create the demand for digital land ownership. Everything in the world is becoming digitized, and it’s staring at us in the face. The way we pay for things, interact with things, and view things; are all digitized. Our interactions with friends and family are normally through our smart phones, and we have increasingly begun to phase out store front buildings for online options. It’s very obvious that we’re heading in the direction of digital landscape ownership, especially as VR and digital augmentation becomes more popular.

Cam   April 28, 2019  

MANA is the future of land ownership. As humans continue to flood the useable land in the physical world, digital ownership will explode. The same thing will happen as with our current real estate system. Soon, there will be real estate on the blockchain for a digital world. This world isn't useless, it will still hold its place for holding businesses and stores. The use case is very futuristic but the future is coming soon!

Dom   March 18, 2019  

Decentraland is a platform where you can develop the ideas of game projects, at least the same cryptokitties. As an example, the option of combining cryptokitties and Pokemon - Etheremon, they are already engaged in integration with Decentraland. And this is just the beginning.

Anton   January 17, 2019  

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Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. Introducing the Decentraland SDK Alpha. The tools and support you need to pioneer Genesis City. There are plenty of opportunities to explore or e...

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