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Does anyone know what happened to Linkey? A couple of weeks ago, its market capitalization had crashed by almost 30%, while the trading volume was reduced to zero. Now, only one crypto exchange - BCEX - features this coin, though no one is currently trading it. Did the team get in trouble with the law? Or maybe a major investor left the project? I can't find any concrete information.

Daniel Quant   January 6, 2020  

I wonder what happened to Linkey when it has disappeared so abruptly from the market. The price of LKY went flat for about a month in May, and then the trading volume went to zero, along with the price. Does anyone know what's the reason behind that? The coin seemed to be relatively lively after the launch, but then just went into oblivion.

Waffels_Lover   November 24, 2019  

Failure is the most accurate characterization of Linkey, the project that was about to offer the world the most innovative and safe solution in the form of a decentralized platform for financial services, but, apparently, something did not go according to the plan. The coin has barely passed the $0,6 mark after the launch only to begin falling down lower and lower, up to a point when no one wants to trade this coin. Zero volume on the only crypto exchange BCEX - that's all you need to know about LKY.

Todor the Sugar Eater   October 29, 2019  

This is a great forecasting tool. Once it's live you'll be able to get up-to-the-minute analysis on certain coins. This helps because the producers of the TA will be incentivized to give quality analysis so that they get paid. Users will want to pay the provider because they want quality TA. It's a win-win for everyone involved in this project.

Peter   March 5, 2019  

I've read this is a financial platform that offers several investment products and services. Sounds interesting.

Marvo   January 18, 2019  

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Intelligent financial community is the engine of Linkey. It will be made up of financial and technical elite from all of the world. Some development direction and operation mechanism of Linkey will be decided and voted by community. Supply professional digital asset related investment services to p...

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