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Metaverse ETP belongs to a class of exotic cryptocurrencies which are being traded on the second-class exchanges. By second-class, I mean the platforms that display the daily trading volume of less than $1 million. RightBTC would be a prime example of such a platform. ETP has the largest presence there, being traded in the amount of $1, 4 million last day. Fundamentally, this coin is nothing out of the ordinary. Just the same familiar attempts at developing a blockchain-based infrastructure that would facilitate the exchange of digital assets. I would suggest trading ETP only if you have access to some exclusive information about the project. Otherwise, it would be a pure gamble.

Dee Stevee   April 29, 2020  

When it comes to altcoins from beyond the Top 100, I never trade on the basis of their fundamentals because they are irrelevant in that case. I just follow the price history, trading volume, and the current price action. ETP is not a bad coin in that regard as it combines a decent average trading volume of $5 million with nice price action that usually reflects the behavior of the entire market. This year, it peaked at around $2.2 but then dropped below $0.5, having followed the footsteps of other cryptocurrencies.

ChicoBoom   March 19, 2020  

I have a weird hobby of doing some just-for-fun trading on the mediocre cryptocurrency exchanges like RightBTC, which usually puts up only about half a million in 24h trading volume. That's where I have found the Metaverse ETP coin, which has really made my week. On November 26, I have entered a long position on ETP, right when the price had briefly touched the low of $0.325. I didn't go too heavy on that coin, only about $500, and that's the thing that I regret. Only three days later, I sold ETP at the top of around $0.41.

Quentin V   March 1, 2020  

ETP's blockchain as a service model is really groundbreaking. The only issue is their plan to get into the Oracle problem. This issue is already being covered by LINK, and I think they are much further along than Metaverse. Trying to compete as an oracle service is kind of dicey, but then again, i'm hedged on both of these coins to make sure I won't be left behind when either of these take off.

Johnny   March 6, 2019  

Who can tell exactly the date when it was first possible to freeze tokens for interest?

Kolya   February 5, 2019  

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Metaverse ETP
Metaverse ETP

Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain that provides digital assets, digital identities and Oracles as a foundational infrastructure for social and enterprise needs. Through Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), we make convenient, secure digital financial services accessible to all applications at...

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