Bitcoin Reviews & Comments 2020

For the long-term, multiple rise in price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market lacks institutional investors. For a steady growth of the coin rate above $ 10 thousand, large injections of funds are required, which can only come from organizations. Especially when it comes to goals of $ 30-40 thousand.

Armin van Dijk   July 11, 2020  

Institutional acceptance and awareness of this asset class is growing on the bitcoin market, which should positively affect the appreciation in the long term. BTC is starting to look attractive as a new asset class that is not prone to printing money by central banks.

GeoTagsOff   July 10, 2020  

TradeBlock analysts drew attention to the continued increase in BTC hashrate for seven consecutive days. Among experts, there is an opinion that an increase in hashrate in the Bitcoin network usually precedes a more active increase in the price of cryptocurrency. Researchers identify two main factors contributing to the activation of miners. Firstly, this is the introduction of a qualitatively new mining equipment. Secondly, the rainy season has begun in China. At this time of the year, in China, in some provinces, prices for electricity generated by hydropower plants are reduced.

BinaryMan   July 8, 2020  

The current correlation of Bitcoin and the S&P 500 exceeds 65%. This is a signal that Bitcoin has failed to become the antipode of traditional finance, and is moving with them in the same harness.

NeoBeum   July 7, 2020  

A long sidewall with the gradual crawling of bitcoin towards the round level of $ 9,000, as well as attempts to break through it, do not bode well in the short term. The BTC is already below the 50-day moving average, and if the decline develops, the next stop may be $ 8300, where the 200-day MA takes place.

Dietrich   July 6, 2020  

The correlation of Bitcoin and the S&P 500 has always been a very good indicator of market movements. Bitcoin behaves more like a high-margin asset and follows market trends with more volatile ups and downs.

Know1tAll   July 6, 2020  

Miners sell bitcoin, but so far it has received support from $9000. In the short term, the mood of market participants can only improve if Bitcoin can recover at least part of the losses and return to the recent trading range near 9500.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   June 26, 2020  

The computing power of the Bitcoin network is very high, but judging by the meager commissions for transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars, demand is now low. Bitcoin consumes a huge amount of resources, but it works almost “idle”. It cannot last long.

Ilari0000n   June 12, 2020  

After halving, many hodlers think that the price of bitcoin should be much higher than the current one. Because of this, there is a tendency to hold the asset until the market starts to accelerate again.

1TrenT1   May 28, 2020  

Despite the approach of halving, it is still difficult to see the signs of FOMO in the market dynamics, which can drive the price far above $ 10,000. And the closer the halving, the less chance it will happen. Bitcoin runs the risk of depreciating multiple times in the coming months if it falls below the 200-day moving average ($ 8,000).

RealSatoshi   May 12, 2020  

Real crypto enthusiasts should not be afraid of lowering the cost of bitcoin. Increasing production complexity, reducing rewards, stabilizing prices, increasing trading volumes and losing interest on the part of regulators - this formula may well become working to turn BTC into a real add-on over the financial system, despite the price drawdown.

tradewisely   May 11, 2020  

Halving is now the main trigger for the cryptocurrency market, and most participants expect a positive impact. However, there are fears that the upcoming halving is already taken into account in the price of bitcoin, and there is a possibility of a sharp collapse shortly before or immediately after the event.

OrdinaryBillionaire   May 10, 2020  

BTC is holding above 5600 which is a bullish sign. All indicators are pointing to a further push to levels such as 6k-7k. It’s more than likely we see these levels because many have accumulated within the 5k range ever since we bounced off the 3k low. It’s important to remember that the halvening is now less than a year away, and historically BTC has shown increased valuation to the lead up. We’ve only seen two halvenings in the past, and this will be BTCs most significant milestone now that it has a global awareness.

AaRonUd   August 24, 2019  

Ok, BTC has maintained over 5k for the last two weeks. This is a bullish indicator and I hope everyone here is holding the majority of their crypto in BTC. BTC just did a minor shakeout from 5,600 to 5,100 due to the usual Tether FUD, and it’s already back to it’s stable levels of 5,300. All indicators are pointing towards 6k, 8k, and 10k. T may seem unlikely at first, but when you filter out all the noise that crypto kids put out on social media it becomes far easier. BTC is on the rise again, and besides all the positive news surrounding it, the halvening IS happening is exactly one year. It’s no longer crazy to estimate that one btc will be worth over 100k within the next few years. I hope you’re loading your BTC bags.

Jean   April 28, 2019  

Here we go, BTC is hovering above 5k which is exactly what the market needs to see to regain their long-lost confidence in the crypto market. It’s important for these moments that BTC remains strong in the eyes of skeptics. Currently, The overall trend has been incredibly positive for the whole crypto market because of adoption. The big money has finally showed its face and proved to everyone that we are in the midst of a major uptrend in the coming months. Once retail investors even catch a whiff of profits, they’ll come back like lemmings.

Joe   April 14, 2019  

This is the most important last few days since early 2018. We finally broke out of the downtrend that's been strangling us since the major crash post 2017. BTC breached 5k and this wasn't the work of retail investors. It needs to be understood that a daily volume of 26 billion dollars is not the work of regular buyers. Even at the height of the bull run in 2017, BTC's volume barely scraped this level. What does this mean? It means the herd is finally here. Institutional buyers are alive and well, and they are buying BTC. If you don't believe me, then sit on the sidelines and buy back in when BTC is creeping up to 10k. The halvening is on it's way, and like clockwork the BTC market is starting its engines.

Lemond   April 4, 2019  

Bitcoin is King. This is the real deal. The one and only. This is the coin that will outlast them all- feel free to mark my words. BTC is the only digital currency with a true use case. It's currency. We use it to pay for things and to store value. It's value is derived from the endless work performed by the miner armies of the world. Bitcoin has breached 4k. What's your plan when it blows through 6k? The whales are accumulating and they aren't waiting around to see what happens around the corner. Get in or rip.

Birch   March 20, 2019  

BTC whales have been playing games in the market. It's obvious we've seen the bottom, but it's just going to take that last push to send us out of the 3-4k range. Once we push past 5k the market will see a rapid rise because of all the fomo money afraid of missing the 2019 bull. This much is obvious. The accumulation phase that we witnessed over the last 6 months has been very healthy for BTC and for the rest of the market. Each phase of a market cycle is an opportunity in disguise. Make sure you have your BTC ready by the summer- we're scheduled for take off.

Johannes   March 7, 2019  

Finally, some real movement on BTC. It's sitting right at $4k, and this is a pivotal moment for the whole crypto space, not just BTC. Bitcoin finally moved past its 100-day MA. It hasn't done this for the last 9 months. It seems that every day has fantastic news for Bitcoin. Just yesterday Elon Musk commented on how brilliant Bitcoin is. That same day the videos of Samsung's S10 phone has an integrated crypto wallet. I wouldn't be so excited if it weren't for the fact that adoption actually looks to be happening.

John   February 24, 2019  

Correction in the market surge price has hit [BSV] Bitcoin SV quite difficult after the coin increase by a hundred plus million dollars to its market cap over the past few days. Among the major coins, BSV finds itself as the top loser as a result of this market retracement. Its downward trend return has allowed Cardano to go a step above and take the 11th position on the global coin ranking, despite Cardano's fall. The BSV falling is now approximately 4% against the US dollar and is trading at 1.17 billion dollar high of $2.29 billion in less than few hours ago, BSV market cap now stands at a total market capitulation of $1.17 billion dollar making Cardano being traded with $20billion ahead of BSV

Andrew   February 24, 2019  

Bitcoin has now crossed to the uptrend now I am searching for sidways trading here again and I'm holding low of $3900 and a slow grind up maximum $4500 on a platform with the real value or price knock-off 90 on the market watch I see no drastic drop back to $3600 this week, not even the next few weeks. And many new adoptions yet more new money continues to come in.

Dorado   February 20, 2019  

A kind of an environment like this with its own right is a sweet spot. Bitcoin will definitely be affected by that shift though there is very little controlling stake unlike that of stocks or fiat. The number one reason I give BTC the benefits of this doubt is though I don't think sp500 is definitely going to crash unlike a lots of the shills are saying and talking about.. No!, not anywhere right now and I doubt if we'll see much below 2650 and even if we see that Bitcoin will be a bit vulnerable, if that happens... Hmmm i hope not.

Megan   February 20, 2019  

More than a month now I've been sharing little correlating details that this isn't the very environment Bitcoin should crash and yes it still holds. Starting from tomorrow to the next few weeks a high amount of companies earning reports get shared. So also last week of this present month and first of the next week there are a higher number of dollars high impact on news... There should be some added volatility and guidance i believed as this data is dialed in. Being vigilant will be a good idea anyway for me and let few of this play out for flexibility.

Katie   February 20, 2019  

No one really cares or gives a damn what you have to say about boils, bucks or oils. This is cryptocurrency and it does not correlate whatever with anything. Just take a chart and take a look at it from different angle or timeframes and make a decision. So you need to stop decieving us.

Jose   February 20, 2019  

Hey, this isn't a direct correlation for instance if XAU goes up Bitcoin goes up, it doesn't work that way at all. Moreover this is a money flow measure and effect on risk-off / risk-on market application and theory, this is only seen with the right combinations of huge data collection that's covering every basis and some practical experiences reading and packaging the data. This correlation is just like any other tool which someone can use for connecting the dots, measure, count and weigh, the cards, when there are more dots on a particular side than the other using the tools I use with correlation then that is direction I trade.

Allen   February 20, 2019  

Every markets are subject to trader/investors sentiment and fiat or money flow, it's base on relative and collective.... Bitcoin being near its total spec, it's subjected to risk-off or risk-on environments as a complete and whole understanding the correlation of Dollars flow in money/fiat, major futures, equities, oil and metal and provides and gives few guidance of how bearish or bullish all markets are in general, so it's definitely not a fool proof due in part, however correlations is against the norm and provides negative signals in few occasions though there are very stable indicators overall most times, But BTC is a major subject to dollar performance that is just the fact.

Mark   February 20, 2019  

Bitcoin value settled higher than $3,600 support range and now later it started consolidating gains. BTC/USD appears to be struggling close to the range of $3,640 and $3,650, so on top of that there is high tendency the value is probably going to accelerate towards the $3,700 and $3,720. Ethereum/Ether value is also trading higher than $120 support range, what an optimistic moves. ETH/USD is presently facing hurdles close to $123 and $125, on top of that there's also an opportunity of a sharp upward move within the close term. On the opposite hand, I see ripple's value presently struggling still, however it's still trading higher than the $0.300 support range.

Audrey   February 19, 2019  

Bitcoin specifically is now nearing a point known as a danger point, there's a great off deal mining capability, and any more from now to any further extent erosion in value and there will be more off capability than on capability, For instance, now in which mining might not be price or cost effective to mine bitcoin, however it should be rentable for killing or attacking it."

Dave   February 19, 2019  

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