Buggyra Coin Zero Reviews & Comments 2021

Buggyra Coin Zero has such a weirdly broad price action that it really got me thinking about registering on Yobit or any other crypto exchange that features this coin. It is swinging like crazy, going up and down by 5%-10% every two-three days. I wonder why is that happening, given that the team behind this crypto shows little to no activity on social media or GitHub. In any case, BCZERO is a great coin for all ya greedy ba****ds.

Edward_Crypto_Hands   June 25, 2020  

Buggyra Coin Zero is a young cryptocurrency that has been launched less than a year ago. Despite being placed at the 200-something spot on CoinMarketCap, BCZERO displays some serious price action, spiking to $0.06 in February before entering a correction. It is characterized by relatively high volatility which is great for trading. Too bad that BCZERO is listed only on four little known exchange, whereas two of them display no trading volume whatsoever.

TheMasterofCoin   May 20, 2020  

It's literally amazing how a coin that has such a small scope of application still manages to put up a 30% return on investment. Buggyra Coin was designed as a payment solution specifically for different truck racing events, of which we know little. Nevertheless, BCZERO shows signs from life, and even some trading volume on a backwater DDEX crypto exchange. It's great that even such an insignificant project has some vitality.

Lenny   March 21, 2020  

I hope that some of you guys are among those lucky few who didn't miss out on a massive pump of Buggyra Coin Zero on October 26, when the price of BCZERO went from $0.01 to $0.09 in a matter of hours before crashing to the initial level. Such machinations don't do a good service for the reputation of the coin, but hey, who cares about the reputation when the coin is ranked 239th? I guess not that many people even in the Buggyra team.

Swoothrilla   November 29, 2019  

I agree that everything looks very bad in fact. The team generally has no experience and there are big doubts that these people really exist

Patrick   December 23, 2018  

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Buggyra Coin Zero
Buggyra Coin Zero

BCZERO (Buggyra coin zero) built on Ethereum blockchain is a platform for the future for all kind of payments for the Truck Racing Community worldwide. BCZERO will be a form of payment for several types of payments from Racing Series to Racing Events and for Sponsorships, Merchandising and Racing Fa...

Buggyra Coin Zero (BCZERO) price change (24h)

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