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ABBC Coin Reviews & Comments 2021

ABBC is not the best altcoin around in terms of both fundamentals and price activity, but it has a fair share of holders and traders. What's good about this coin is that its main volume is not concentrated on one or two exchanges, but instead dispersed among a dozen platforms. This provides less of a chance for price manipulations and such.

Ricky Tacos   June 12, 2020  

I can't thank the Latoken exchange enough for listing ABBC Coin. Although it has been in the downtrend after the spring price spike, it still makes plenty of moves to the upside, giving me some sweet gains in the process. I don't remember exactly how I came across this coin, but right now, it is one of my trading favorites. I don't care much for its fundamental, I have heard that it is used for facial recognition or something, but that's not really important to me. I like the price action that ABBC puts up, so I am going to stick with it for the time being.

AyCaramba   May 13, 2020  

I have a friend from Northern Cyprus, a state that hasn't been recognized by the international community, except for Turkey that ensures its economic and military support. This guy said that ABBC is super popular there because a) it was designed specifically to serve the needs of the MENA countries, b) Northern Cyprus finds it extremely hard to conduct foreign trade due to its political status. Therefore, people turn more and more to crypto, ABBC in particular.

MarCus Jung   March 22, 2020  

Despite the fact that ABBC coin had a little 8% pump this week, the majority of technical indicators show that it would be better to sell this coin right away. Apparently, this price hike would be short-lived, so I would seriously consider getting rid of this coin while there is still time. But if you are risky enough, you can hold it for a while. After all, it's crypto, so anything can happen.

Tony R   February 19, 2020  

Ok, ABBC just popped up out of nowhere recently, doing nearly a 2x in the last few weeks. It's a facial recognition platform so that can see some serious use in the blockchain industry but I realistically have no clue how they can integrate a crytpo coin into facial analyzation. Facial analysis is a matter of scanning a face and inputting it into a system. The only viable use case would be a storage mechanism such as STORJ.

Ronaldo   March 10, 2019  

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The ABBC was initially launched as an internal platform to develop the facial recognition technology and payment solution implemented with the cryptocurrency market and trading. ABBC Foundation have come up with the schedule of creating a sharing platform where anyone can join and trade cryptos. Ava...

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