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Symbol EOS
Nature Coin
Brief EOS is a native token of a blockchain operating system, which allows to create scalable decentralized applications similar to existing web-based applications.
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Last updated: Monday, April 22, 2019 11:58:04PM UTC
Current price, USD: $5.254
Current price, BTC: 0.0009779
Market capitalization, USD: $4 952 808 079
Available supply: 942 755 322 EOS
Volume 24 hours, USD: $1 906 234 626
Mineable No

EOS general information

General EOS facts, technical details and general information about EOS crypto currency

EOS is a native token of a blockchain operating system, which allows to create scalable decentralized applications similar to existing web-based applications. Two promised features of EOS, that make it a potential competitor to Ethereum, are absence of transaction fees and scalability (as we know, high transaction costs and poor throughput have been the Achilles' heel of Vitaliy Buterin’s pioneer DApps platform). EOS ICO started on 26-June-2017 and will end on 3-July-2018, such a prolonged period allows to investors to study the project white paper and make an informed decision. Another interesting feature of EOS project is that the token trading has already begun during the ICO (currently on such exchanges as Chbtc, Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, etc), so the purchases can be made at market value. 

Historical data for EOS

We list daily EOS historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Apr 22 5.263 5.159 5.292 4 952 808 079
Apr 21 5.476 5.145 5.476 4 753 646 754
Apr 20 5.481 5.429 5.515 4 954 394 102
Apr 19 5.486 5.427 5.492 4 976 982 160
Apr 18 5.462 5.454 5.534 4 986 049 168
Apr 17 5.556 5.417 5.556 4 946 109 200
Apr 16 5.373 5.361 5.548 5 027 433 445
Apr 15 5.538 5.329 5.587 4 873 118 824
Apr 14 5.346 5.28 5.542 5 022 343 819
Apr 13 5.379 5.278 5.415 4 840 260 040

EOS/USD Exchange Rates

EOS to USD price chart — 7 days

EOS to USD price chart — 30 days


EOS (EOS) price change (24h)

EOS price change 24 hours 0.39%
EOS price change 7 days -2.03%
EOS Price Prediction

I’m gonna say it: EOS will beat ETH. It’s going to beat ETH not because it’s superior technology, but because Dan Larimer has enough ETH to suppress the price and keep ETH tied up. EOS is schuduled for a massive move in the coming weeks, as all indicatoros are pointing to it as a major buy. DOn’t underestimate the EOS community, they’ve been patiently waiting but they are ready and they HODL their coins. If theres one project out there that is dedicated to a coin, its the EOS community. EOS is backed by every venture capitalist that has a tried and true track record, so they know exactly what they’re doing.

Joey   April 14, 2019  


I remember when I first bought EOS at over $10. It really hurt to watch it plummet all the way down to $4, but I kept buying each large dip. Finally I DCAd my position to about $4. After HODLing for mnths, it all just paid off. I'm up over 40% and it's no small position after all the buys near the bottom. This really goes to show everyne that it's necessary t always buy the big dips if it's a project that you actually believe in. EOS is here to stay, just look at all their investors. They aren't messing around and they will compete against ETH within 2019.

Christian   April 4, 2019  


EOS has been traveling in between channels for a while now. This is normally seen as a good sign because the selling pressure is non-existent and the buying pressure is equally lackluster. What this could signal is a new trend forming on the weekly chart that could boost EOS. EOS is one of the major coins that hasn't seen a significant rally, and it's time might be here shortly.

Walt   March 25, 2019  


I'm still very skeptical of EOS. After it raised over a billion dollars, they don't really have anything to show to the community. Sure, they've held a few conferences and hosted some international events, but they still lack the strong community that surrounds ETH and XRP. EOS has a long way to go in terms of winning over the blockchain crowd. They need to show the community that they are actually making progress with that incredible amount of ICO funds.

Gerald   March 7, 2019  


EOS looking great. It got decimated during the bear market and is finally showing signs of life. If the market tumbles again I think we'll see its ATL again. Reason being that EOS has been very quiet so I don't think there's much confidence backing the price other than riding the wave of the current trend.

Darren   February 24, 2019  

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