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EOS (EOS) Reviews for June 2022

EOS Reviews AxiomAnomaly May 13, 2021
EOS has risen in price over the past day by 40% on the back of positive news. The growth of EOS for the week is 100%, altcoin took 17th place in the CoinGecko rating in terms of capitalization. Since the beginning of the year, the asset has noticeably lagged behind in growth from the entire crypto market. Altcoin developer announced on Tuesday that it has invested over $ 10 billion in the new Bullish crypto exchange on the EOS blockchain. The trading floor will be launched before the end of this year. has also raised $ 300 million from strategic investors. These include Thiel Capital and Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, billionaire Alan Howard, as well as Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital, investment bank Nomura and others. Users are promised improved performance, privacy and legal compliance provided by central order book technology with the vertically integrated benefits of a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) marketplace architecture. Bullish is expected to support new tools in the areas of automated market making, lending and portfolio management. The exchange will be based on the EOSIO protocol and the EOS public blockchain.

EOS Reviews Martin77 June 22, 2020
EOS has introduced a new system upgrade on September 23, which should have sent the price at least 6% higher, but it wasn't meant to be as the entire market has gone sliding down the hill, freezing many sell orders, including mine. So now, I am sitting on a pile of EOS, waiting for the price to touch the $4.022 level, at which I had bought the coins. Well, that's the realities of a crypto trader: the market can go either way faster than you can blink.

EOS Reviews Ghost Trader May 26, 2020
Now is the right time to stack up on some EOS because it is geared up to be very bullish in the coming weeks, mainly because of the new upgrade of the EOS network that is due to be released on September 23. Once the upgrade is in place, dApps developed on that blockchain will become capable of paying users in crypto for their CPU power. This will undoubtedly serve as a major driver for the price of EOS, so I have already placed several sell orders way above the $5 mark.

EOS Reviews J0han48 April 15, 2020
It’s not the time to buy EOS. There is too much at stake in other projects such as ETH, and with ETH about to announce Staking code in over a month, EOS may become vastly irrelevant. EOS is a solid trade during large leg downs that we’ve seen over and over this past month, but it’s not a long term hold until it shows actual substance.

EOS Reviews Peter April 28, 2019
EOS is a billion dollar paperweight. Why it’s even still as high as it is on CMC is beyond me, but I do believe it’s because EOS devs are manipulating the price to keep it relevant. This project is vaporware at best, and I can’t believe so many were fooled by Dan Larimer. He’s known to create projects and walk away, such as Steemit. EOS used to be a decent hedge against ETH, but now that EOS doesn’t do anything and ETH does everything, there’s really no more reasons to hold EOS. If you’re looking for a hedge for ETH, then buy ETC.

EOS Reviews Joey April 14, 2019
I’m gonna say it: EOS will beat ETH. It’s going to beat ETH not because it’s superior technology, but because Dan Larimer has enough ETH to suppress the price and keep ETH tied up. EOS is schuduled for a massive move in the coming weeks, as all indicatoros are pointing to it as a major buy. DOn’t underestimate the EOS community, they’ve been patiently waiting but they are ready and they HODL their coins. If theres one project out there that is dedicated to a coin, its the EOS community. EOS is backed by every venture capitalist that has a tried and true track record, so they know exactly what they’re doing.

EOS Reviews Christian April 4, 2019
I remember when I first bought EOS at over $10. It really hurt to watch it plummet all the way down to $4, but I kept buying each large dip. Finally I DCAd my position to about $4. After HODLing for mnths, it all just paid off. I'm up over 40% and it's no small position after all the buys near the bottom. This really goes to show everyne that it's necessary t always buy the big dips if it's a project that you actually believe in. EOS is here to stay, just look at all their investors. They aren't messing around and they will compete against ETH within 2019.

EOS Reviews Walt March 25, 2019
EOS has been traveling in between channels for a while now. This is normally seen as a good sign because the selling pressure is non-existent and the buying pressure is equally lackluster. What this could signal is a new trend forming on the weekly chart that could boost EOS. EOS is one of the major coins that hasn't seen a significant rally, and it's time might be here shortly.

EOS Reviews Gerald March 7, 2019
I'm still very skeptical of EOS. After it raised over a billion dollars, they don't really have anything to show to the community. Sure, they've held a few conferences and hosted some international events, but they still lack the strong community that surrounds ETH and XRP. EOS has a long way to go in terms of winning over the blockchain crowd. They need to show the community that they are actually making progress with that incredible amount of ICO funds.

EOS Reviews Darren February 24, 2019
EOS looking great. It got decimated during the bear market and is finally showing signs of life. If the market tumbles again I think we'll see its ATL again. Reason being that EOS has been very quiet so I don't think there's much confidence backing the price other than riding the wave of the current trend.

EOS Reviews LvNick December 16, 2018
EOS is once again located near the upper boundary of the downward channel. Given the relative weakness of the coin for a long time, as well as the negative dynamics of the entire market, we do not expect significant changes in the nature of investor behavior in this pair. Opportunities for opening long positions will appear only after the price breaks through the trend line and consolidates above the value of $ 2.1.

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Top Cryptocurrencies with Price Predictions

# Crypto Prediction Accuracy CVIX Price 24h 7d Market Cap 7d price change
1 Bitcoin (BTC) BTC Bitcoin predictions 56.4% 92 $20 277.35 -2.12% -0.29% $386 889 430 746 BTC 7 days price change
2 Ethereum (ETH) ETH Ethereum predictions 57.6% 90 $1 145.31 -3.04% 4.85% $138 969 035 870 ETH 7 days price change
3 Tether (USDT) USDT Tether predictions 92.4% 1 $0.998764 -0.01% -0.03% $66 742 331 401 USDT 7 days price change
4 USD Coin (USDC) USDC USD Coin predictions 90.8% 1 $1.000530 0.03% 0.05% $55 832 163 481 USDC 7 days price change
5 Binance Coin (BNB) BNB Binance Coin predictions 56.8% 89 $224.81 -4.04% 4.38% $36 706 159 546 BNB 7 days price change
6 Binance USD (BUSD) BUSD Binance USD predictions 94.8% 1 $1.000787 0.10% 0.21% $17 397 351 213 BUSD 7 days price change
7 XRP (XRP) XRP XRP predictions 63.2% 80 $0.335982 -2.23% 4.31% $16 242 394 323 XRP 7 days price change
8 Cardano (ADA) ADA Cardano predictions 66% 75 $0.471136 -2.23% 1.44% $15 987 555 258 ADA 7 days price change
9 Solana (SOL) SOL Solana predictions 67.6% 66 $35.51 -5.44% 2.11% $12 172 607 058 SOL 7 days price change
10 Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE Dogecoin predictions 62.8% 80 $0.066802 -4.36% 6.01% $8 862 682 263 DOGE 7 days price change
11 Polkadot (DOT) DOT Polkadot predictions 63.2% 78 $7.30 -3.42% -2.45% $7 213 387 817 DOT 7 days price change
12 Dai (DAI) DAI Dai predictions 94.4% 1 $1.000157 0.01% 0.09% $6 718 514 631 DAI 7 days price change
13 TRON (TRX) TRX TRON predictions 58.4% 91 $0.065880 0.37% 2.62% $6 093 590 634 TRX 7 days price change
14 SHIBA INU (SHIB) SHIB SHIBA INU predictions 66.4% 74 $0.000010 -7.02% 4.64% $5 528 798 046 SHIB 7 days price change
15 UNUS SED LEO (LEO) LEO UNUS SED LEO predictions 71.6% 50 $5.75 -1.33% -2.42% $5 482 403 972 LEO 7 days price change

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