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Symbol BTG
Nature Coin
Brief Head of the Hong Kong mining firm LightningASIC Jack Liao is the founding father of Bitcoin Gold project. The cryptocurrency appeared as a result of hard fork on block 491,407 on October 24th 2017. The key feature of the new crypto currency is its ability to be mined on video cards.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 12:57:05PM UTC
Current price, USD: 7.206
Current price, BTC: 0.0009424
Market capitalization, USD: 126 197 189
Available supply: 17 513 924 BTG
Volume 24 hours, USD: 10 598 580
Mineable Yes

Bitcoin Gold general information

General BTG facts, technical details and general information about Bitcoin Gold crypto currency

Head of the Hong Kong mining firm LightningASIC Jack Liao is  the founding father of Bitcoin Gold project. The cryptocurrency appeared as a result of hard fork on block 491,407 on October 24th 2017. The key feature of the new crypto currency is its ability to be mined on video cards. The system implements the Equihash algorithm, which reduces the efficiency of mining on specialized devices like ASIC equipment, which makes Bitcoin Gold more attractive to a larger pool of miners.

The price of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has skyrocketed after it was added to Bittrex exchange on November 20th, 2017 - the price of the crypto currency went from $ 120 to $360, with a subsequent correction to $ 280. However, November was not only good news for Bitcoin Gold.  In the same month users of the only BTG purse Mybtgwallet at that time lost more than $ 2.5 million and accused the project team of fraud. At the start of 2018 experts consider Bitcoin Gold price to be fair and predict that further movements will largely depend on BTC and the whole state of crypto market. On the whole, the word "bitcoin" and family ties with the original cryptocurrency plays into the hands of investors. The wave of attention to BTC indirectly affects the fork. The price of Bitcoin Gold increases, although slower then with its "elder brother".

Historical data for Bitcoin Gold

We list daily Bitcoin Gold historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Oct 14 7.808 7.808 7.954 139 127 472
Oct 15 7.975 7.975 8.303 142 725 467
Oct 16 8.181 7.971 8.473 143 063 391
Oct 17 8.186 8.066 8.409 147 276 524
Oct 18 8.424 7.686 8.494 134 613 935
Oct 19 7.651 7.477 7.673 131 800 373
Oct 20 7.510 7.399 7.572 132 454 140
Oct 21 7.544 7.525 7.656 133 472 719
Oct 22 7.621 7.516 7.673 131 629 684
Oct 23 7.515 7.206 7.564 126 197 189

BTG/USD Exchange Rates

BTG to USD price chart — 7 days

BTG to USD price chart — 30 days

BTG to USD price chart — 60 days

BTG to USD price chart — 6 months

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price change (24h)

BTG price change 24 hours -5.85%
BTG price change 7 days -11.55%
Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction

While Bitcoin Gold is superior in some ways to the "original" Bitcoin - just a quick reminder that BTG is a fork of Bitcoin which occurred in October 2017 - mainly because it gives better mining opportunities, slightly more advanced security, and better overall transaction speed, it won't be able to surpass the popularity and liquidity of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, some of my trader friends claim to have made nice profits with Bitcoin Gold and I am inclined to believe them. Too bad, though, that BTG has very low volumes on Binance, my primary trading platform. Otherwise, I might have invested a few hundred bucks in it.

DaMian   October 2, 2019  

This is like clockwork, and BTG is doing exactly what most analysts have been calling for months. The moment BTC flipped to bullish, BTG began its steady movement upwards. This is great for us that anticipated such a drastic rise, and now we’re making tons of profit because it’s moving in the right direction. These are the moments we have to take advantage of because BTG pumps only happen when BTC is in the middle of a pump. Crypto is full of subtleties that require you to be fully aware of what people are thinking. In other words, you need to know the psychology of the crypto market in order to make a meaningful amount of profit.

Milo   May 5, 2019  

I'm going to get flamed for this but I really think BTG is a scam. I think it's just a matter of time before this coin gets exactly what's coming to it: an exit from the team. There's just not real use case or point for it to still be ranked so high. Am I just delusional or am I right in saying this coin looks like it's just moments away from going to $0? I think there's a really good chance.

Ronnie   March 28, 2019  

Bitcoin Gold is about to Launch. I've been analyzing the price action in the last few days and all indicators point to a nice leg up begining any time now. Various other trade channels have put out signals as well, but this could turn out any way. BTG is another pump coin, and always rides the pumps of other pointless coins.

Kenny   March 10, 2019  

Does anyone know what Bitcoin Gold does? I think it's a Bitcoin fork but I haven't heard anything about it. Is it a good investment?

Steven   February 26, 2019  

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