Mass Adoption of Crypto Through Sports

March 6, 2019   Litecoin

Despite the fact that blockchain and its integral component - cryptocurrencies, silenced many skeptics and obtained a substantial trust from institutional investors and the general public alike,  this technology, and the corresponding payment methods, still comes short with regard to mass adoption.

However, a lot of crypto projects, both top-tier and emerging ones, have seemingly chosen the appropriate tactics towards the realization of this immensely important objective, which is to gain global recognition thorough concluding partnership and sponsorship deals with the representatives of one of the most popular and profitable global industries - the sports.

Within the span of the last couple of month, there has been a number of such deals that involved some of the biggest names from both camps and concerned one of the largest sporting events of the current year.

The roundhouse kick from Litecoin

On February 26, the Litecoin Foundation issued a special press release in which they informed the crypto community of a partnership agreement with Glory, a promotional company that specializes in tournaments and title fights in kickboxing and other martial arts. Both companies have their head offices in Singapore, which could partially explain why Glory decided to make Litecoin an official mean of payment that allows fans to purchase merchandise in Glory’s online store, acquire premium seats at sporting arenas, backstage tours, and other privileges.

By entering into this agreement, Glory hopes to attract the tech-savvy young audience whilst Litecoin counts on getting significant global exposure since the kickboxing league promised to place the LTC logo in all sports arenas and on fighters’ gear as well as promote the cryptocurrency during live broadcasts.

Pay with OneGram to witness the Ice Hockey World Cup 2019

The Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships (also known as the Hockey World Cup)  is a truly large-scale sporting event that gathers national teams of dozens of countries from all over the world. This year, the tournament will take place in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Thousands of people are going to attend this event while millions will follow the grueling ice battles on TV, which makes it a perfect chance to get worldwide exposure.

OneGram, the Dubai-based blockchain project, seized that opportunity, and now the hockey fans/crypto holders can buy tickets to the Championships using this cryptocurrency. In order to purchase the tickets, one would simply have to visit the corresponding dashboard on the company’s official website.

OneGram is a stable coin that has its value pegged to a cost of approximately one gram of physical gold. This is the first cryptocurrency that was developed and marketed in full keeping with the Shari’ah law. The team also claims that OneGram is the first cryptocurrency that isn’t dependent on the unstable price of Bitcoin.

FuturoCoin to team up with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

At the beginning of February, the British racing team entered into a sponsorship agreement with FuturoCoin, a blockchain company from Poland. This deal can be viewed as a major breakthrough for crypto since Formula 1 has always been among the brands that dominate the sports industry, while Red Bull was placed at the 61st spot in the Forbes list of the Most Valuable Brands. 

The deal stipulates that the FuturoCoin logo will be placed on the overalls of Aston Martin driver’s as well as on the RB15 race car.      

FuturoCoin is a payment solution that provides for instant transactions, fixed fees, and the guarantee against double spending. Even though this coin is currently ranked 1801st on Coinmarketcap, the deal with Aston Martin may serve as a prerequisite for the upsurge of its price. 


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