Litecoin (LTC): Price, Charts and Market Cap

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Symbol LTC
Nature Coin
Brief Litecoin is often referred to as 'Bitcoin-Lite', or 'silver' to Bitcoin's gold. It's indeed a Bitcoin fork, but though they share the same blockchain
Last updated: 10-12-2018 14:18:03
Current price, USD: $24.667
Current price, BTC: 0.0070775
Market capitalization, USD: $1 468 039 445
Available supply: 59 515 492 LTC
Volume 24 hours, USD: $429 537 050
Mineable Yes

Litecoin general information

General LTC facts, technical details and general information about Litecoin crypto currency

Litecoin is often referred to as “Bitcoin-Lite”, or “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. It’s indeed a Bitcoin fork, but though they share the same blockchain, the differences between the two cryptocurrencies are many. Firstly, they rely on different algorithms, and because of a less complex one Litecoin mining is perceived as more accessible for everyday user. Secondly, though the transactions in both chains occur simultaneously, their confirmation time is different: it takes around 9 minutes for Bitcoin’s long-term average transaction to be confirmed vs. 2,5 minutes for a Litecoin one, and such speed gives Litecoin a competitive advantage. After the SegWit protocol implementation in April 2017, the price of Litecoin has grown steadily from $10 to more than $300 in December, making it one the fastest growing cryptocurrencies this year. Litecoin was also a beneficiary of the bitcoin rally – on certain days it enjoyed 20% or event 30% price increases. Thanks to its transaction speed Litecoin is positioned by its founder, Charlee Lee, as a cryptocurrency for everyday payments vs. bitcoin which is better as a long-term store of value. 

Historical data for Litecoin

We list daily Litecoin historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
10 December, 2018 25.077 24.549 25.328 1 492 273 674
9 December, 2018 25.429 25.339 26.62 1 512 867 988
8 December, 2018 25.196 23.881 25.703 1 498 684 896
7 December, 2018 25.639 23.212 26.422 1 524 674 019
6 December, 2018 30.128 25.611 30.128 1 791 237 721
5 December, 2018 30.530 28.871 30.847 1 814 714 808
4 December, 2018 31.758 30.398 32.025 1 887 222 761
3 December, 2018 32.020 30.564 32.367 1 902 317 238
2 December, 2018 33.834 32.211 34.284 2 009 547 260
1 December, 2018 32.358 32.358 35.019 1 921 431 245

LTC/USD Exchange Rates

Litecoin to USD price chart — 7 days

LTC to USD price chart — 30 days

Litecoin(LTC) price change (24h)

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Price change 24 hours -5.23%
Price change 7 days -20.55%

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