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Symbol XMR
Nature Coin
Brief The main defining feature of Monero is its anonymity (it's founder, by the way, is also unknown). Thanks to a unique protocol, called CryptoNote, Monero users can make transactions with a very high level of secrecy.
Last updated: Monday, October 14, 2019 6:57:03AM UTC
Current price, USD: 53.554
Current price, BTC: 0.0064089
Market capitalization, USD: 924 199 825
Available supply: 17 257 335 XMR
Volume 24 hours, USD: 62 664 661
Mineable Yes

Monero general information

General XMR facts, technical details and general information about Monero crypto currency

The main defining feature of Monero is its anonymity (it's founder, by the way, is also unknown). Thanks to a unique protocol, called CryptoNote, Monero users can make transactions with a very high level of secrecy. The sender, receiver and size of the transaction are recorded on a public ledger, but are concealed to reportedly make them untraceable. This characteristic has made Monero an attractive coin for cybercriminals, e.g. the attackers responsible for the infamous WannaCry virus demanded payments in Monero. However, Monero has other interesting features, such as unlimited scalability, which few cryptocurrencies can boast.

Historical data for Monero

We list daily Monero historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Oct 05 57.029 55.7 57.029 974 212 096
Oct 06 56.580 55.242 56.624 956 391 699
Oct 07 55.238 55.099 57.199 975 361 469
Oct 08 56.529 55.384 56.955 963 429 741
Oct 09 55.652 55.261 57.537 990 966 872
Oct 10 57.436 55.302 57.436 964 367 807
Oct 11 55.291 54.483 56.071 940 029 677
Oct 12 55.199 53.816 55.199 928 717 604
Oct 13 53.938 52.951 54.11 923 683 479
Oct 14 53.078 53.078 53.554 924 199 825

XMR/USD Exchange Rates

XMR to USD price chart — 7 days

XMR to USD price chart — 30 days

XMR to USD price chart — 60 days

XMR to USD price chart — 6 months


Monero (XMR) price change (24h)

XMR price change 24 hours 0.14%
XMR price change 7 days -3.44%
Monero Price Prediction

XMR definitely has everything that's needed to be everyone's favorite altcoin. I guess, there's no need to mention the total anonymity of transactions in this private coin and its superior security. Monero has also been doing quite well on the profit-granting front, showing strong gains, as opposed to its competitors Dash and ZCash. Also, XMR has good resilience to the drops in the BTC price that usually exerts a direct impact on the entire cryptocurrency market.

Karennnn   October 6, 2019  

I really think that XMR is a long-term hold. Privacy coins had their time in the sun, but they’ve become irrelevant since no one cares if you can hide your money. Everyone is focused on projects that are partnering with banks, not shunning them. Of course, there’s always a place for black market money, but investors aren’t going to park it in Monero. This is why the current valuation is either right where it should be or too high. Until privacy coins can see actual use, then there’s no reason to rush towards projects like XMR.

Bobby   May 5, 2019  

This is the place to park your money. The IRS along with every financial agency is going to try tax crypto like crazy. Once the market stabilizes, and the price stops moving so crazy I’ll put every cent i have into XMR. XMR is revolutionary because its the digtal age’s cash. Just as we put cash under our matress, we can stash our Monero into our digital wallet way from the eyes of blockchain analytics and the tax man.

Pablo   April 14, 2019  

Monero is the one privacy coin to watch now that the other anon coins have mooned. XMR has been down for a long time, and all if its charts from weekly to daily show that it's gearing up for a big move in the green. Besides network upgrades and a strong community, investment interest is rising for XMR. This is a smart coin to hold well into 2020.

Johan   March 25, 2019  

XMR isn't that good of a privacy coin. It's not even fully private like Zcash and zk-SNARKs. XMR works by diss. tactics, which don't defend anyone from blockchain analysis methods. This means you're not actually anonymous when transferring funds on the XMR blockchain. If you really are trying to hide your funds, best to go through a zk-SNARKs level protocol. These will actually hide your funds and you won't have someone looking into your account. Blockchain snooping is on the rise and you can bet that all banks will start using them. Crypto taxes are soon going to go into effect so its best to put your coins somewhere safe.

Loren   March 8, 2019  

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Monero attracts quite a lot of attention

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