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Monero (XMR) Reviews

XMR Reviews Julius_Irwin July 21, 2020
The increase in demand for alternative cryptocurrencies with low capitalization has been clearly visible in the dynamics of altcoins in recent times. The demand for small coins demonstrates that crypto market participants still have hope of finding
Probably, this demand has retail roots, as the interest of institutions is focused on the most liquid instruments.

XMR Reviews Bobby April 21, 2020
I really think that XMR is a long-term hold. Privacy coins had their time in the sun, but they’ve become irrelevant since no one cares if you can hide your money. Everyone is focused on projects that are partnering with banks,
Of course, there’s always a place for black market money, but investors aren’t going to park it in Monero. This is why the current valuation is either right where it should be or too high. Until privacy coins can see actual use, then there’s no reason to rush towards projects like XMR.

XMR Reviews Karennnn October 6, 2019
XMR definitely has everything that's needed to be everyone's favorite altcoin. I guess, there's no need to mention the total anonymity of transactions in this private coin and its superior security. Monero has also been doing quite well on the profit-granting front, showing strong gains, as opposed to its competitors
Also, XMR has good resilience to the drops in the BTC price that usually exerts a direct impact on the entire cryptocurrency market.

XMR Reviews Pablo April 14, 2019
This is the place to park your money. The IRS along with every financial agency is going to try tax crypto like crazy. Once the market stabilizes, and the price stops moving so crazy I’ll put every cent i have into XMR. XMR is revolutionary because its the
Just as we put cash under our matress, we can stash our Monero into our digital wallet way from the eyes of blockchain analytics and the tax man.

XMR Reviews Johan March 25, 2019
Monero is the one privacy coin to watch now that the other anon coins have mooned. XMR has been down for a long time, and all if its charts from weekly to daily show that it's gearing up for a big move in the green. Besides network upgrades and a strong community, investment interest is rising for XMR. This is a smart coin to hold well into 2020.

XMR Reviews Loren March 8, 2019
XMR isn't that good of a privacy coin. It's not even fully private like Zcash and zk-SNARKs. XMR works by diss. tactics, which don't defend anyone from blockchain analysis methods. This means you're not actually anonymous when transferring funds on
If you really are trying to hide your funds, best to go through a zk-SNARKs level protocol. These will actually hide your funds and you won't have someone looking into your account. Blockchain snooping is on the rise and you can bet that all banks will start using them. Crypto taxes are soon going to go into effect so its best to put your coins somewhere safe.

XMR Reviews Charles February 24, 2019
So I just read that Monero has already been 90% mined. This means that the remaining XMR will be completely mined by the first half of 2022. This is huge news for anyone holding XMR at this point. All the XMR that will ever exist is coming to an end in a little over 2 years,
Regardless of Crypto Winter, XMR hodlers will pull through with patience.

XMR Reviews Rodrigo January 5, 2019
not all the exchanges bother with the restoration of funds lost in this way. I remember when I made my acquaintance with Monero, there were similar problems, but then I didn’t know many exchanges, so I sat
Well, a friend transferred some monero to my wallet, and I made a fool to transfer to the exchange without an ID, but the exchange went to meet me and somehow I found a transaction

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